CM: Milan remain confident regarding Sanches – agreement with Lille and the player remains

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan may have missed out on Sven Botman, but they have not given up hope of signing Renato Sanches from Lille just yet. report that Sanches is still seen as the ideal reinforcement in midfield and an agreement has been reached in principle over personal terms, but – as the Botman case has shown – if other wealthier clubs come forward then they can quickly be overcome.

As things stand there is no offer from PSG and though it could arrive in the coming days, Milan are still ahead at present. All the more so after one of the possible alternatives – Enzo Fernandez – chose Benfica.

Milan have ‘saved’ €30m by not signing Botman but it is likely that the money will be re-routed elsewhere rather than raising the bid for Sanches. Back in May, the Portuguese midfielder had a visit to Milan’s facilities so they remain confident. A €4m net per year deal is ready and €18m is the offer to Lille, with a decisive phase approaching.

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    1. Why do we need to sign Botman? Our defensive record is joint best in the league even with Kjaer missing half of the season. We already have 4 CB, 5 if Romagnoli renew. Gabbia say he want stay and he is important as he is an academy product.

      Last month GdS ask Maldini about Botman. His answer?

      “We followed him but there are many good players in that role.”

      I don’t understand Italian language but it is interesting to note that the English translation use past tense which might indicate that Milan is no longer following him. “Many good players in that role”, is it in the mercato, or is it actually in the Milan squad? If it is the latter, that means Maldini doesn’t plan on signing CB.

      It is the media who push this transfer rumours

    2. Last March, Ambrosini already revealed what Maldini think about signing center-back:

      “We must give credit to Paolo. Speaking with him, even off camera, he tells me: ‘Kalulu has become a serious player. So why do I have to spend money to get one?”

    1. The player he rejected their first attempt. Milan did nothing . If the matched the 36 mill Lille would had said yes to Milan instead Newcastle

  1. I don’t even want this bum. Go for a top quality forward like Scamacca, get Dybala for free and then get someone like Lang/De Ketelaere. Even just two of these guys would be enough, otherwise this window is a massive failure. We can’t even compete with Newcastle, probably can’t compete with Leeds, either. Embarrassing.

    1. You’re embarrassing yourself with this comment. We are champions of Italy and they are perennial also-rans. If you don’t understand the culture and history of winning club has why even support it?

  2. Milan have become a joke, with this mentality, if I am a player I will not even go to Milan, botman held out for us, we could at least shown seriousness but No, we are busy looking for trash players that will magically work out again, forgetting that “ones luck doesn’t always sbine Everytime”….the worst thing that will happen to Milan is to miss out from championsleague…..juve got Pogba,cheisa,vlahovic and dimaria on the way, inter got lukaku, Martinez and probably dybala and bremer, every European team we could possibly meet in championsLeague are turning up and we are here looking for trash players who would either cost 5M or come for 2M loan……if not for the glory past of Milan, this club would have been forgotten along time ago

      1. So! we are champions doesn’t mean we have to live with it all the time….we were champions 18 times before as well….the point is we want team to play like cornered tigers and win but for that you need to get right players and shore up some cash. What we are doing is crying for a discount like some low end dealers…its simple on paper our competitors are and have done well and are still doing and we are still bickering on how we progress….forget about botman we won’t even end up getting sanches…

      2. Just because we are champions of Italy this season doesn’t mean we will be next season. Do fans of Real Madrid say to the club – well we won last season so it’s ok if we don’t improve the squad this coming season”? Lol. I don’t think so. They expect greatness as that is what Real are as a club – great. In my mind so are Milan. Some forget that. We have to hold the club to the highest standards IMO and not rest on our laurels. We have waited too long and finally we are back at the top – all we are asking is to stay there – and if MALDINI says we need X amount of players to achieve that (such as Botman) then he must be supported. He didn’t ask for a 300M transfer budget and to recklessly spend. He would never do that. He’s intelligent and fiscally responsible. He asked to be supported and sign the players he’s scouted for the past year (Sanches, Botman, etc..) and also knows in todays game to compete with Europes best we need to have a reasonable transfer budget. For all those one here who call us fans “doom and gloom” or ”negative” who are critical of Redbirds lack of spending (as we miss out on talent after talent, like Botman) – you just don’t get it. It’s not negative to hold the club accountable. First we went from a 100M transfer kitty to 40M lol. Even M&M are questioning Redbird’s intention to build a winner which is why they still have not signed a contract extension despite winning it all on a shoestring budget. I don’t believe M&M nor we as fans should expect that again this season. MALDINI said as much in his interview when asked about Redbird. So we are not “haters” as some sheep on here like to label us. We, like Maldini have concerns over what the future holds. That is not negative that is being realistic. The same ppl who call us “a haters” are the same ppl who actually think we will buy players like CDK and Bremer for “discounts” lol. Until we see players signed and money spent we have every right to criticize our new owners especially if M&M have yet to be resigned. Wining once and sustaining it are two different things. Redbird have a lot to prove to us and winning last season unfortunately means nothing as Redbird weren’t the owners last season and cannot take credit for something they did not contribute to. They have NOT earned the right to be given the benefit of the doubt just yet, Maldini knows and said this – we should all listen IMO.

    1. you might be correct. I think we need one strong player to assist Tonali. Our biggest challenge was scoring the goals. With Origi we are covered. if we could get Ziyech then we will be complete. We need to believe in our current players. That’s what Guadiola did when he took over Barcelona. He then bought few players just for status

  3. 30 m saved? If we wana aim high we have to shore up our defence…no doubt tomori or kalalu played some breathtaking football but botman was must we don’t even have depth kajaer after such injury its very hard for players to overcome like before….we can’t rely on Gabbia….it was Maldini choice for botman he must have have seen something in him…last year was top teams had different different coaches different mentalities we manage to grind out in the end. Lastly what message will our transfer market business send to our current lot obviously players have ambitions they won seria a they will aim for high and they will want quality players to compete….I guess after losing kessie and few last years we still don’t understand….I hope we replace kessie in some good way or we are doom and gloom….

  4. If the title is true and agreements are found with both of them, why wait? Milan DON’T want him after all (negotiating a year with them), eh?

    Either buy him or don’t. The worst thing is to wait and wait and wait until someone else buys him and Milan are left with plan D or E. They already lost their plan B due to waiting.

  5. Why people so salty with Milan missing out Botman? we have a beast defenders and defence record, Tomori, Kalulu, Kjaer, Gabbia, thats enough. No need for overprice Defender, if we really need one, find a low cost like Kalulu. We need attacking reinforcement. Remember people dont know Kalulu, his price were not pricey and people dont know him. Look at him now.

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