SM: Milan’s offer to Kalulu outlined – Romagnoli’s future remains unclear

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan had the joint-best defence in Serie A during their Scudetto winning campaign and the management are at work to ensure it stays resilient.

As our colleagues at report, there was a meeting between the Milan directors and Pierre Kalulu’s agents yesterday at Casa Milan during which the parties discussed the renewal of the French centre-back, who has become an immovable starter alongside Fikayo Tomori in the starting line-up.

It was a positive meeting that will require further discussions but an agreement seems close over an extension until 2026 with a salary that will be almost tripled compared to the €600k net per season he currently receives.

The Rossoneri’s offer is around €1.5m plus bonuses to the 21-year-old, as a reward for his performances this season and the way he has shown himself to be a fundamental part of the project, even taking the place of Alessio Romagnoli.

Speaking of Romagnoli, we are just over a month from the expiry of the Milan captain’s contract and although Lazio continue to follow him closely, the offers they have tabled so far have not yet convinced him and his entourage.

At present, the hypothesis of a renewal at reduced figures compared to the €5.5m net he currently earns cannot be ruled out.

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  1. 1.5M far too little for a CB/RB of Kalulu’s calibre. Give him 3M or 3.5M, not even going to get into the players who are getting more for doing alot less.

    1. Makes no sense at all to give him 3M€ at this point . He’d be perfectly happy with 1.5M€ and that would leave room for a raise.

      1. as usual bb you are a voice of reason on this site and i couldnt agree more with what you are saying.

      2. You don’t know if he would be “perfectly happy” at 1.5M lol. Again, market value dictates his worth. I agree he is still under contract for another 3 years so we do not need to go crazy. But a nice base of 2M plus easily achievable bonuses to 3M is about right. Build goodwill in the player now. Besides he will be our starting RB next season if we sign Botman – so a salary between 2-3M is not unreasonable and we can add another 2 years to his deal. Similar to Tonali, he is one of our cornerstones now so we should show our faith in him and his development IMO.

      3. Yeah, the kids on this site don’t understand economics. They wonder why the club can’t hold on to players like Donnarumma or Kessie, but then want to give a player 6 times his salary when he’d accept 3 times his salary.

  2. I always liked Romagnoli as he has always given his best and been true professional but i think its time for him to go somewhere else. He is still a good defender but the style of defense Milan plays doesnt suit him. Milan plays high line with high press, which means there is a lot of open space behind the defense opposing players can exploit , so you need smaller quicker more agile defenders who will be able to recover that space. Romagnoli doesnt have those qualities, to no fault of his own.
    So best thing for both Milan and Alessio is to go separate ways and for Romagnoli to find a club that suits his playing style


    1. so you think kalulu can or would leave the club when he still has 3 years left of his contract while the club is willing to more than tripple his salary + adding bonuses on top of that ammount as well ?
      With all due respect sometimes its better not to voice your opinion when you clearly have no idea of what you are talking about or maybe you are just here to troll either way kalulu cant leave and if anything he will most likely be more than greatfull to having his salary tripppled in the fairly short ammount of time he has been with us.

    2. My friend I’m guessing you are fairly young. Why on earth would we pay 5.5 m for a player who is 1/10 currently of what we currently have. It’s business, numbers.. let him go. Easily

    3. Dominiic i might have misread you comment and if you actually do mean romagnoli well then your post actually does make sense. So again my bad.
      His salary has only been this high for this season as it previously was at around 3-3.5 mil and in the sense of us paying him that ammount i could accept it but romagnoli has also been reduced more to a backup player so it certainly also can be argued that we can find other options with more potential. The fact that he most likely will end up in lazio which is his favourite club since childhood wont offend the most milan fans either as he has allways been a respectfull player giving his best so i dont se him getting harrased.

      1. It’s an article about both players, so easy to see how an ambiguous comment could be interpreted as belonging to either. Still, I disagree Dominic, even if the 5.5m was only for the final season. Clearly that established the floor for his next contract (or so he hoped). Clearly, he has lost his place to 21 y/o Kalulu. Milan isn’t “treating” players like anything. Contracts are governed by economics, not feelings. Whatever Romagnoli “deserves” is besides the point. Lazio isn’t offering him 5.5m either. I think he’s worth no more than 4m, and if the club doesn’t want to go over 3m then that’s fine, given that he’s been shut out of the starting 11 by a 21 y/o that costs 500k per year. Not only is economics winning but also form, which is the best combo.

        1. Thanks Vero Rossonero anyways i really shouldnt have been as quick on the trigger as i was so the fella has my apologues,
          Ive always liked romagnoli since his debut with roma at the age of 17 if remember correctly so i would like him to stay but i do also understand there are various things to consider both for the player and for the club. Ill support the clubs choice and as long as romagnoli doesnt end up in inter or juventus ill be fairly satisfied and support his as well.
          When that is said romagnoli is 27so i wouldnt really be surprised if we havent seen the best from him yet,

  4. 1.5mil + bonuses, he could earn 2 – 2.5 mil. Bonus is good trigger for player to perform better. And knowing how Kalulu played this season, he would surely get bonus next season.

  5. I would rather keep Romagnoli as a back up than spend 30m on Botman. We have two good centre backs now. Why spend that much on someone who could become a back up? Why change out the two we have as they have proven to be perfect together. We have let in second fewest goals this year in the top 5 leagues. I don’t want Botman. Buy Scamacca instead for that money.

    1. This is a valid point. And honestly, I haven’t heard much on the Botman front lately. Has anyone else? Most of the Botman news was coming prior to March, exactly around the time Kalulu cemented his starting spot over Romagnoli. It could very well be that the management is now thinking exactly this same thing.

  6. My sneaking suspicion is that he’ll end up at Juventus (they could use a left-footed central defender and this would be their type of signing) who will overpay at 5m or…..Inter. Yep, I know, but they may need a CB to play on the left side of their CB trio if Bastoni is sold (as that would balance their books in one fell swoop (pure profit as a HG player)).

  7. Romagnoli is slow. Botman is young and Maldini sees something very promising in him.

    Please everyone remember who we are talking about here — the greatest centerback in the history of Milan. And he has helped to build this current Scudetto winning club. If he wants to bring in a young Botman to be our CB of the future, then we should trust Maldini’s judgment.

      1. Fair enough that we can argue between him and Baresi — but Maldini did play both LB and CB and is widely considered not only our best defender (in general) in Milan’s history but also by many considered the best player in our rich history (and one of the best defenders of all time).

        Milan have been fortunate enough to have had many of the greatest defenders of all time on our squad over the years.

        In any event, I think you get my point — we can and should trust Maldini’s judgment if he sees something promising in Botman.

  8. 1.5 plus bonuses is pretty decent for now and am sure he’ll be more than happy to accept. We shouldnt over compesate at this point.

    i think our CB’s are pretty decent now so we dont have to spend that much on botman. Just activate florenzi’s buyout and find a good RW and CAM and we’ll retain our title easy.

  9. Am satisfied with the offer given to kalulu, there is also room for a raise in the future but for romagnoli and botman, I will stick to botman coming and romagnoli exiting with respect to his performance and seeing him happy anywhere he goes, if he stays he will end up on the bench and it’s not for a player of his Calibre, and no player wants that, secondly it won’t give pressure to tomori and kalulu either but botman will give them a run to always give their best(tomori and kalulu). Botman is younger that makes it a perfect player for Milan project too.

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