MN: Lesson emerged from Higuain, Piatek and Paqueta signings that Milan continue to follow

By Oliver Fisher -

A lot of scrutiny has been placed on the current AC Milan management for their strategy regarding signings, but the mistakes of previous ownerships have in large part driven the current stance.

MilanNews highlights how the signing of Dusan Vlahovic by Juventus and Robin Gosens by Inter were ‘two hard slaps in the face’ of the Milan fans, who are hungry to win trophies and feel that the leap in quality towards that is really close. There is also a belief among some that in order to make the jump from being a contender to a winner, expensive purchases are needed.

However, since the summer of 2019 to date there has been greater prudence in investing certain amounts on signings. Before that, Leonardo’s tenure as the Rossoneri’s sporting director saw him put forward considerable sums for Gonzalo Higuain of Juventus, Krzysztof Piatek of Genoa and Lucas Paqueta of Flamengo.

There is no doubting that those three signings generating a lot of excitement at the time and all three had an impact to a certain extent, but then things went sour for each of the trio and their stay at the club didn’t end up being a long one.

That’s not to say that Elliott Management haven’t sanctioned sizeable deals too though, such as Rafael Leao (€28m from Lille), Theo Hernandez (€22m from Real Madrid), Sandro Tonali (€20m roughly, given the renegotiation) and Fikayo Tomori (€29m from Chelsea).

These are all signings that are considered to be part of the core moving forward and have had longer success than Higuain, Piatek and Paqueta already. To that list we can also add the €14m for Mike Maignan and the €16m for Ismael Bennacer – all serving as prove that investment is not forbidden but guarantees are sought.

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  1. If you take only expenditure into account, Milan has spent only 30M less than Inter since 2018 and is 4th club in the league by that. Unfortunately a lot were fails like Paqueta and Piatek, but anyone saying Milan isn’t spending money, they are. And around the same amount like clubs that played in CL all the time.

      1. I am not looking at before Elliot, you can’t do that as it makes no sense. But I read a lot of people saying Milan won’t spend money on 1 player. And here is a simple proof that proves the transfer fee doesn’t mean anything if you value the player and his potential.

    1. Well said man, we have spend a lot on shitty players, and now we scrape the bottom with cheap players or loans with options to buy. We look like a serie C team and not a team who fights for scudetto. I’m not even talking Champions League…
      Juve got Vlahovic and we are ‘happy’ with Lazovic…
      We got 2 semi handicapped strikers and Lazovic.

      1. Juve has revenue x3 compared to Milan. They can actually afford a 75M player. Milan has 150M revenue, they can’t give 50% of whole seasons revenue on 1 player, is that so hard to understand???

        1. And still they spent as much as Inter, while Milan should have spent about half of what Inter did, when you consider revenue. I really don’t understand where do ideas that Milan won’t spend for the right player come.

          1. Man do you guys live in North Korea or China? Is it not possible people have their own meaning? We are talking and giving opinions on a football club, we are not fucking your mothers or sisters…calm down bitches!

      2. Well.. we certainly dont play like a serie c team. Oh and if you remember(I’m not sure when you did join us), Kessie, Tomori, even Theo was nobody when we hire them, who knows we might hit another jackpot, I kinda like Maldini decision so far especially when it comes to young player (please see those 3 examples).

        Oh and its Lazetic.. who the hell is Lazovic?

  2. Milan management learnt the lesson but some Milan fans and pundits clearly didn’t.

    Not even one of those clueless glory hunters ever mention the failures of Higuain, Bonucci, Piatek, Paquetta, Andre Silva, and other overpriced players that came under Yohongli management.

    1. Exactly, but Higuain, Piatek and Paquetta also came under new management, not while Lee was in control. It just shows how you can buy a great player like Bennacer for 16M and you can buy a fail for 40M. The problem is with fans that value players, transfers and how good the club is by the fee paid…:D

    1. And that is bad. A club that makes more money than Juventus while being 7th in the league and not playing CL. That is a well managed club economically, and if they want they can buy 100M players every year without issues and they will come back to the top at one point.

  3. Must Milan die in loan players why not go for good players and leave all dis shit(flop) bakayoko,giroud,ibra, krunic,pellegrin,casteljo what are they doin in Milan team?they can’t push ball,dribble or change match if they enter field,please Milan should bring Hauge back for us.board should stop signing dead players for us this team is better dan inter n juventus but we don’t have good management to run the team for us is maldini a babe in this Milan team.bring in great players with great potential in body not player dat will play one match and die like a chicken in the field,

    1. Look, Hauge fans rehibernated from winter

      Hauge is crap even for Bundesliga. You dont have a clue and are lazy, easy to check his stats

      Pellegri left already..

      Low quality fan!

  4. No midfielder to play any team dat have good midfielder why are they not reading most of our matches wil play with our opponent and see where we are lacking most in field when playin against good team dat have standard and creative midfielder,right n left winger dat can dribble,run and have stamina,strength in the pitch that’s why Raphael leao get tired quickly in the match because nobody to help hm out to break the opponent defence and build pressure on them.Milan should stop wastin money on dead signing they should go out and search for better players for us we need trophy,teams like Bayern M,Real M,Chelsea,man city,inter,juventus,PSG,Ajax, Liverpool, Barcelona, Salzburg,Rangers,Celtic,A Madrid and many order teams are winning trophy every season,why our own Ac Milan are not winning anything.?are we not ashame of ourselves.

  5. The only mistake with Paquetta was playing him out of position and selling him early for less than his value. 59 games and 18 goals 11 assists @ Lyon and now multiple 60M offers from Premiere League teams …so with all due respect he should not be on this list.

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