CM: Milan and Spurs left with regret as Kvaratskhelia explodes at Napoli

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are watching on as Khvicha Kvaratskhelia continues to shine with Napoli, having held talks to sign him a couple of years ago. 

Kvaratskhelia is already looking like one of the signings of the summer as he tore Liverpool’s right side apart in Napoli’s 4-1 win over Liverpool last night, without forgetting the four goals he has scored in Serie A already. report the background on the Georgian’s arrival at Napoli, with their sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli strongly believing that he could replace the huge gap left by Lorenzo Insigne’s exit.

He arrived from Dinamo Batumi for €10m but it is potentially two years later than he could have done. Juventus director Fabio Paratici had practically secured him from Rubin Kazan but his farewell to Juventus caused a very well planned operation to collapse. Paratici also tried to sign him for Spurs but via a loan formula that was not deemed to be enough.

Milan, back in the summer of 2020, had tested the ground with its entourage without launching a concrete bid to sign him. Napoli believed in him and now they are enjoying watching a talent take off.

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  1. Even if he came here, Pioli will deem him unready. I should reiterate that I still think football is 60% player intelligence and 40% tactics. Do you see the Napoli coach saying he needs time to get in rhythm with the tactics. If the player Is good, just throw him in. I think that way he’d integrate faster especially in real situations although I freely admit that it could backfire. I don’t get the whole “Adli just arrived so he can’t fit in yet.” The guy for me amongst the top four most technical players in the squad but then again, I’m not a coach. I’d take Pioli’s opinion over mine any time of the day.

    1. Also, I believe in constructive criticism just as much as I believe in destructive criticism. If Diaz isn’t performing and you don’t want to experiment by playing him on the right wing so as not to disrupt the balance of the team then I don’t think there’s anything wrong in throwing him under the bus just a little. I don’t know if that’s the right phrase but the point is that it won’t kill him to once in a while criticise his performance.

    2. “I don’t get the whole “Adli just arrived so he can’t fit in yet.”

      You don’t get it because you don’t have any solid knowledge about training a professional football player nor you’re involved directly on training Adli day by day like Pioli and his team did.

      So Pioli knows more about Adli and his players condition more than you, a spectator who only watch it from the screen. If Pioli says Adli needs to build his muscles or whatever before he qualified as a starter then you SHOULD believe Pioli’s decision.

      And sure you can throw your criticism. But a criticism without a proper knowledge and actual data based on what’s happening in the training ground / real matches is irrelevant.

      1. You’re absolutely right to say that criticism without proper knowledge is irrelevant and yeah I did state my “opinion” but I also freely admitted that Pioli’s opinion will always hold more weight than mine ever will based on the fact that he’s the coach and sees more than I ever will of the players at his disposal. 🙂

      2. “If Pioli says Adli needs to build his muscles or whatever before he qualified as a starter then you SHOULD believe Pioli’s decision.”

        Nope. The good thing about OPINIONS is that you don’t have to believe anyone else’s opinions. Whether it’s Pioli, me or the pope saying their thoughts on things they’re still just thoughts and opinions and not scientifically proven facts.

        Just like you have now the option to ignore what I just said because this was an opinion and not a undebatable fact. 😉

  2. Truth is, as a LW he would get very little play time in either club. Napoli needed a starter LW to replace Insigne and found it in him. While I have no doubt he would still be good in Milan or Spurs, he would have to compete with likes of Leao and Son, so not ideal for him. This was a right choice for both him and Napoli.

  3. He is really good and would have loved him at Milan.
    But i think the price is so low because his actual club Rubin Kazan got suspended by Uefa because of the war. There is no way he was going for anything below 30 mil if he was still at Rubin when he transferred.
    For comparison, Nikola Vlasic played in the same league and got sold for 35 mil
    Kudos to Napoli, who constantly sell their best players and then without a problem finds equal and in some cases better replacements

  4. It really pains me to see this. I was so excited when all the talk of kaladze getting him in line for us to sign was knocking about, I think even his dad referenced Milan. For a paltry 10m! Then look at lazetic. Not much difference in cost and not had a sniff. I don’t get why we don’t make these signings and just collect players when they are available. Slobzolai is another one who we let get away. Let another team take the cream on top.

    1. The problem is we take lot of time in making a decision……didn’t Maldini complained of this to get the nod from high ups every time…atleast this is what we are hearing through media……we missed many many players….the same happened contract renewals we taking lots lots of time to get it across the line…this Georgian kid instantly settled in…..

  5. He plays at LW where Milan already have Leao and Rebic. And with Leao performance, i don’t think Milan have any regret of not buying him.

    Beside, let’s see how this Kvarat guy gonna do for the rest of this and next season. Napoli players usually have big inconsistency where they played really well at the start of the season but slowly disappears through mid and end of the season.

  6. Grass always seem greener on the other side, huh?

    Remember we used to have Leao, Rebic and Hauge on the LW? He wouldn’t be making minutes with us and it is proven right that he joined Napoli where he could be a starter from the get-go. Keep in mind that Leao also exploded last season, so we’re not losing much.

    Of course, it would be a different case if we sold Leao last July and failed to get Kvara as a replacement, then it would make more sense to feel that regret of missing out.

  7. Cant realy say shit after a handfull of games. Last season diaz was on fire in Milan in the start. Later on not so much.. Khvicha was cheap for napoli so low risk in the end for them

  8. Cant realy say sh*t after a handfull of games. Last season diaz was on fire in Milan in the start. Later on not so much.. Khvicha was cheap for napoli so low risk in the end for them

  9. Agreed players like Diaz are super inconsistent and can flatter to deceive.

    But I think I’m not alone in saying Kvaradona already looks a far more accomplished player, and he has a real sense of hunger when he plays, as if he feels lucky to be there (rather than lackadaisical relying on pure talent)

    I know it’s early but he looks like he could be a real star. I reckon Napoli sell him for €50mn in a few seasons to a big Spanish or PL club.

    I quite like that guy Mudryk at Shakhtar but he’s likely super expensive, out of Serie A clubs’ price range.

  10. We looking for cheap signings could’ve signed him even after much effort from Kaladze.
    His first season, scored 4 goals already.
    Leao has spent how many seasons already before he managed to be relevant?
    There are cheap quality signings out there, We just miss the right signings at the right time.

  11. My share your belief too.

    Pioli is the only limiting factor for the current AC Milan.

    Also those not seeing this are either new fans that are used to the mediocrity in the past or those who do not see the true potential and talents in the AC Milan team.

    Pioli is on his way to distroy Adil already

    1. Another GARBAGE opinion against Pioli who leads Milan out from years of hell hole and back on top of serie-a table and qualify for Champions League again.

  12. He is good ,maybe after rebic out we can try sign him again . Better let rebic contract expire and not renew him, too many absence from injury.

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