Milan could try beat rivals Inter to Dybala once ownership situation is confirmed

By Oliver Fisher -

Inter have moved to sign Paulo Dybala on a free transfer from Juvntus but AC Milan believe they can still win the race, a report claims. report that Dybala has only six games left before he ends his adventure with Juventus. The Argentine wanted to sign a new contract with Juve and a deal seemed closed in December but then stalled, so now La Joya’s entourage are looking around to find a new project.

Inter are the club that moved first and Beppe Marotta knows he will have to sell big names this summer to help pay off the club’s big debts, so the idea of signing a free transfer is a perfect opportunity to strengthen the squad.

However, Milan also like Dybala and could move once the future of the club has been defined, with fundamental developments regarding Investcorp’s takeover expercted during the month of May.

Atletico Madrid – with Griezmann and Joao Felix – are covered in that role and will only try in the event of sales, while Real Madrid and Barcelona have other priorities, and the big Premier League clubs have probed the situation only in a preliminary manner.

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  1. Even though he’s talented, he’s been a bit inconsistent lately.

    Sure he’s waaaaay better than say, Brahim but… in our formation I believe the no.10 is more of a midfielder than a forward. Dybala is an out and out forward, a “2nd striker” ie I don’t believe we’d use him optimally (he’s much less effective on the wing imho)

    I know there’s talk we’re getting new owners with a bigger budget but personally, I think we should aim elsewhere. He’s not the only big name in town, if Maldini gets a larger chequebook

    1. I don’t think you know what a #10 is supposed to do bro lol… They are supposed to score and set up goals simple. Sign him asap

  2. We should spend every penny available to get Dybala from Juventus and Perisic from Inter. Each of those guys is the most important creative force for each of those teams.
    We would win Scudetto every year for a few years because:
    1- our weakest positions now are RW (Perisic can go there) and CAM (Dybala can go there); so getting those two guys will make our team SO MUCH BETTER; and
    2- we would be weakening the two best competitors (Juve now better than Napoli for future years because Insigne leaving for MLS and Juve signing of Vlahovic)

    1. totally correct,strategy used in many sports. “if he is playing for us he ain’t playing against us:” we win the Scudetto he is ours, knowing Dybala he will go with who ever wins the Scudetto, if he stays in Italy

    2. Can’t agree with you. Perisic plays on the left wing, not right. He is not young and he’s form will drop soon. I prefer Barela from inter. Juve has Vlahovic and Chiesa so next season they will be real force again.

  3. Dybala asking salary 8m euro nett + bonus 2m euro . I don’t think elliot Will sign him,but maybe investcorp can sign him if they take over in may. Well whoever owner, it doesnt matter for me as old fans . If they cannot sign dybala hope they go another quality no 10 AMF like Charles deketelare/de Paul/barak

    1. The last time Milan paid a world class player is Bonucci and Higuain. Both of them came from Juve and they doesn’t work well. But now i have a good feeling that Dybala will perfectly fit at Milan

  4. lets all be honest here, as well as milan have been doing in the past few seasons one thing always remains the same….the fact that we always talk about all these players that we want to sign and land up signing no one of that profile.we wont see Dybala at milan but you will see him at inter, the same as you wont see Asensio at milan or Beradi or any player that keeps getting brought up! i love Milan but its the same story every year always talking about big players and land up with shit.

    so dont worry to those who dont want to see Dybala in red and black cause you wont.

    1. Well we’ve had owners that have handcuffed our management due to $, ffp and now Elliot who had to balance the books in order to the club profitable and desirable to new owners to buy… Operation complete

  5. I agree and disagree with that as this has been going on since the 2013 season, always promises of great talent and we left with players like salemakers…..we have been one of the contenders for the seria A all season and what did we do in the winter transfer season? now with 5 games left we struggling. but now only the winter transfer season what did we do in the market at the begging of the year? besides getting magic mike and signing tomori what did milan actually do to strengthen the mid and left wing?

    we can not always blame FFP we have to see that top players do not want to play from Milan and top players do not want to stay in Milan, everyone keeps telling me how its a blessing that Kasie is leaving when in fact its not, as much as we dont want to admit it his a top player and a big loss for Milan.

    What happened to the talks of renato Sanches? what happened to the talks of Orgigi?
    What happened to Ziech from Chelsea?
    Isco last season?
    Chiesa two seasons ago?
    Dybala when he was still at palermo?
    Aurier last season?
    and many more that never came.

    Donnaruma left.
    suso left.
    Paqueta left now one of the best players in france
    Hakan Calhanoglu left
    Kessi leaving.

    Thats top talents that has left and leaving in the past few years.

    all big names and we land up with salemakers who can not keep a ball.

    1. As for these comments, first of all, yes of course there are always MANY MANY rumors of transfers for EVERY club and even the biggest clubs (like Madrid, Liverpool, Barca, Man City, PSG) most often don’t get the players that are in the rumors/news. So it is no different for Milan.

      Second, you can’t equate Milan’s success/failures over 2 to 5 years ago with drawing great players or failing to keep good players to stay with us compared to where we are now. Of course fewer players will want to go to a team that was not making Champions League and wasn’t even making Europa league just 2,3,4,5,6 years ago.

      But now, we were in Europa League a couple years ago and advanced from group stage and played Man U tough. Then we finished 2nd place last year and actually even though we didn’t advance from group stage of CL, we were in the Group of Death and every loss was by exactly just 1 goal and we are fighting for Scudetto now and Coppa Italia and clearly will at the very least be in CL again next year.

      Therefore, we are DEFINITELY MUCH MORE LIKELY to be able to draw better players to us; and with the additional money from Champions League, management has more money to buy better players like Dybala.

      So please — your comparisons of what was happening since 2013, you must understand that does not apply today.

  6. First, to the person who disagreed about Perisic — you are wrong that he can’t play RW. Yes, he plays on LW for Inter now; but he has played on both sides for Croatia National Team and, as anyone who watches Serie A or any international soccer knows, Perisic may literally be the best player in the world in terms of most equal quality with both feet (in terms of shooting/crossing, etc.). Every CBS telecast of Inter, Mateo Bonetti, who announces the games, he talks about this and it is true.

    Second, while Barella is of course a fantastic player and younger than Perisic, Inter is not letting go of Barella. There is no way. Yes, Perisic just turned 33, but he still has pace and like Modric, I think he will still be great until he’s 36 or longer.

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