Di Marzio: Milan confident Leao will accept after offering deal worth €7.7m/yr

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have put forward their latest bid to Rafael Leao in the hope of getting him to renew his deal, and it involves some sizeable bonuses.

Gianluca Di Marzio (via ACMilan.pl) gave the latest update on the situation related to Leao’s renewal, after the winger put in yet another impressive performance in the first game of 2023 yesterday, scoring the opening goal in the 2-1 win over Salernitana.

The Rossoneri have offered Leao €6.5m net per season in fixed salary plus €1.2m in potential bonuses. The club believe the player will extend his contract, so there is confidence that a positive outcome will be reached.

In terms of the other ongoing negotiations, Milan also think that Oliver Giroud and Ismael Bennacer will agree to extend too, while Sergio Rico has said yes to the idea of a loan move but PSG are waiting for developments on Keylor Navas. If he were to leave, the Spaniard could stay as the new deputy to Donnarumma.

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  1. Well, I simply fail to grasp why there’s still a pack of loonie fans who insist in denying something so overwhelmingly obvious as Leão’s talent and importance for our side.

    The truth is crystal clear: the board must do the utmost to keep him. Leão is really one of very best nowadays on the business, I would even say that in order to find a better player than him, one has to look for a superlative superstar like Mbappe or even a legend like Messi. Yes, our Rafa is that good and has the potencial to be even stronger.

    1. ” I would even say that in order to find a better player than him, one has to look for a superlative superstar like Mbappe or even a legend like Messi.”

      😀 😀 😀 😀

      If you average out the “loonie fans” and “the delusional fans” (like above) you might get a reasonable fan who puts Leao where he belongs. He’s clearly not a useless clown but he wouldn’t be in the top5 wingers in EPL either.

      1. BB my friend I know you’re bracing yourself incase he leaves but he’s at that level where only a general talent like Neymar can be considered better. I’m curious though, what 5 wingers would you rate higher than Leao? I’d put Salah ahead but Leoa is better than Sterling and Son, Marhez is about the same but I’m pretty sure Leao is younger than all of them and even if Milan pay 8.5 million he’d still be paid less.
        That said think Milan can convince the Saudi’s, I mean New Castle, to pay 200 million plus bonuses. I’d sell Leao for that. How could you not 😂

  2. I still have the opinion that if you don’t accept an offer for a new contract giving you a salary of € 7,7 mill a year then you are not belonging to AC Milan. Why? Because then you are only looking for money. In AC Milan you are loyal and € 7,7 mill a year is an enormous and acceptable salary. No further comments. Accept or leave.

    1. It’s not that easy. Don’t know if you know that he has to pay Sporting like $15m. So if he gets 7.7 net over 5 years it’s effectively around 4.5m per year. Other clubs will willingly pay his outstanding debt. We’re also just under new ownership, it may take some time for them to realize what they need to value and prioritize and what’s their new wage structure is going to look like.

  3. Again there goes @bb…..always wanting to put Leao down. Still think we should sell him for 40M??? LMAO. All you do is criticize the kid and stay silent when he does well (like yesterday) and all he does is get better and better and make you look even more foolish each day. Name 5 EPL LEFT WING players that are better than him? Martinelli, Diaz, Foden? Are they better LEFT WINGERS than Leao? It’s arguable but not IMO.

  4. I most would agree selling leao for 100m.

    But somehow milan just cant make new signing to shine. Usually take around 1,2 season before they can in play starter. Maybe its complex pioli strategy, or something else who knows

    If we want to fight for scudetto, we gotto keep leao

    1. New signings for top clubs, especially young ones typically take a few years to acclimate. A youngster hitting the ground running like the kid from Georgia is a rarity.

  5. I dont think leao that good to be considered among the best LW right now.. but yes, he is the best player we have albeit inconsistency, also the team & coach consider him to be our mvp.. i think the offer already more than good enough (more than double the team avarage salary) .. his debt shouldnt be our concern to pay & just let him choose the best offer for himself.. i think what most important is the club (alas, no player bigger than club), he shouldnt delay negotiation.. also M&M need to learn not to trust the player too much on contract extension & sell before too late..

    1. Any talented winger should able to flourish in milan if given enough time.. why?, because our tactic allows the winger to enjoy so much freedom & also their mistakes are easily forgiven.. elsharawy, deulofeu & suso isnt great but they are our mvp at that time.. yes, leao a bit better.. but he is replaceable..

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