Marca: Milan star offered to Real Madrid by Jorge Mendes – their surprising response

By Oliver Fisher -

Real Madrid were offered the chance to sign Rafael Leao by agent Jorge Mendes but quickly made a decision, according to a report.

An update from MARCA begins with the simple declaration that Real Madrid decided long ago that they will not sign anybody in the upcoming winter transfer window, meaning there will be no new additions to announce except for that of Endrick, who will not join the squad until summer 2024 anyway.

Carlo Ancelotti is happy that there will not be much activity in what it ‘a clear message of confidence towards his squad’, while Real Madrid themselves do not want to succumb to the pressure of agents using the current World Cup as a way to offer their clients around.

They state that Rafael Leao’s name has been ‘put on the table on several occasions’ by his agent, Jorge Mendes, but Los Blancos have always said no. At the moment, there is no interest to sign the Portuguese winger from the LaLiga champions, with the same said for Cody Gakpo of PSV and Garnacho of Manchester United.

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  1. 🤣🤣🤣 oh, Carlo wants Leao, Pep loves Leao.
    The reports that whole Europe wants Leao have always been nothing but media fabrications fueled by Leao’s agent.
    The only team interested in paying the transfer fee for Leao was Chelsea.
    And Leao supposedly wants to stay in Milan, but his agent is pimping him around Europe.
    Set a deadline with the final offer, and if it’s not accepted, sell him to Chelsea if they are still interested or he will leave for free. Learn from your mistakes, don’t repeat them

    1. The thing is, if nobody is interested in Leao in January, and he refuses to sign an extension, then even if there is a summer window coming up we can assume he will either transfer for peanuts or leave for free in 2024. I can’t see any of these clubs paying over 50m to sign a player with a year left on the contract. The time to sell was last summer. Period. We will be lucky to get 40-50m in July, but I will take it over zero.

    2. There are no past mistakes to unlearn. COVID-19 pandemic left all clubs with their accounts in shambles. I have always asked, anyone, name a club that PAID for a player over $80m in the past 2 years. I have not got an answer yet.

  2. – Lukaku to Chelsea 115 mil
    – Jack Grealish to ManCity £100mil
    -Anthony from Ajax to ManUtd €95 mil
    – Sancho to ManUtd €85 mil
    – Darwin Nunez to Liverpool €75 mil +€25mil in bonuses
    – Tchouameni to RMadrid €80mil
    – Casemiro €70 mil + 10 mil in bonuses
    – also RMadrid offered 200 mil for Mbappe that PSG turned down.
    The past mistakes to learn from is to not wait and allow players contracts to expire and leave for free

  3. Thank you. I guess u notice the trend here. Most expensive go to EPL. Now who of these players who left AC Milan for free went to EPL? Or, were being sought by EPL teams? Only one who could maybe turn up for starting lineup is Donnarumma. And we all know his story. So whereas Maldini and Massara are partly to blame for the free transfers, there is more at play than meets the eye. You can also look up the number of top players then in their final year of contracts who left their clubs for free.

    1. Ok, name the top players left their clubs on a free transfer, and was there a case where 4 different players in their prime left the same club in 12 month span

  4. Messi to PSG -80m
    David alaba to Real Madrid -55m
    Mephis Depay to Barca -45m

    These were their estimate values at time of transfer. It’s different to sale value.

    If u ask for players in their prime who left the club in a 12 month-span time, u are right there’s none, and Milan has 3 in 24-month span. Agreed. But note that we are dealing here with 2 scenarios: 1. Milan was already sanctioned by UEFA for FFP infringement. So if u are to sell at such a time u are bound to sell cheap. 2. The players were the ones who were brought in by former mgt on high salaries, or with the hype of building a ”mighty Milan”. They were hence over paid beyond their real talent/abilities, and, had the intention of hijacking the club to have their way. 3. We have just come out of paying the penalty for infringing the FFP rules. If the players were loyal they would have stayed. 4. The clubs are under siege by the player agents. Imagine the news yesterday that Leao’s agent was courting Madrid for his signature?? 5. The players who left themselves are weak-minded and indecisive. If u want to leave, you say it and then you are transfer-listed. As simple as that.

  5. We all know how and why Messi ended up being a free agent.
    – Milan lost 4, not 3 players (Gigio, Hakan, Kessie, Romagnoli) in their prime in 12 month span from June of 2021 thru end of May 2022 when Kessie and Alessio were good as gone.
    – Milan being sanctioned by Uefa for FFP had nothing to do with the value of those players and their price on the market. But even if it did and they sold for cheap, cheap is still better than zero.
    – Hakan and Kessie were not signed to big salaries, I think they were making 2.2 mil a season. Giggio and Alessio were making around 6. Alessio would have been hard to move but
    Gigio could have absolutely been sold for a lot even with that salary since he was only 22 and was top 5 GK in the world at that time. 6 mil is peanuts for Spanish, Epl clubs and PSG.
    – there is no such thing as loyalty in sports or business when money are involved. You wouldn’t stay at your job if another job offers you 30%, 40% higher salary.
    – clubs have always been under siege by players agents, but most directors know how to play the agents while others get played by the agents. It’s all about competence, experience and know-how .
    – players are absolutely not weak minded and undecisive. They knew exactly what they wanted, more money which they got except for Romagnoli who left to play in a system that suits him.
    – How can you call someone like Hakan weak minded when he moved to the biggest rival, who happens to be in the same city. Takes a lot of guts to make such a decision, knowing very well the consequences, the fans reactions and still perform after that. Yeah Inter lost the title, Thank God Milan won, but Hakan had a very good season.
    – And players do tell you they want to leave, by their demands, . The players and their agent know full well how much Milan can offer them, but they still asked way above that for 6,7,8 even 12 mil like Gigio. But someone on Milan side doesn’t seem to have the ability to realize that the player is asking for way too much that he can pay him and sell him prior to these players entering the last year of their contracts

    1. What you seem to be missing in this. Is the agents COMISSSIONS. That has been the stumbling block on all of the deals minus Hakan.

      Kessie left for the same money we were offering him. However. Barcelona offered his agent a commission that Milan wasn’t willing to pay. Same as Gigio. Raiola wanted 25 million just for Gigio staying in Milan.

      Agents are destroying football more than oil rich owners in my opinion. And until the federations step in and put a cap on these commissions this will continue to happen.

      1. Why are people keep lying to themselves and say that Milan offered Kessie the same money he got from Barca?
        Kessie makes 6.5 mil at Barca.
        Milan salary cap is set at reportedly 4 mil. No way Milan offered Kessie 6.5 mil. Milan probably isn’t even offering Leao 6.5 mil in the current negotiations, let alone offered that to Kessie.
        And when it comes to agent commissions, every club pays them. You think Milan didn’t pay Giroud, Origi agent commissions

  6. @Poli, would u wish for Milan to take Juve’s path? I certainly would not. So yes, if the conditions do not favour paying high salaries then let the players walk. I do not see a single player MM have failed to replace because of free agents’ moving out. And if Kessie was that much of an impact last season, well, stats say he was only +3 points good compared to last season.

    Better to miss out that regret.

    I rest my case for today. Nice weekend all and,
    Forza Milan!!!!

    Mike Drop!!

    1. @EzrGy if we are being real and honest Milan was on Juve’s path up until Elliot and Gazidis took over.
      Milan was in almost 300 mil debt as Juventus is now.
      Milan was fined and banned from participating in UEFA competitions , something that awaits Juventus and then some.
      The big difference is that Juve has a serie A dominance of 9 titles in a row to show for all that while Milan had 1 Supercopa trophy.

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