Tuttosport: Milan could prioritise free transfer of striker after Botman and Renato Sanches deals

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have investments planned for the summer transfer window but are also keeping an eye on potentially useful free transfers, a report claims.

This morning’s edition of Tuttosport (via MilanNews) reports that Milan are targeting Lille duo Sven Botman and Renato Sanches to reinforce the defence and midfield, with a large investment likely to sign both of them.

That is why Milan are also thinking about and keeping an eye on possible free reinforcements, and among the profiles that are on an expiring contract and who are on the Rossoneri’s radar is that of Andrea Belotti.

The striker will not renew with Torino and is a boyhood Milan fan so that will give the Diavolo a preferential lane if they do decide to accelerate, however it remains to be seen what the strategy will be for the attack department and whether they may go for a younger profile.

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  1. Always looking to sign washed up players for free, and would then pay a large sum as salary.. Why not promote Nesti? What’s there to lose? Nothing.. And with luck, there stands to be much to gain.. But no… Serie a managers are too lazy.. Not willing to work and try to create champions out of youngsters.. This is part of the reason why Serie a has reached an all-time low..

    1. So you want us to use a completely unproven player in nasti who has scored ten goals in the primavera and you actually think he is better choice than belotti who has proven to be a highly effective attacker for the last 6 seasons in serie a bagging double digits for a lousy team every year or what ? cutrone bagged far more goals in the primavera than nasti and he hasnt even scored 20 serie a goals yet.
      If anything then serie a is moving forward with both milan and inter being competetive in serie a so again you are not correct.
      I agre that historically serie a coaches has often been bad in introducing youth but you can clearly argue that this tendecy has atleast changed for the better in recent years.
      Milan has one of the youngest teams in the top 5 leagues and currently sits on top of serie a and even though we has proven willingness to field young players we also need some guarantees which belotti certainly would be better to offer than nasti currently can.
      Atalanta has done a good job introducing young players.
      Sassuolo has done the same.
      + smaller teams
      When you call belotti a washed up player you must judge him on 1 season because otherwise he has been scoring a lot of goals and still you are eager to push a kid who hasnt proven shit ahead of him guess you are the type who are driven by hype of the day because thinking nasti can offer the same as belotti currently can is downright far fetched.

    2. Rov I don’t think you’re really a fan of this team cause if you were you would know Milan have put their faith in young players. And who are these washed up players you speak of Ibra? Who for 2 seasons led serie A in goals per game LMFAO. Or Giroud who’s on fire now after battling some injuries. Bellotti has literally no one to play with at Torino and with his love for the Rossoneri and dynamic players creating for him he would again be among the top goalscorers in the league. Next season we let Ibra walk keep Giroud for 1 more season and let the kids we have mature out on loan. This move will let management spend $ in other areas of need

      1. Well he is true, Belotti isn’t good enough. He won’t get 3 games if Ibra and Giroud are there and both aren’t injured at the same time. Signing that makes 0 sense when you have 2 experienced strikers like that, the one that makes sense is a player that is 20-23 and could learn from them, but already scored goals at this level. And to be honest, he scored over 20 goals in a season only one time, that isn’t a top striker for Milan, the only real positive is that he is a fan and would come for free.

        1. He pretty much has the same goal ratio that inzaghi achieved with us and that when we was dominating europe but belotti has actually done it with torino of all teams who is a mid to bottom ranked team nowadays. But guess he isnt good enough for ac milan well thats bs and his stats proves it as he has scored over 100 goals over 6 years for a far lesser team than milan so its reasonable to believe that he might even do better with us.
          Add to that, belottis goal scoring ratio has been done over fewer seasons and he even scored more serie a goals than inzaghi did with us and that only in a few more serie a games.
          Inzaghi 202 serie a games (for ac milan) – 73 goals
          Belotti 216 serie a games (for torino) – 94 goals
          Inzaghi joined at the age of 28
          Belotti would join us at the age of 28

          If belotti will accept to join us for an acceptable salary maybe around 4 mil or something it would be ridiculous letting this great opportunity slip through our hands and even more so as we need to cover several other areas in the summer.

    3. 1) “Why not promote Nesti? What’s there to lose? Nothing.. And with luck, there stands to be much to gain”

      Primavera and serie-a are vastly different level. Just because Nasti’s doing well at Primavera doesn’t mean he can do the same at serie-a.

      And yes there IS something to lose. If Milan didn’t plan well on how to make Nasti mature and just promote him to first team when he’s not ready then Milan can lost a potential young striker.

      2) “Not willing to work and try to create champions out of youngsters”

      Did you even watch Milan plays?
      Did you not see youngsters such as Leao, Theo, Tonali, Kalulu, Diaz, Saelemakers, Calabria, Gabbia, or Bennacer? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    4. Next time you play Football Manager, try to play without saving before match.

      Then you will know why u dont put unproven inexperienced striker on field. Unless the kid is phenomenon than its a big no no. Most players needs 3 years of loan before getting ready for 1st team

      The reason serie a reached ALL TIME LOW is because of economic factor in Italy few years ago, and now covid 19. If u are outside of italy u can help by buying official merchandise

  2. In my mind Nesti is not any better than Colombo and he wasn’t ready to play in the first team. He needed to be loaned out to gain experience. I would love for them to bring in Belotti. In fact, with the daily rumors that keep getting posted I don’t know why they don’t sign him now on a pre-contract. Lock him up before the transfer window.

  3. Nasti has still a lot to prove as he is still too young. Belotti is Belotti. We know what to expect. I would Say he would be a good addition. I think this is best we Could hope FOR in the summer window. Probably, Botman, Sanches, Adli, Belotti. And Messias will also be bought in a Tonali-esque fashion

  4. The problem here is that the clubs wants to spend 50m on a CB and a CM, when we can just renew Romagnoli and not sure we need a CM when we’ve got Pobega and Adli coming back from their loans. Spend the 50m on a ST and RW, for players in the 22-25 y/o age group who have a track record. This is the real conversation. Maybe even spend all of it on just an ST, since this is the most expensive position in football. Doesn’t matter who it is. Just that they are young enough to contribute for a while, and proven enough “guarantee” goals. Then in 2023 sort out Kjaer’s replacement.

    1. Maybe even a “double raid” for Scamacca and Berardi (who may be a bit too old at this point, but whatever), instead of a “double raid ” on Botman and Sanches.

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