TMW: Milan want Dybala to ‘take over from Brahim Diaz’ and could make ‘exception’ on salary

By Oliver Fisher -

Journalist Enzo Bucchioni has claimed that AC Milan want to sign Paulo Dybala when his contract expires at Juventus and could make an exception regarding his salary.

In his editorial published this morning on TMW, Bucchioni spoke about the future of Paulo Dybala and threw the Rossoneri’s name into the hat. He claimed that the attacking midfielder is ‘in Milan’s viewfinder’ as the management look to raise the quality of the attack.

The name of the Argentine fits the bill from a tactical point of view because he would be ideal as the playmaker behind the centre-forward in the 4-2-3-1, essentially to ‘take over from Brahim Diaz’ as per the journalist.

Milan are also very attentive on their wage bill and the idea of adding high earners to it, but there ‘may be some exceptions’ because Dybala would arrive on a free transfer and could be a player capable of making a difference.

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    1. i bet you said no to Inzaghi and Carlo as well.

      Dybala will be like 10 times the player Brahim is.
      Plus he knows Serie A by the back of his hand.

      1. He was best player of Serie A just a few years ago, with Ronaldo playing at that point. You have to be blind not to see he would be a huge improvement for Milan.

      2. I hate Dybala. He’s one of the most annoying players in Serie A.

        But! I do have to admit he would lift Milan’s level to another level. Diaz looks like a little boy compared to him. Dybala is a proven champion and would be a welcome addition to team. Unfortunately.

  1. yeah, to good to be true. No way gazdis pays Dybala 7mil. He is super strict. Even if we offer 5 mil and he requests 5.2 mil, we are not giving it to him.

    1. My dude do you even calculate

      7Mx 3 years is like 21 Million
      if u buy a player its like 20M + their salary
      its around 29-30M easily

      This is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper
      and if we keep diaz for one more year, we have to pay him 22M, and u have to remember diaz salary at milan is super expensive too, he is madrid player

  2. we all know Milan can only afford players worth 5 million, except of course we try out the product first and ask for a 40% discount after one season…

    Next rumour please!!!

    1. exactly…..all these announcements need to be taken with a grain of salt, you cannot even count on “Milan’s Probable Starting XI ” all just noise. Now, we win the Scudetto and the dialogue changes from bs to fact,

  3. Milan aren’t going to piss away millions on an injury prone player. Journalists who write this sort of crap haven’t paid attention to the Maladini – Gazidis era.

  4. It’s a funny joke. Every single transfer windows we linked to high profile player that we know we can’t afford him

  5. If Juve did not agree to his demand, there is no way that other SerieA club could afford him. And why not join Newcastle, as you may receive even more

  6. Why do you keep writing ‘AC Milan ARE…’??? It should always be ‘AC Milan is…’!!! The way you write is totally wrong and supper annoying! You are definitely not a native english speaker.

    Just check the official Wikipedia site here:
    and click CTRL+F and then type ‘milan is’. And you will see that there is never ‘ARE’ but always ‘is’. If you type ‘milan are’ you will get zero results!!!

    You can do the same with any article on internet where AC Milan is mentioned and see it for yourself.

    It is laughable that someone who runs this website and obviously likes AC Milan is making such a horrible and annoying mistake. If you truly like the club then you should not make a joke of this website by misspelling every sentence where the name of the club appears!

    1. Hi there,

      While we understand the points you are making, we are writing in British English, not American English. That’s why we write are. Does that address your issue? Feel free to shoot us an email at for a more lengthy description of the matter.

    2. If your are here to read out problem of “is” and “are” and not what the news is about then the writer is not your problem, your problem is definitely around you there…sort your life out by yourself, stop making the writer a scape goat of the issues you are having in your life….The writer is good and always gives the best, mistakes are constant in everything, kindly criticize and not bashing the writer like he was the one causing your life issues.

  7. Dybala is among the world class players adding him in the Milan team will be a plus and am looking forward watching him in red and black jersey next season..Forza Rossonerri

  8. I can’t understand why those STUPID, DOTISH & BLIND ppl at Juve would refuse to gave a CLASS player like Dabyla what he wants to keep him in Turin, but trust me they will pay, not a single trophy Juve will win for a while, I hope Milan or Inter take the opportunity to buy him.

  9. I hope AC Milan will sign this Number 5 from Umbrella Academy.
    I like the way he plays. Much more experienced and skilled than Brahim. But Dybala gets injured often. We will need a proper backup as well.

  10. I’m an American, not British, and also a total grammar geek — and with a team, both ways work. Anyway, whoever said it is right — please read the articles for the CONTENT, not the grammar!! jeez.

    Anyway, as for Dybala, he is a great player; I think it’s unlikely we go after him but if he would be willing to take a little less, he could help us either at Diaz position or the RW position because he has played a lot both in middle and on right side. He’s high quality and versatile and could take Milan to another level. If we somehow manage to win the Scudetto, then management/ownership MUST be willing to spend a lot more money and take advantage of the opportunity. As Scudetto winners, we would be in “Pot 1” in the Champions League draw and therefore it would be a great opportunity to have easier group than, for example, this past year when we were in the Group of Death with Liverpool, Atletico and Porto. If we win Scudetto this year, it could really provide a launching pad to make a really big jump in quality and cash flows with deeper CL run in knockout stages and reignite our brand again.

  11. The editors knew they’d strike a chord with not only English speaking but Italian fans on this article.

    If he is coming for free, that’s a good deal after the crappy transactions we’ve been having recently lol!

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