Reports: Milan may make final bid to keep Kessie but are resigned to losing him

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are virtually resigned to losing Franck Kessie on a free transfer when his contract expires at the end of June, according to reports.

Today’s edition of il Corriere dello Sport (via MilanNews) claims that the management could make a last attempt to keep the Ivorian midfielder but it is unlikely to be successful, because at the moment there is too much distance between the offer on the table and the demand of the player.

The 25-year-old continues to ask for over €8m net per season, a figure that Milan has no intention of offering to him even if he has established himself as one of the best midfielders in the league over the past couple of years.

Tuttosport (via MilanNews) are reporting exactly the same, in that Kessie wants €8m per year to stay and as things stand he will leave on a free just as Donnarumma and Calhanoglu did last season. It is not yet clear where he will go, but in the meantime he will continue to give 100% to try and sign off his time at Milan with a trophy.

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  1. I can never understand the audacity to ask for more than Ibrahimović, who literally lifted them all up. Even if he didn’t score a single goal you need to respect that (and he did), but Kessie is acting like he actually did something before that. Can’t wait to see how much will he be paid and how much will he play at his new club.

      1. Romagnoli issue was because they gave him such a high salary for this contract. Romagnoli wouldn’t have over 4M in any real scenario. Mirabelli the idiot, he also paid Antonio Donnarumma 1M per season.

  2. I don’t really understand the taught of the Management..he has no right over the club to say he is stay till is contract expire, this is just a merely right up..only God knows what the management are thinking for letting players go for free…it’s really not okay by me

    1. You clearly doesnt understand contractual obligations from the looks of it if you think that clubs just can sell or throw out their players as they see fit because the whole idea of a contract is to commit and protect each parts interests/investments.
      Milan could terminate his contract but then they would have to pay him his remaining salary of his contract. They can try to sell or loan out their players but if players rejects it then theres only termination left of said contract
      Players cant leave a club either while under contract just as it pleaes them and for example leao is currently owning sporting cp 16 mil euros for breaching his contract there before he joined lille in 2018 on a free transfer as he tore up his contract after the debacle of the local fans attacking the sporting cp players.

      1. Martin, correct. I think a lot of people here are teenagers who don’t know much about business or contracts. As to the Leao issue, I wonder how much that will affect his salary demands. At the rumored 4.5m per year that we are offering it will take 3-4 years to pay back that 16m, with not much left in the bank. It set him back a lot and it may push him to demand more, which we won’t give, which means that we’re potentially already looking at a sale this summer (if we wish to avoid final contract year drama again)

        1. Yeah i agree most posters on football media are propably in their teens to mid 20ies or something. Well i believe he will renew his contract and propably sold in a couple of years benefitting milans coffers with a great sum while also having his necessary pay day. When that is said he will propably also demand some millions in sign-on fees so it propably will take less to pay it up and he propably aleady is a pretty wealthy man to begin with. Anyways its deffently a possibilty that he is forced to leave at some point due to financials but i would be surprised if that already is about to happen as milan would propably demand a high fee to let him leave.

    2. AC Milan and totenham already agreed deal to sell kessie in january but kessie rejected the deal because want go out free transfer. You cannot forcing sell player like your slave even they want leave the club free transfer. So it is not management fault. Look at Ramsey on rubentus with huge salary 8million euro/years ,he keep rejected his sale and rubentus cannot forcing him to leave except they paid full salary till contract end

      1. Yes you can. You tell him he will train with kids and won’t see the stadium for 6 months. He would have already left. This way he has no reasons to leave.

        1. That is certainly an option but its still down to the player whether he decides to run his contract down and unless there were a summer international tournament then that threat isnt really that much of a threat as the player might not end up in the best of form but atleast he would minimize the chance of getting long term injuries before a july move.
          If anything then he should have been sold last year or the one before then we had leverage in such threats but we might have had some leverage between olympics and january had we threatened him with not playing a single minute when there quickly seemed to be cracks in his promises. In the end milan also need to keep its good reputation in the football world when it comes to dealing with future potential aquisitions.

  3. Forget about Kessie, start talking about Renato Sanches. We need him and Botman. After that we can talk about an attacker, right winger and cam. But build the team from behind.

  4. Sincerely, I don’t know what Milan has become. Milan is far bigger than Kessie. What in Heaven’s name Milan think they are doing?
    Reducing this great club to one man?
    Forget about Kessie and move on. There are other faster and more technically gifted players out there can perform better than Kessie. Is Kessie a football god?
    Off course no.
    The earlier Milan brace up and move from this Kessie saga, the better for the entire team.
    My personal take!!!

    1. The best way to forget him is making him sit on bench for next 6months. And also clean the bench. But I don’t think Maldini/Pioli will say that. But atleast for Kessie they should do this. Otherwise everyone will go on free.

  5. It would be wise to increase the offer to him.
    1. It is extremely expensive to find another player on his level
    2. He is one of the teams leaders, which is difficult to replace
    3. He helped us get back to the top. If we stay there, we will get more money from higher sponsorships etc.
    Elliot is very stingy when it cimes to paying players…. ask gazidis how he lost players at arsenal

    1. 1. Not really, he played 1 good season, and others were average.
      2. Not really, were was he before Ibrahimović and Kjaer came? Where was that leadership? Oh yeah, he isn’t a leader he just jumped the train.
      3. Calabria also did, maybe even more, why would Kessie get 4 times more? Or Leao and Theo should play for half of his contract?

      They should bench him for 5 months and let him train with Primavera, that is what you do to dickheads.

      1. that mentality is the reason we will always lose to inter and juve. how do you allow the core players to leave? donnaruma, kessie, calhanoglu and romagnoli. i truly believe this is a strategy that will make us end up like arsenal.

  6. there are better players than him..he only performed for just a season and he is asking this much….it’s only a pity that the management all study Economics…spend and make the club great again

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong. But as far as I know, when the player’s contract expires, in January, the player has to decide whether he will stay or leave. So that when he chooses to leave, the club can immediately find a replacement in the January transfer market.
    In Cashie’s case, Milan should not focus on keeping him. In particular, Milan is also doing well in midfield without him. In this 2nd round , the more it becomes apparent that Milan’s weakness is the creative midfielder who lacks touch and unfortunately, we only have one “number 10”

  8. Milan should keep kessia he deserves 8 he bought use back to champion league with well deserved the in his position

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