Milan respond brilliantly to Inter’s Green Day tweet: “How it really went”

By Oliver Fisher -

Inter might just regret their decision to make it out as though Billie Joe Armstrong – the frontman of Green Day – has a preference for them over AC Milan.

The singer was on stage at the Magazzini Generali in Milano and he decided to show a Milan and Inter shirt alternately. When he showed the Rossonero shirt the fans roared in approval, while they booed the Nerazzurri one. Evidently, there were more Milan fans at the concert.

In the end Billie Joe closed with a ‘Thank you’. However, Inter chose to fuel some kind of false narrative by posting a picture with Armstrong holding an Inter shirt in his hand as if he had chosen them, and Milan decided to respond.

On X (formerly Twitter), they posted a video of the Green Day clip, which included a VAR review and the caption: “How it really went.”

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  1. Aside from Inter’s claim, I can’t relate what is the purpose of this sh*t.
    I’m sure Armstrong isn’t Interista neither is Milanista, what he did doesn’t represent anything. He doesn’t care if he’s watched by Milanisti or Interisti, as long as the tickets are sold out.
    In other world, Inter can claim that every human being on this Earth is Inter’s fan, but surely it means nothing. No need to argue as if what they did is something.

  2. Regardless of the narrative anyone with just a minute respect for punk music and themselves wouldnt listen to green day to begin with and same goes for supporting a club like inter 😛
    Kiddoes even though not necessarily straight up punk all of you should rather listen to some dead kennedies, the cramps, the stooges, the birthday party or some suzy and the banshees instead of istening to a band that is pretty much a disgrace to the name punk 😛

    1. A band Johnny Rotten referred to as ‘sticky tape on a duck’s arse’, in one of his more tender comments about them..
      Forza Milan

      1. 😀 well sorry if i offended you then. I would say that at least when they broke through with their album basket case they had a sorta modern day rock punk style but more pop like than actual punk music should ever be. My gripe with them simply is that punk music actually should be more dirty in sound but instead came off more like a teen fad or something.

        1. Not offended. My sister listens to k pop if i can stomach that i can stomach when people say they don’t like green day. To each It’s own.
          I agree that green day is not what punk is. Punk is messy, punk is raw, punk can never be mainstream.

          1. Glad you didn’t take offense in it as it wasn’t really my intention either but i was rather hammered when i wrote it and propably had drunk 20 beers and half a bottle of whiskey 😀 Well i cant really say that my knowledge of k pop is great but what i’ve heard then green day actually doesn’t sound too bad D
            Yeah i absolutely agree,

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