CorSera: Milan turn to La Maura with split from Inter and San Siro project now likely

By Oliver Fisher -

After four years of working together, AC Milan and Inter seem intent on moving forward separately in the new stadium project according to a report.

This morning’s edition of Corriere della Sera (via MilanNews) report that confirmation came yesterday during a meeting at Palazzo Marino (the city hall) between the two clubs and the Mayor Beppe Sala, during which the Rossoneri officially announced that they are formally interested in the land at the La Maura racetrack.

If this solo project were to materialise then the Nerazzurri also made it clear that they too ready to go it alone and have already identified an area on which to build their own stadium in an area outside the Milan city limits.

The La Maura hippodrome area seems to have taken the lead compared to all the other options that still remain running for Milan, namely Sesto San Giovanni and San Donato. Over the next 2-3 weeks, the Devil will carry out in-depth analyses and inspections of the private area and then communicate a decision to Inter and the Council.

While waiting for news on this front, the discussion concerning the future of San Siro still stands given that the current stadium is destined not to be demolished as things stand, but it would not have Milan nor Inter playing there.

Mayor Sala said he was embittered because ‘nobody wants the old San Siro anymore’, though he holds on to hope that the two clubs can still carry on the project together.

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  1. The best thing is for Milan to build their own stadium, honestly I don’t think Inter are financially capable of building a new stadium from scratch, they might be saying this because of pride, so that they don’t look like the poor cousins..
    The most sensible thing to do is allow Milan build their own stadium, then Inter should either lease or buy the San siro outright, and proceed to extensively renovate it, that’s the best thing for them, it will even be financially better…

    1. Do your research, you really think Cardinale will pay the money for this stadium full in one time straight cash lol. Inters financial situation isn’t as bad as the media makes it look, Zhangs’s is. Inter have rarely spend big the last few years. Inter doesn’t have big debts, it’s all Zhang’s debt which ofc also has an impact for Inter. But there are more and more rumours of owners who want to buy them so where there’s smoke, there is fire. Zhang is probably gone already when that stadium is build

      1. Financially Ac Milan is more credible, look closely at the owners of AC Milan ,Red bird, Elliott and the other folks, they have the means to facilitate the capital, and for them to be anxious and inpatient about it, it means they have secured the financial backing either from investors or Banks, Elliot alone would be able to pay for the project.
        Inter need to be smart, lease or buy the San siro, then proceed to renovate it fully ..

      2. Inter made a record loss of almost 250M€ in 2020 followed by another 140M€ last year. So yeah, I wouldn’t go saying “their finances look good”. 😀

    2. You think Redbird has money to build stadium? They paid only 600M. Borrow from Elliot 600M, for which they pay interest. That interest pay Milan, not Cardinalle from his pocket. And that is only for 70% of Milan. If stadium cost over 1B, that will be paid from club, not from Cardinalle. Who ever pay for stadium, it will be paid from our account.

      1. “Who ever pay for stadium, it will be paid from our account.”

        Of course. The stadium will be the club’s and not the owners. That’s how it’s supposed to be too. That’s how it is elsewhere too.

  2. No surprise to see the mayor of Milan is 64 years old. These old farts don’t understand modern football. I hope Inter also move away from the San Siro to teach Beppe Sala a lesson. The stadium has long been criticised for the awful pitch. There’s no way to fix it, move on.

    1. Hahahaha they even make a better deal, they go out of Milano so Sala cant do anything about this haha, i dont like them but this is a fantastic move, karma for the long dragging Sala does. One team who go alone and another who goes out alone and even out of Milano, ciao Sala

    2. From what I understand, Sala has actually supported the new stadium project but it is the typical Italian bureaucracy and other opposition groups who have stalled/killed the project. Placing the blame on him is misdirected.

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