CorSport: Milan reject chance to sign Cristiano Ronaldo due to astronomical €45m wages

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan were offered the chance to sign Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United but chose not to pursue a deal, according to a report.

According to the newspaper Corriere dello Sport (via MilanLive), both Milan and Inter were offered Ronaldo around the end of June and early July. Both the Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri received a call from Jorge Mendes to see if they would be interested in signing the Portuguese striker.

Both Milan and Inter would have been a welcome destination for the player, the paper claims, above all because they would have guaranteed him the possibility of playing the Champions League.

However, the €24m net per season salary that Ronaldo earns essentially killed any chances of him coming to Milan or Inter, given it would require an investment of €45m gross. Both clubs did have and still have other plans for their attack, with Paolo Maldini focusing more on young players.

Bayern Munich, Chelsea, PSG, Atletico and Real Madrid were also offered the chance to sign the 37-year-old but chose not to pursue a deal, so now a return to Sporting Lisbon is what he has set his sights on.

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    1. Lol ok. I’m not even a Ronaldo fan but can admit he’s a legend with an amazing mentality similar to Ibra, win always or improve until you win. Exemplary. Not even close to cancerous.

      I guess all those CLs with Real Madrid and the 1 witj Man U were because he was soooo cancerous right??

      Go be jealous of a guy who accomplished more than most ever will.

      1. I’m not jealous LOL but to have that salary being 38 wanting to be at a top club no wonder no top club wants him… he’s a liability 🤦‍♂️🤷

      2. No one denies he’s a legend but i don’t think he have that mentality anymore considering currently he didn’t do anything at MU. It’s the opposite of Ibra who can gave big contributions for Milan inside or outside the field.

        Ronaldo era is already done. I even surprised he didn’t announce his retirement this year.

        1. He won with Juve verrry recently. Leaves Juve they almost don’t get CL. Man U is too far gone. Ronaldo is not Ibra I agree but come on, not even Ibra would make man u win, team is broken right now.

          1. Juve already won multiple scudetto before Ronaldo join them. Heck, they’re the runner up of Champions League 2016/17. But Juve recruited Ronaldo for Champions League which he didn’t win any with them.

            And you talkin two seasons ago, which just like i said Ronaldo era already done.

    2. What a dumb statement. Wages aren’t just what you do on the pitch although on the pitch counts for alot. CR7 still sells shirts and has a high marketing value. Not because you don’t value him from a sporting perspective doesn’t mean he doesn’t in reality have value from a sporting side or otherwise. Have u seen man utd recently? He’s one of the few players who still tried last season. Cancerous is Samu Castellejo, Djamel Mesbah, Kevin Constant, Matri who were on high salaries but refused to leave the club because no one wanted them because it didn’t match their value.

      1. That’s true he contributed a LOT to saving UTD from way worse last season but still his wage is insane for a 38 year old, and no club on the rise has the sustainability to keep a player on such a wage

  1. If we are playing against a team where the entire team earns less than 45 million, will he be able to take on that team all by himself (1 vs 11) ?

  2. The question here may not be how much he can contribute to the team on the field, but how many jerseys he can sell with his name on his back! That is why it is offered to large teams with the hope that someone on the club’s board will calculate that it would be worth bringing him in for such a salary !

    1. Yeah currently the only thing he good at is selling shirts. But outside that, he’s pretty much done. His era is finished, the same can be said for Messi.

  3. I would love to see ronaldo as milan striker, if only 3M per year. For 24M / year no thanks, thats alooooot for milan.

    1. Why does what happened at Real Madrid have anything to do with Kaka’s relationship with Milan and CR7? You guys just like to make things up.
      How is CR7 a snake? Kaka got injured for 10 months when he arrived at Real and then had to deal with MoU who wasnt giving him a chance. CR7 ain’t responsible for that.

      If u have to blame someone, it Mou who killed Kaka at Real. CR7 was just doing his job and doing it well with no injuries. The other one to blame as the snake in all of this was Perez who made sure he bought Kaka first that summer. If he had bought CR7 first Kaka would have realized it wouldn’t have been “his” team and not gone to Real to compete with CR. I’m a big fan of kaka but sometime u fans are delusional and don’t even know actual timelines or don’t bother to care

  4. Take him if he wants 2m or 2.5m salary. He is not injury prone and still in good shape. He is pretty good winger and can operate as striker. And also useful for rafa backup or if rafa leaves for 150M euros

  5. With respect for Ronaldo but his era already finished long ago. So yeah, he’s not worth that much anymore and i don’t think he fits with Pioli system either.

  6. Absolutely, if I were them I wouldn’t make the same mistake as Buffon and tarnish their legacy because they want to play longer

  7. Where would he play? He cant hold the ball like Giroud, Ibra or Rebic can, so he’s useless as a forward for us. He cant play on the wing ‘cuz he old and Leao or Rebic are much faster. Cant play behind the striker ‘cuz he wants the ball delivered to him not the other way around. Even for a regular salary, no point in him coming, he’d bring havoc to the dresing room. What Milan needs is backup CB and DCM not forwards now.

  8. Excluding one Saudi-Arabian club no one seems to want him. Why? His best years are already behind him, he’s bad for the team moral and is M-A-S-S-I-V-E-L-Y overpaid.

    Even if Milan got him for 2M€/y I don’t think M&M would even consider him. It’s time to move on from the Messi/C.Ronaldo era. Even the Ballon d’Or -people thought so.

  9. A player that leaves the team during a game is not a leader. Christiano left hes team and went home when he got subbed. Something ibra would never do.
    Ibra came to milan when we were down.
    He is a leader and was a good example for his younger team mates and knew what he still could do and what hes body couldnt.
    Christiano came to win with Man U and only thinks about hes own stats and goal. And now wants to leave. He should take the young playera under hes wings and guide them, not leave them behind.

  10. If Berlusconi was still in charge he would’ve definitely signed him due to the flair😂
    Old geezer sure was a lavish one.
    Sorry CR7, wrong era at Milan.

  11. I am not a fan of ronaldo or even messi, yes they are voth very experienced but ronaldo is pretty much selfish and at juventus and man utd all team focused on giving the ball to him and that why he lost at man utd because nobody could step up when he was on the field abd when he wasnt there the team was lost with no ideas. I cant contest that we won almost everything multiple times but i would also say no.

  12. We cannot afford his wage. Highest salary now only theo 4,5m euro nett after ibra reduced to 2m euro nett & romagnoli leave. If we can loan him from MU for just one season not bad idea too with MU cover 18m euro his salary while AC Milan cover 6m euro , his jersey can finance his salary 6m euro & he is the highest follower in social media that can bring sponsor , but more than 6m salary can ruin dressing room AC Milan salary rule

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