CM: Milan lacking the economic resources for a Scudetto win – a crossroads approaches for Elliott

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan do not have the squad to challenge for the title currently nor do they have the economic power at present to ensure they can do so before the season is over, a journalist has claimed.

During his column for, Cristiano Ruiu states that Milan do not have the economic resources or rather the financial freedom to make a Vlahovic-level signing, and that the club and ownership believe that this squad is already equipped for the objectives set: to secure another return to the Champions League.

He adds that in the squad Many players have grown and improved a lot in their awareness, but the technical level of the team has remained the same. This is not insignificant because the progress from three years ago is clear to see, but then the feeling is that Milan are already behind Inter while Juventus will have different economic resources to strengthen themselves.

A signing is not expected to arrive for the centre-back department, Ruiu claims, while the attack has been struggling lately. Ibrahimovic got injured during the Juventus game but it is not a surprise for a 40-year-old in a high intensity game during a cold January night to suffer from the hard pitch.

At the end of the season the ownership must really think about how ambitious they want to be. The priority cannot be the renewal of Ibra like last year, but that of young core players like Leao and Theo Hernandez.

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  1. Honestly the best thing Ibrahimovic and Giroud can do for Milan right now is to end their careers in one way or another. Unless Elliot group has no other options and is forced to look for replacements, they will keep counting on geriatric ward of Milan to carry them into top 4 spots. While that might still happen this year, next year, we’ll be lucky to even qualify for UEFA Conference League.

    1. Really?! So Milan have the 40-80M€ available to get 2 new strikers immediately? Not to mention they need a PROPER RW to fix the biggest issue of the squad first.

      So… Milan would have to spend 100M€ right away if Ibra & Giroud stopped playing. Yeah… I bet Elliott has that kind of money available for Maldini right now.

      So people are sooooooooooooooooooooo clueless…

      1. Elliot group has zero euros ready if those two continue playing. They will buy nothing, literally and pretend Ibra and Giroud can play till they are 300 years old.

        Right now even a 20 million striker is better than both our geriatric ones put together.

      2. If I guaranteed you 1 goal every game, but in exchange Milan had to play down 1 player, would you accept that offer?
        This is the Zlatan paradox.
        And if you don’t believe he will score every game, then this offer is even worse because Zlatan won’t increase any mobility or endurance.
        He needs to go at the end of the season, not immediately, but at the end of the season.

    2. You are correct Shiva. Elliot will not replace fading strikers unless forced to by retirement, but they need replacing at the end of this season. It will be on Maldini’s shoulders as to whether the next player is an upgrade given limited resources.
      Qualifying for UCL brings 63.4 to 46.7€M depending on table position. It’s crucial that Milan make the top four consistently.
      Will Elliot contribute anything further? What deals can Maldini & Massara find for the Summer mercato? We’ll see what happens.

  2. I made this same points after the Roma game early this month, and some fans called me a clueless keyboard warrior for blaming Elliot and Maldini for the lack of depth and their laxity to contractual issues and team management. Some blamed FFP for our inability to reinforce the squad; very laughable considering we have paid our dues concerning the FFP regulations two seasons ago.

    The management have capped their expenses for some reason, and can only afford players who cost 5million and nothing more. We cant even sign Faivre. Isn’t this a joke? Elliot expects magic to happen with the little given. It is understandable they inherited some level of debt, but they have to understand that in today’s business of sport, you get what you give. You cannot win any league if you do not have the quality to best your opponents. This isn’t just a mental game, it’s a game of physicality, athletics, and skill.

    If Elliot isn’t ready to invest, then they should start evaluating offers from consortiums ready to invest in sports. It’s that simple.

    They claim they want to inject youth into the sqaud, then “BOOM” we got Giroud as Striker. They claimed they were in the hunt for a young RW, then “BOOM”, we got a 30 year old Messias on deadline day to save face, after wasting time in the mercarto after clubs turned down their negotiations for players at ridiculous giveaway prices. The plan was to replace Chala, we didn’t, and Diaz suddenly became a starter and the only starter in that position. He has been noting but a postman to leao and rebic this season, he just passes the ball to leao for comfort.

    This has been slap in the face for us fans. If we continue this way, other players that we claim have improved technically would not see any reason to hang on to this project, because it seems it has no ambition. The Management needs to act.

    1. Yeah, that’s not how FFP works. You don’t get penalised once and then to hell with it, you still have to comply with the next rules.

      And Milan are about €180m short of their FFP goal for the last few seasons.

      So reality is that unless they have a deal in place already, there’s the possibility of even stronger punishment in a couple of years, especially if they don’t show willingness to try meeting that target.

      Now realistically, sell a couple of prized assets, get fans back in the stadium and let a couple of big earners go and it’s possible, do even some of that and get close and it will be taken into account.

      But even if they did want to go buy a 40-80m forward, there are other things to consider at the moment.

      I’ve no doubt Elliott would consider any offer that came close to paying back their investment over recent years, which is one of the biggest non-oil-funded investments in world football remember, but more likely they need the new stadium go ahead to raise the value.

      I agree it’s frustrating when players who are valued at 10-20m go elsewhere when there’s clear Milan interest (what an absolute waste Vlasic is on West Ham’s bench) and I fully expect Faivre to end up at a mid table Premiership club unfortunately, but that’s the reality of it.

  3. Just a reminder we spent 70m last season.

    And we were clearly better than almost full strength Juve.

    Striker is a priority – we just upgraded third striker. Giroud stays until 2023 unfortunately, but in the summer we get Belotti or Origi or Nketiah or de Kaeterle or someone even better.

    Saladmaker really gave a great shift, boy is starting to play better.

    Romagnoli will go and it will not hurt much. I still have hope for Kessie, he would hurt more than Donnarumma. And he could be a great replacement for Brahim, I hope we could his loan short.

  4. Our biggest issue is not rw, our biggest issue is creativity and productivity from no 10,, whoever play the rw as long as our cam is diaz we are going nowhere

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