GdS: Milan pessimistic about renewal negotiations as two more players may leave for free

By Oliver Fisher -

Optimism is quickly fading regarding the possibility that AC Milan might be able to strike an agreement with Franck Kessie and Alessio Romagnoli before their contracts expire.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews), there are no comforting signs coming from Casa Milan regarding the negotiations for the renewals of Kessie and Romagnoli, whose contracts with Milan will expire on June 30th meaning that they will both be able to sign for another club on a free transfer in the summer.

The stance from Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara is still clearly very firm given that they allowed Gianluigi Donnarumma and Hakan Calhanoglu to walk after submitting offers to both they felt were fair.

In the case of the Ivorian and the Italian though, in both negotiations the parties are still quite distant and therefore reaching an agreement will not be easy at all, with time quickly running out.

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  1. It would have been nice to get a few € but ultimately, any player that doesn’t want to be there, shouldn’t be there.

  2. This is grounds for termination for the entire management. When facing a budget crunch and rightsizing of the balance sheet, letting 200M of value walk for free is gross negligence.

    Exploding offers should have been made to all expiring contracts in the summer with a July 31 deadline. Otherwise they’d be sold in August.

    1. The worst part of it is that they learned absolutely nothing from last season when they got nothing for Calhanoglu and let the best young goalkeeper in the world leave for free. Learned nothing.

    2. Who wants to buy GK on 10m a year? Who wants to make 12m a year?

      Even PSG would not be interested as they only got him since he was free

      Raiola wanted short term contract on 12m, you would not sell Donnarumma

      Bayern let Alaba and is letting Sule go free too. Are they terrible as well?

      Football changed. Transfers are not as big as problem as wages are.

        1. I would say you are clueless Juro. Everything Stam wrote is in sync what’s happening today. Players leave clubs for free to get big fat signing bonus and better salaries.

      1. Every team is going to have a good player leave on a free every so often. Heck, Mbappe is on the verge of doing it.

        When it happens with four of your highest value players in 12 months, that’s not a one off. That’s a pattern.

  3. I get the Kessie choice since what he’s asking for is way too high. But Romagnoli renewal is just us being greedy and penny pinchers. Great management we have here….

  4. If it wasn’t so sad it would be comical how incompetent this management is. They just let all their best players leave for free. Well done guys. Oh yeah, we are still waiting for the Calhanoglu replacement , a decent right winger, and some help at CB.

  5. You guys just don’t get it. From a business perspective the club is losing nothing by letting these players go for free as the transfer fee is factored into the duration of their contracts, What would cost the club is to renew these players on the wages they are asking for, you are talking about hundreds of millions of euros being spent to keep donnarumma, hakan, kessie, and romagnoli, close to half a billion euros in wages and taxes and agent fees, all this for 3 very average players who have at best had half a decent season each during their entire contracts, the club is SAVING money by letting them go and getting replacements just as good if not better and for way less cost. Clearly Donnarumma is the 1 decent player but we simply could not afford to bankrupt the club for 1 player and got a replacement just as good for way less.

    1. you r just a genius. i see their comments and i laff.
      I prefer Mike to donnarumma 1 million times.
      If we get faivre, we just have dealt with the calhanoglu gap/rw issues.
      Botman we will most likely get at a good business deal.
      My issue is replacing Zlatan, he is obviously too old and im not comfy with him. I hope this gamble on lazetic is the right one

    2. I recommend taking another accounting class. Yes, the transfer fee and other costs are amortized over contract term, but there is still salvage value. In this case, for the players of mention, salvage value is a material number.

      1. so what your saying is that Elliot asset management, one of the top 10 profit generating hedge funds in the world dose not know what they are talking about and they are just happily throwing away money left right and centre, and you some random fifa / FM 2022 player knows better. ok. gtfo dumbass

  6. You guys talked trash to this management while the real trash is the chinese era. Where they put 6mil salary for an under 20 goalkeeper for only 3 years contract was really2 stupid. Current Milan management is clearing up shit that had been made by chinese. And also, the management is not targetting for scudetto in the first place. Top four finish is the target. We could battle for scudetto because of these players hard work, but targetting scudetto is too naive for a team who just reached top four last season after waiting for 7 seasons. It is more realistic to see Milan compete more frequently in UCL to gain revenue and rebuild. Even klopp era liverpool needs to wait for four seasons to get a trophy. You guys are asking too much for scudetto

  7. Scudetto is not naive after finishing second last season. If management was willing to invest, A couple of moves and it is still possible. After qualifying for Champions League for the first time in over 7 seasons and not improving your squad at all, in fact, coming back this season with a worse starting 11 than last season is unforgivable. If they would have taken the money they save on Donnarumma and Calhanoglu ‘s wages and re-invested it into the team they could have absolutely challenged for The Scudetto. It’s going to be hard to keep young players like Theo and Leao around when management isn’t interested in winning trophies.

    1. We spent 70m on transfers i the summer

      If you wanted to spend more please spend 1000s on booking loggia or donate to club

      I do not want to have PL priced tickets on san siro

  8. I don’t mind if Kessie leaves for free, it’s not a management mistake. But they will get paid for it and taking precaution for next set of players. But not renewing Romagnoli for 3.5m is stupid. We can only buy a u21 player for 1.5m salary. Romagnoli is our captain, its shit why we support if we can’t pay 3.5m to a players who is willing to reduce his salary from 6m nearly 40%less.he will be reaching his prime for next 2 or 3 years. I didn’t see a match why we can’t keep him, he is 2nd best after tomori. Tomori will surely ask 6m atleast next year summer if he wants to renew before. You don’t get a good player less than 3.5m with Serie A experience. Only young players will join Milan.

    1. Did you see the Sassuolo match this season ? Berardi made him look foolish on 1 goal, then he got beat again and had to take a red card. Romagnoli is a beast on aerial duels but he is just too slow otherwise. Gets exposed too often. Kjaer is better, while Kjaer also doesn’t have great pace, he makes up for it with great anticipation and his positioning is always spot on. Romagnoli is a good third option but seeing as Kjaer is getting older Milan really need to bring in a good young CB.

  9. if there are fans who want to see milan paying players with crazy values it is only in your dream.
    remember this is Elliot not sheikh from arab.
    Elliot wants to restore the club in a structured manner, not make it an instant club
    And about salaries, let’s make comparison from
    Romagnoli offered 3.5m net,it’s better than skriniar (3m) and bastoni (2.8m)
    Kessie offered 6.5 net, it’s better than barella (5m) and brozovic (3.5m)
    I think the club’s offer is already more than their value

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