CM: Milan to invest heavily in a new striker next summer – Ligue 1 forward a leading candidate

By Oliver Fisher -

The AC Milan management already know that next summer is the one that must see them make an investment in a new centre-forward, with one name reportedly standing out at the moment. report that the centre-forward department is already showing a few issues given that Olivier Giroud is working overtime and has just one more year left on his contract, the future of Zlatan Ibrahimovic is in doubt beyond the end of the current season and Divock Origi is battling numerous injury issues.

For this reason, the summer of 2023 will be the one in which Milan will invest heavily in a starting centre-forward, one who can instantly become a reliable goalscorer from a physical point of view but also in terms of age and output.

Among the names that Paolo Maldini and the management are continuing to observe above all is Jonathan David of Lille. The 22-year-old Canada international has four goals in seven Ligue 1 games this season after netting 15 in 38 last season and 13 in 37 in 2020-21.

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    1. How? He’s not overrated, him and Noa Lang it’s ok for the team, Origi is overrated and his not a good player to me I don’t know about you.

      1. He’s 50m, scores between 10 and 15 goals a season in Ligue 1 which is easier than Serie A and I have never been impressed with him when watching. He’s average and will 100% be a flop if we sign him. If we wanted 10-15 goals per season we should have just got Belotti for free. If we’re spending on a striker we need a top talent not shid overrated average player.

      2. How is Origi overrated? He was a bench player at Liverpool, came in on a free transfer and you haven’t really seen him play yet because he is still recovering from injury.
        Lille wants 50 mil for David, that’s why he is overrated.
        Noa Lang is even more overrated because he is 23 and still plays in the Belgium league after Ajax gave up on him

  1. From Scamacca to Nunez. From Vlahovic to Isak. We’ve been linked with almost every promising strikers in these past 2 years and almost each one of ’em already had a new club. We do need 1 name that we really can count on, week in week out. Giroud, Ibra, Origi, Lazetic, and even Rebic are just not the ones.

    1. We’re counting on Giroud every week. He does a great job. Howis he not the one? He was the one when it mattered last season and he is the one this season. Hasn’t done anything wrong so far. We’ll be happy to find somebody who can fill his shoes. Everybody knows we need a successor for next season, but at the moment he’s definitely the one for Milan.

  2. I have never been impressed by Jonathan David, i don’t get the hoopla around this guy. He is undersized & more of a 2nd striker than a 9. He reminds me of a less technical Luis Muriel. I would rather pick up Luis Muriel for free next summer than spend money on David. Spend the money on someone better or maybe a RW

  3. Do not write the dude off, sometimes you never know how good these guys are till you get them and put them in a better team…….I used to think Isak was average but his performance in Newcastle,esp against Liverpool made me see him clearly.

    He is not that flashy striker but he is not that bad and not That overrated.

    The truth is that we should have invested in vlahovic, after that year chiesa left, Maldini brought up his name and I am sure we went up but we just didn’t make it serious like CDK issues. Vlahovic is the missing point of this team, I have just not seen a type of striker that this team needs.

  4. Reality is.. The kind of ST we need, isn’t available right now. All of them are taken last season. The only potential one who made a name and might be available is Jonathan Davies unfortunately. I am not really sure how reliable he would be. Hopefully someone new would emerge. I would prefer Benjamin Sesko over Davies.

    Forza Milan.

  5. Also, I would very much like us to look into Mykhaylo Mudryk to be Leao’s Deputy. 21. Similar Characteristics like Leao but the workrate is insane. This kid will explode soon.

    1. Mykhaylo Mudryk is a great talent, but Leao’s deputy?
      Shakhtar wants 50 mil for him. He isn’t going anywhere to be anyones deputy. They laughed at Arsenal’s 30 mil offer in August.
      Leao deputy should have been Khvaratskhelia for 10 mil but we missed that one. Mudryk might be an option only if Leao is sold for big money, otherwise he is way out of our financial league

      1. Khvaratskhelia deputy? We should have sold Leao for 100m and bought Khvaratskhelia as a starter. Then spent 90m on RW and ST and this scudetto would have been game over. But NOOOOO, just give Leao what he wants! Maybe when they give him the 7m per year he will play well every game like Khvaratskhelia and also not get stupid yellows? Maybe with him it’s get paid first and then play?

      2. @Poli. True. I think getting Mudryk would be better if we cant come to an agreement with Leao before this winter season. We should sell Leao to chelsea for anything over 100mil and get Mudryk.

  6. What a combination of talent’s we had missed so far.I wouldn’t hesitate to go for David as a striker cause he’s young and a starting first eleven.Hw abt Eddie Nketia?This is just an opinion.

  7. The striker we needed has already been bought.. 3 times. Harland, Vlahovic, Nunez. The rest just aren’t that great and we shouldn’t waste money on a joke like Jonathan David and should reinforce RW first and wait for a new ST talent that fits to spend. Jonathan David is the left overs, the scraps of the available young strikers and he’s by far the worst hence why he didn’t go anywhere big this past year when every team needed a striker. Milan would be getting sloppy seconds if we sign this bum.

    1. Only Haaland, Vlahovic and Nunez were huge money signings. Milan need to be looking at the players about to step to Dortmund, Fiorentina or Benfica, not the ones who are already at the top of every shopping list in Europe.

      Plenty of names will emerge this year, hopefully Milan can identify one early enough.

      1. Point is if you’re going to spend 50+ on a joke like Jonathan David you should be able to spend 70 on a guy like Haaland of Vlahovic. We have to keep our eye out for the next rising striker like you said and try to identify early before they get an astronomical price tag

  8. When you see talents like Haaland, Vlahovic, and Nunez emerge you spend. They will single handedly win games with a few brilliant moments. When you see a Jonathan David you wait and wonder…. is he good enough?? Sorry but that’s not a good sign.

    1. Šeško looks like he will be the next big striker. If I’m spending money that’s the player I’m going all in on. He has everything, technique, speed , strength, height and the mentality to be great

  9. @Vero. No. Krava is NOTHING EVEN CLOSE TO LEAO. Krava is only doing well because Napoli actually has 3 other goal threats in the team. Osimhen, Zielinski and Politano while Milan, has NONE except Leao. Giroud and EVERYONE in this team is outright useless unless they get a pass from Leao or luck favors them. Pioli needs to work on it.

    CDK has just began to play and we don’t know how he will turn out. I would like to see what Krava can do again 3 defenders and 2 CDMs marking him. I already know the answer, he would fail miserably because he can’t dribble, his strength is positioning, passing and finishing and Spaletti is using him perfectly.

    1. Hahaha stop… so he has 3 amazing strengths and he’s not good like Leao?? Come on man. And also his dribbling is excellent, he has amazing agility. The Main difference is that Leao has amazing speed where Kvara is ok with speed but definitely not a super fast guy. Also leao took 3 years to come good, kvara is good immediately… sorry but at this moment in time they’re just about equivalent players. Let’s see how the season goes though.

  10. We only need sign striker if ibra retire. Giroud will be renew 1 years to 2024 , origi still have long contract. Better develop that lazetic or colombo or nasti for striker . I dont think ibra want to retire at the end of season

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