Ex-Milan defender says Sarri is ‘more tactical’ than Pioli

By Euan Burns -

Former AC Milan defender Alessio Romagnoli has said that Maurizio Sarri is more tactically minded than Stefano Pioli and he prefers it that way.

The Italian defender was speaking during a press conference (via Milan News) and he was asked what the difference is between Lazio coach Sarri and Milan boss Pioli.

He has only had a couple of weeks worth of training sessions with his new coach but he has already spotted one clear distinction between the two Italians.

“Sarri is more tactical. With Pioli there was more one-on-one battles all over the field, here there is a different game, more suited to me and that I like more,” Romagnoli said.

Sarri has had a very specific way of playing football throughout his managerial career and he almost delivered a Serie A title with it at Napoli.

The comments are not necessarily a slight on Pioli because Romagnoli clearly accepts that there are different ways to have success in football.

Romagnoli’s game time suffered a lot under Pioli as the coach pivoted towards a centre-back pairing of Fikayo Tomori and Simon Kjaer.

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    1. Of course he’s gonna say something like this. Will probably say something like “Yea 5th place is awesome! Love it here!” when the season is over lol

      1. FIFTH? That’s generous. I make Roma as favorite for 4th, with Napoli, Atalanta and Fiorentina all arguable stronger than Lazio. Lazio will finish 7th/8th. Not even Conference League for them. But the guy is playing for his dream club, so respect to him for not taking more money for Fulham or whatever.

  1. Sometimes the way these journalist put the words of these players are ridiculous, only stupid and dumb people will think romagnoli was attacking pioli.

    Dude said pioli was more about one on one aggressive marking which was where romagnoli was lacking but sarri was more conservative marking which absolutely sooth him…….these journalist are devils

    1. You spot it. It’s just the matter of game approaches. Not more. Romagnoli is a very professional person, look how he dealt with his last season. No controversy, even he wasn’t in Pioli’s first pecking order. Full respect for Romagnoli.
      Media? Nah… they just make stories more marketable.

    2. Yeah that’s whybhe could stop luku in the derby he out ran him , it’s obviously showed his flaws there I understand him tho

  2. Of course he didnt like Piolis style with one on one, since he could be beaten by every single serie a player in a one on one duel. With romagnolis speed I understand pioli chose kalulu tomori partnership.

    1. Yup, Lukaku ran over him with ease. As a central back he MUST be comfortable with one-on-one marking regardless of what tactics/plans are being deployed. He is not comfortable with marking at all.

  3. Sarri isn’t even good lol, the guy only did decent with Chelsea but that Chelsea team had a prime hazard lol so the fact they didn’t win the league with a great team and prime hazard is pretty shocking.

  4. He didn’t say Sarri was more tactical than Pioli.
    He said Sarri tactical system fits him better than Pioli’s. Which is true.
    Pioli wants his defenders to press high up the pitch, to have speed and quickness to recover and catch up with attackers. That’s how Kjaer tore his ACL.
    Romagnoli is more of an old fashion CB who is more suited for zone defending than 1v1 because he lacks the speed and quickness.
    Wish Romagnoli all the best. He didn’t turn out to be the next great Milan defender but he was always a great professional and gave his best during some of the darkest times in Milan history

    1. Don’t mind them brother, too many kids these days with phones…….you got me with, “that’s how kjaer tore his ACL” 🤣🤣

  5. Of course he is more tactical. Pioli’s approach to tactics is kinda free football, just look at our attack. We have few schemes to play and sometimes we get lost in our actions, our effectiveness is low. And there’s nothing bad about it. Of course Alessio prefers to play other way in defence, he felt better under Gattuso but after that he got worse. Why do you insult him? You’re pathetic. There’s nothing inappropriate he said. Clowns.

    1. “Pioli’s approach to tactics is kinda free football, just look at our attack. We have few schemes to play and sometimes we get lost in our actions, our effectiveness is low”

      Lol you definitely don’t know what are you talking about.

  6. LOL. Yeah, because he’s trash 1-on-1. No pace, questionable timing. Benched by 22 year old 5’10” Pierre Kalulu. Good luck finishing top 4 ahead of the massively stronger Roma, stronger Napoli, Atalanta and even Fiorentina. But no hard feelings and I wish him the best.

  7. I remember fiew years ago how Romagnoli treated Roma after he left them.
    I said he will did the same to Acmilan.
    I sent the message twice, one guy said no body gonna care about your comment.
    Here we’re go

  8. I don’t understand why the hate on romagnoli, the is media for crying out loud, and if he actually said all what is written above I don’t see a anything wrong with it. Sarri styles fit him more tactically and that’s just it, you guys should remove the hate on him, thanks.

    1. These Milan fans saying Lazio will finish dad below 4th, remember that last season everybody including Milan fans thought we will be fighting for 4th but what happened……

      Let’s not be arrogant, it’s not like we have the strongest squad, alot of teams improved and we have replaced some of our outgone players……

      Be calm, don’t make conclusion in a haste, this season will be weird, with world cup and January window almost at the same time….it’s gon be something else

  9. Well, whatever I still wish u good luck bcos during ur time in Milan’s team U still gave all and still proud that u won the trophy 🏆 but would also advise u to mind ur speach… Good luck Romagnoli…

  10. Respect to Romagnoli because he was our team captain and player but he have to blame himself for not rising to the occasion. Pioli gave him chance but he was most of the time disappointing. So good luck to him.

  11. Romagnoli is actually right, in that Pioli’a system exposed him, a lot! Because fast strikers will smoke him, a la Osimhen, Lukaku, Immobile etc. And I see why he actually decided to leave. He can’t play in that system as the left sided defender with Theo bombing forward often.

  12. I’m so happy for those words from our former captain because it confirms that what I’ve been seeing and saying all along is true. And that’s that the management has little to no uses for players who are not good in 1v1 situations in both phases of the game. It’s the reason why players like Kessie, Donnarumma and Romagnoli were not given renewals and why faith was placed in someone like Calabria, who also wasn’t purchased by the present management. Pioli often spoke about matches within a match and he believes that the team who won the most of those matches within the match, stood the best chance of winning the match. It’s practically one of the prerequisites to be bought by M&M.

  13. Am soo disappointed with some milan fans seriously we have started acting like premiership fans who dont respect dere players.Romagnoli was our captain remember dis guy was dere when milan was thrash do u think good offers didnt come tru 4 him to escape but he stayed put till we got a trophy.so d best we can do is too wish him well not all dis pioli system cant work for him den fine he have to go somewhere else to enjoy football.instead of being in d bench ..

  14. Guys> He has contributed to Milan and we should respect him. Milan did not want to invest anymore in him and rightly so because although he is a good defender, he was slow and in today’s game you cannot afford to have slow defenders.

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