TMW: Milan and Lille had agreement over €19m Sporting CP fine – what changed

By Oliver Fisher -

Some background has emerged regarding an agreement that AC Milan and Lille found over the Rafael Leao compensation case.

TMW report that there were talks held at Casa Milan over Leao’s situation yesterday and there were four parties involved. On the one side is Milan as the club, then there is the father of the Portuguese winger, then his agent Jorge Mendes and finally the ‘real agent’ Ted Dimvula, a French lawyer.

The meeting did not involve neither Mendes – who was supposed to be present in the videocall – nor Leao’s father who was meant to show up at Casa Milan, but instead Dimvula conducted the discussions.

Leao has signed two powers of attorney but, legally, the signing with Dimvula means that Mendes has no power over the situation, even if then the good relations with Milan lead him to try and have a say.

A non-renewal cannot be ruled out, even if the player wants to stay at Milan and would be happy with an offer of €7m net per season which is not on the table yet, but the Rossoneri management have made it clear they will offer €6m per year.

In recent months, Milan and Lille had agreed to pay the €19.5m compensation to Sporting CP whereby they would pay half (€9.75m) each so the situation did not end up on Leao’s shoulders. All this was subject to the signing of the renewal, between February and April, for a pre-agreed amount of around €4m net per year.

However, since then the demands have risen to €7m so the back and forth on the contract and the double powers of attorney means that things have slowed down and knots must now be untied one by one.

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  1. Maldini pls sell. Do not hesitate like Donna Kessie etc. Your pay master will be happy with a $60-100M profit. Call for an open tender now. Lets see who makes the highest offer for 2021 Best player. Maldini can gauge level of interest and actual offers received. Sell in Jan 2023.

  2. So, either this TMW report is false or Maldini lied.. Because Maldini categorically stated couple weeks ago that Milan has nothing to do with Leao and his debt towards Sporting.

    1. TMN is 100% false. Logically why Milan sign an agreement with lille after that fact they bought Leao. Even if we say they agreed to pay lille fine, why lille has pre agreement fur renewal. They already out

    2. Has nothing to do =/= do not plan to help

      Milan is not related to the case, which means Milan has nothing to do with it.

      Milan can still act on mercy to help Leao.

    1. 👏 milan and fans always do this they can’t afford the player so now they start trying to discredit the player. Milan will never be great again because can’t afford to buy or retain top talent and because that they run players out.

      Donna, kessie, cala with their experience help Milan to compete with Chelsea easily.

      Forget this snakes nonsense if these players are still in Milan with our current squad we are probably top 10 in Europe.

  3. What Milan has to do with the Sporting’s fine for god sake? If anything, it’s Lille and the person responsible for all the administrative process (Mendes) who should be responsible. This factor x in the end will be the difference whether Leao will renew / not. And based on the strictness upbringing of Maldini and how he conducts business for these past few years, this won’t end well.

  4. If this correct report, again, milan will lose valuable player over 1mil gap, 7 is fair for him to ask, not like he ask 10 as he potentially could gain from psg or chelsea. As for issue with sporting, leao will eventualy pay with his own money, meanwhile let his lawyer and legal team of milan help clear things up with ask for discount or installment. 3 big money lost already and the management havent learned smh

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