Milan midfielder Bennacer says that ‘everything is going well’ with his injury recovery

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan midfielder has revealed how his recovery from a serious knee injury is going whilst also discussing Milan’s hopes in the Champions League this season. 

Speaking during an interview with The National, the Algerian midfielder was very honest when asked what it has been like to spend such a long time on the sidelines.

Bennacer has been out injured since the Champions League semi-final against Inter in the 2022/23 season and he was not expected to make his return to the first team until 2024. He feels that he could be back part way through December, though.

“That’s hard. When you have this type of injury, and at this moment as well, because that was one of the most important games of my life,” Bennacer said.

“But it’s OK, when you see positive things day by day, you work, you have some [programme] to come back, you see there’s some steps. I was not working for two months, and then after you are doing the bike, then running, then more.

“As I said, you have to see the positive things; I spent time more with my family, with myself as well. I’m not happy [to be injured], but it’s OK. Everything is going well, and I don’t feel anything on my knee. There’s been no reaction as well.”

He also talked about the Champions League as a whole and stressed that they are in the tournament to win it, rather than just to make up the numbers and collect the money that comes with taking part in that tournament.

“First, you play to win the Champions League, not playing just to be in the Champions League. Then, when you have the taste of the Champions League semi-final, you want to go higher, to do better. And that’s why we will try this year. Because as I said, we’re not just here to be here in the group and that’s it, or quarter-final and that’s it. No, we want to win it. But, as we saw, a lot of teams will have a chance to win it,” he said.

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    1. Maybe not a popular notion with either bennacer or the algerian national team or their fans but i would seriously consider blocking him from leaving for it if he only returns right up to it because we are talking about a player who has been injured for half a year and we are the ones who pays his salary. If that isnt good enough for him then i would start considering selling him because we simply cant afford to lose him again for a longer duration of time because of his international duties.

  1. As much as it upsets me in this situation, if the player is cleared by the medical team – you have to respect the National team call ups.

    1. I get that but on the other hand the club could also just say that then they wont be able to bet on the player anylonger and would be forced to find a different solution hence he would drop in the hierachy or get sold. Its the clubs right to do so as well.

      1. You want them to block him from playing at afcon, now imagine Al Nassr blocking CR7 from playing at the Euro’s, treat CAF with some respect. I see this is all too common that European fans just completely disrespect the other Confederations tournaments. Even Di Laurentis with his comments on African players.

        1. Bag blah blah, ive heard it before for hinting at having too many african players posses an issue ive been called racist etc. on this blog just because people cant hande reality and criticismn in regard of losing players mid season. I respect afcon and for that matter other international tournaments as well but bennacer is nevertheess our player and we pay his salary and not the other way around and he is just about to return back from a serious injury so yes i stand by what i said.
          In regard of c.ronaldo or any other player that moves down there to saudi arabia well i would have full understanding if any international coach made it clear joining that league would mean retirement from the international teams, c. ronaldo, neymar, savic all included.
          I cant say that i care how that is percieved but thats how i see things period and nothing is gonna change that.

          1. your statement contradict each other.. and you clearly said you don’t care how you perceived it.. so yeah, you’re a european r@cist mf.

          2. Nothing contradictive, one thing was in regard of club loyalty and the other in regard playing in a country and thereby giving an indirect suppor of a state that doesnt gives a damn about human rights but sure if you want to be a clown and call me a racist what do i care, ok its your right but im pretty sure iuve done more than you ever will do towards fight against racismn so sod off,

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