GdS: Milan and Inter resume battle over striker – €40m valuation is a major hurdle

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan and Inter fought it out for the Scudetto on the field over the past season and their battle is set to continue into the summer mercato, a report claims.

Both teams are on the lookout for a new young centre-forward to build the attack of the future around. Milan have a 40-year-old Zlatan Ibrahimovic and a 35-year-old Olivier Giroud plus teenager Marko Lazetic, so a new striker is sought even if Divock Origi arrives on a free transfer given Ibra could retire.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport (via, Gianluca Scamacca of Sassuolo is a player that both Milan clubs like, as he scored 16 goals in 36 league games for Sassuolo in 2021-22 after returning from his loan spell at Genoa.

However, the newspaper explains that the asking price of €40m is prohibitive for both clubs and that is why at the moment a sale to a club abroad appears more likely.

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  1. No, no, no run away. There are much better players than him even for less. And he want to go to Inter. We don’t need such a player

  2. our players and team has also been silenced by other teams and players previously so if we had to follow the thoughtset that some milan fans put for the day that we shouldnt buy players that has played badly against us well then we should also start to sell some of our great players that has played badly against other teams.

    It simply doesnt work like that way.

    In the end though i think scamacca will stay for another season with sassuolo as i doubt we will spend 40 mil for him and to my knoweldge inter is practically in the same situation as the start of this season as they will have to sell big name players to cover their debt in the vicinity of 300-350 mil debt that needs to be paid in the next 2 years if i remember correctly. If they sell lautauro maybe yes otherwise i would be surprised to see him leave the club.

  3. Yea. He’s very good. These fans judge him on one game instead of looking at how he plays overall across many games. But he’s quite good and needs the step up to a bigger club

    1. Belotti would be my pick of the two as well as he is cost free besides of his salary and sign on fee, a milan fan. a guarantee for goals, would offer different characteristics than our current forwards does, hard working and a team player and has some experience and has been captain for torino so he knows how to lead. We would also more easily be able to make other moves in the market.
      At this point though i would be surprised if we actually do get him but who knows maybe they already has a deal in the making but has been silent about it up until now.

  4. Nah, this is just a smoke screen. Maldini & Masara will search players from outside Italy. Not just they are less expensive but also top quality.

    Just look at Maignan, Tomori, Kalulu, Theo, or Leao.

    1. Milan will still have to live up the cl rules were a certain ammount of players has to have played 2 years in either the club or league in their youth and if we doesnt do that we willl lose some spots in the team so we infact will end up with a smaller cl squad than other teams. That punishment lasts more than one season if i remember correctly so yes we do actually need more homegrown players regardless of what people might think.

      1. If we “a need” home grown players then save the 40M and sign Belotti for FREE as a THIRD choice back up to Origi and Giroud instead of spending 40M on Scamacca. Way overrated. Spend the 40M on a CAM, RW or use tha $$ toward a better striker (Nunez). Just because we may need more Italian players doesn’t mean we should overspend on an overrated player lol

        1. Im not advocating us to buy scamacca as i wouldnt pay 40 mil for him as i actually would prefer such ammount to go to trying to aquirre de ketelaere but im just saying that we actually need some italian players so guess im actually the one laughing last here juro. Besides of that i actually agreed with rossi further up that belotti would be my pick of those two as well.

  5. I mean why do we have to concentrate so much in our striker department??? We seriously lack creativity and that should be our main target this summer mercato, i mean sign origi and belotti, u can use them both in case u need 2 strikers, there is giroud, lazetic and some other young talent, spend more and get proper RW, AM and we should be more than equipt for next season. With enough creativity every striker would score enough goals

  6. Indeed, a free Belotti is actually better. He’s garnered enough experience and should be a shoe in for Milan. If it doesn’t work for whatever reasons, he can be easily sold without worrying about making a loss.

    It’s possible a deal is in place and everyone is silent out of respect for the parties involved.

  7. 40m euro for average player? Better let inter merda buy scamacca because he is inter merda fans. There is still many good striker outside there that Will cost below 40m euro

    1. Exactly, I said the same. Better players outside Italy for the same price tag. Darwin Nunez market value is around 40 mil, I don’t know how much above that Benfica want to receive. Last two seasons, we are shopping from relegated teams from Seria A. Belotti is better choice than Scammaca

  8. He is overrated and is not worth 40M right now. Hard pass for me. Tomori and Kalulu destroyed him, he was invisible. Another Destro, Borriello, Etc…small market player. He’s still young so hoping that will change but his valuation now is too inflated and we could spend that kind of $ toward a better player. If he wants Italian he wouldn’t be worth that much. Let Inter have him IMO

  9. There’s merit to the arguments for Belotti on a free and spending the money somewhere else over paying 40m for Scamacca, but I think Scamacca also has merit. He’s 6’4″ and is scoring goals for a mid-table club. Meanwhile, Belotti has had a couple of down years. Players like Darwin Nunez might command 60-70m, which is also not going to leave much for a RW or AMC. Honestly, I’m undecided. Many of the strikers we’re being linked too are just as expensive and young, but unproven in Serie A. Also, the supporting cast is important. Just look at Vlahovic’s drop in production since moving to Juventus, where arguably he’s gotten less assistance. It could just be that Origi will play as a striker, if Leao stays. Now if Leao is sold, for say his 150m clause, then we’d definitely be able to get Nunez AND a good RW AND probably a good CAM, with Origi sliding into his natural LW position. I would like to keep Leao, but given his contract situation and a hungry Madrid his sacrifice may be the key to truly strengthening the club…

  10. Just adding Antony from Ajax as RW will turn this existing team into a serious Title contender next season

    Antony is exactly like Leao, but on the RW. Unplayable, can turn the game with a single touch.. Just exactly what we are missing in RW. Antony on Right with leao on left.. this team will be a nightmare for even the best defenses in the world.

    We actually have AMC dept covered with the arrival of Renato, Adli, Pobega… Not to mention D.maldini in the making.

    The need for AMC goes away completely if we switch to 433 considering the CMs we have and Pioli already considering the possibility as he declared it in multiple press conf.

    Scamacca is a HARD no. Inter fan and over-rated.
    If we REALLY go for a ST this season, it should be Nunez. Though I don’t see the need for spending for a ST considering we are having Origi and Giroud as ST, with Lazetic as backup and Rebic who can also play as CF. If we need another ST, we can just get Belotti for free.

    I don’t want Leao to be sold. Yes he will be sold for 120Mil or something, but he has just tasted Victory and now knows what exactly he can do. We shouldn’t sell a player who just had his breakout season. He is the kind of player who can win you games all by his own.

    Forza Milan.

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