Di Marzio: Milan strike up interest in Danish winger who dazzled against Lazio

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are one of two Serie A teams who are interested in signing FC Midtjylland winger Gustav Isaksen, according to a report.

As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio, Milan have turned to another Midtjylland player after negotiating over Raphael Onyedika during the summer mercato in Gustav Isaksen. The winger was one of the stars of the show last night as the Danish side beat Lazio 5-1 in the Europa League.

He earned two penalties with his trickery and skilful dribbling, scoring one of them himself. The Denmark U21 international raised his tally to 5 goals and 1 assist in 15 games across all competitions so far in the 2022-23 campaign, and he is beginning to attract some attention.

However, Milan face competition from Fiorentina and the Premier League, as Svend Graversen – the sporting director of Midtjylland – confirmed recently.

“We have already said no to the 15 million offered by a Premier League club at the end of the last transfer market because the player is worth a lot more,” he said.

Isaksen himself though seems to have suggested that he would be open to a move to Serie A at some point in the future because he is in love with the country.

“What do I like about Italy? I’ve played three tournaments there in the past with our youth teams. I love this country, your climate and above all the cuisine. In particular the ravioli. And then it seems to me a league suitable for me. If I could choose [to move there] I would have no doubts,” he said.

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  1. Small clubs and their vulture directors lol…

    Off topic but whats up with the Fifa 23 ratings for serie A players – Like Inter/Juventus players are mostly 86,85,84 while they all have been bad in reality for 2 years now almost. Crime!

    1. vulture directors ? so are you implying that smaller clubs should just roll over and accept whatever they get offered when the smaller clubs from smaller leagues are far more dependent on maximizing their profits via sales of their players. If anything the big clubs has been robbing smaller european clubs of their talents for decades often grossly under paying for players while weakening the leagues of their greatest assets.
      If midtjylland believes they are in a position to get more why wouldn’t they demand more. What if it was us should we accept some low bids on our marquee players ?
      If anything then the real vulture directors of the football world are those of the big clubs acting like european clubs are their cheap candy stores.

      Personally as a milan fan i like our proactive transfers of yung players at cheap costs but we shouldnt kid ourselves either,

      1. Sure, lets pay 30 mil for this one who most of us havent even heard of until this article popped up.

        These players are come through their youth systems mostly and even 1 mil is a big profit. Yes big clubs raid these clubs for their talents because that’s how the food chain works my friend. These low tier clubs have only recently started asking so much because of teams like PSG paying 220mil for a single player. and yea as a result these vulture directors start exploiting with these young players who have 1 good season already.

        and oh, you think these directors who make 20-30 mil for a 5-10 mil worth player will reinvest into the sporting side to turn their clubs into Man United level within the next 5 years? Nope

        1. You don’t have to pay. You’re misunderstanding Martin. Football is business and that’s the reality. The ‘small club’ take time to invest in these youngsters and it’s not every young player that attracts interest.

          It’s all about being business savvy.

          1. Of course its about business but try to take off the milan glasses and look at it objectively, why wouldnt or shouldnt midtjylland try to get the best deals possible where they can get them.

        2. Did i say one single place place that we should pay 30 mil for the player ? no i didnt.

          Well the increase of transfer fees is because of the rich clubs (including milan previously) but it also affects the smaller ones as the entire market has been inflated so i see no reason why they would or should accept selling players for less than they can get elsewhere.

          Again where did i say that ? nowhere.

          Fact is that midtjylland completely anhialated lazio yesterday. Should lazio sell us immobile for 10 mil or milinkovic savic for less than what they might be able to get a different place. Should we sell our priced assets to city, madrid or psg just for the sake of it if we can better offers elsewhere ? absolutely not and every club should be respected regardless of their size or history.

  2. Get Simon Kjaer on the case.
    Kid looked very good vs Lazio
    I would rather Milan buy up and coming player who will grow with the rest of the squad, even for 20 mil, than go for someone like Ziyech who lately has looked worse than Messias, Saelemakers and Castillejo , and asks for a high salary

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