Report: Milan forward Leao is now valued at a staggering €70M

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan forward Rafael Leao is now valued at a staggering €70 million and is the most expensive player in the Rossoneri squad, a website claims.

Transfer data specialist website Transfermarkt has calculated Leao’s current worth to be €70 million which makes him more valuable than anyone else at Milan and the third most valuable player in Serie A.

Leao had an extremely strong season on the left for Milan as he helped the team win their first Scudetto in 11 years. He was named as the player of the season for Serie A.

He bagged 11 league goals and 10 league assists this season, as well as one goal and assist in the Champions League and four goals and an assist in the Coppa Italia.

At just 22-years-old, he is quickly becoming one of the most sought after players in the world. Many Premier League teams have expressed interest in him ahead of the summer transfer window.

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  1. Not enough he should be around 90. He has something so rare that once he can fully harness his ability there will be no one like him with that danger down the left.

    1. what’s with the pessimism? Milan are willing to keep him no matter what and he does want to stay with the most promising team in europe.
      plus the guys that left already regret their decision and both Kessie and Romagnoli are without clubs right now and no one knows where they’ll end up, not even themselves!!
      Milan doesn’t lose players, players lose Milan.

      1. Mate don’t dream, Milan also did their best for Kessie and Donnarumma. “Their best” is not enough for the market now. We can’t criticise a club legend like Paolo but if we are honest he also does some mistakes and those players leaving for free will make us go steps back

      2. It’s the way of modern football – players (well, agents) have realised that transfer fees paid is money that they don’t get. So moving players without a fee means more money for the agent and the player. Look at Dembele, Pogba, Kamara, Mbappe… that’s not because the clubs haven’t made them a good contract offer, it’s because the power is with the player if they’re a free agent.

        So time to get used to it – either overpaying for players and risking them ending up on huge contracts that you can’t get rid of even if they stop performing (like Bale at Madrid) or doing what Milan have been doing, paying transfer fees where a player does want to move on, getting the player on a more realistic salary and then replacing them if they aren’t willing to stay.

        Jorge Mendes isn’t stupid, he knows Leao can make silly money in England or Spain if he keeps performing like he has this season. The question is, will he…?

        1. “Jorge Mendes isn’t stupid, he knows Leao can make silly money in England or Spain if he keeps performing like he has this season. The question is, will he…?” Exactly. Leao also does very little work defensively and modern football is also about team pressing. That’s why Liverpool, which is losing both of its starting wingers either this summer or next is not being linked with Leao. Because Klopp will ask him to gegenpress and Leao will just look at him and give him the Mbappe shrug.

  2. As the squad improves milan will be in a far better position to avoid players leaving on free transfers as we can just bench the players causing issues. I believe leao will renew and if he wont then bench him and instead get lang, lets see if leao would like two years on the bench if he were to refuse either renewing or getting sold.
    Anyways he will propably renew in the next month or something when he returns to the club in the start of july. If a contract isnt signed at the start of august id start considering looking for wealthy suitors who are willingly forking up 100+mil if nobody wants to pay the 150 mil release clause.

  3. Management needs to realize, we don’t have time. And of course a new contract isn’t gonna be cheap.

    There can be two scenarios where the negotiations can last long.

    1. What Leao asked is in our reach but Management is haggling over 10 cents and prolonging the negotiation.

    2. Leao is demanding something we aren’t gonna pay.

    In case 1, it’s all on our management if Leao leaves and they need to apologize to the fans, doesn’t matter club legend or not.
    In case 2, we need to sell Leao if no agreement is reached within a week or two.

    Some are saying it would be better to keep him for two more years than selling him now.
    Keeping a player for 2 years who wouldn’t be happy with his pay is NOT even an option and would ruin dressing room environment. And it’s gonna set a bad example for other players.

    So there are only two viable options.. Renew or Sell and decision should be reached within a week or two.

    1. Overall i am not disagreeing with your assessments but leao and the rest of the team is on vacation untill july 11th or something so his contract is highly unlikely to get renewed before that and you can propably add at minimum 2 or 3 weeks on top of that for it to get it done so we better prepare us for at least a months waiting time to get it done .

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