Report: Milan are one of the main suitors for €35M-rated Brazilian midfielder

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan are one of the main suitors for Aston Villa midfielder Douglas Luiz who could cost around €35 million, a report claims.

As has been reported by Brazilian journalist Bruno Andrade, the Rossoneri are one of a number of teams that are very seriously in the picture to sign Luiz from the Premier League side.

It is the Birmingham club that value the 24-year-old at €35 million. Milan see him as another option that can be explored if the deal for Renato Sanches does not come off and he ends up heading to another European club.

Milan have already made contact with the club about a possible negotiation there has not been an official proposal for the player from the Rossoneri yet.

Luiz arrived in England on the books of Manchester City but he was soon loaned out to Girona. He then joined Aston Villa in 2019.

His contract with them runs out in June 2023 which could make him cheaper.

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  1. What a story! They are struggling to get a better, cheaper player(Renato), n now you’re talking about a player valued at over $40m. Pls, say something better. It’s a sad story- d champions of serie a can’t even afford to spend $30m on a player. Always looking for cheap buys. It’s a slap on d brand name “AC Milan”

  2. This Milan is no more a force to be reckoned with anymore. They think Inter Milan’s slight mistake against Bologna that led them to clinch the Scudetto with the same squad can go far in champions league and retain the title again without signing at least 5 new players??? Man city, PSG, Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea, Bayern, ATM, Utd will always see successes with huge spendings. If care is not taken, we will not qualify for champions league if we become too complacent and frugal. That new owner is so stupid indeed. If they cannot inject cash into the system why didn’t they allow the Elliot Group to continue???

    1. Excuse me! What Success did Manchester United have in recent years? Their last trophy came in 2017, even after spending so much.. PSG and Manchester City even after spending so much, are yet to win the Champions League! I don’t think that, we won the Scudetto, because of any favour from Bologna, it was a well deserved Scudetto..

      1. Kinda true but…. Milan struggle 11 years so now that won the scudetto they deserve that 100mill on transfer budget don’t u think

      2. People like you will always sway facts just to favour your argument.
        Dillusional, if you didn’t notice the slip up by Inter, then I give up.
        But make no mistake, we still deserve accolades for the achievement.

        1. Inter’s “slip up” wouldn’t even have mattered if there weren’t corrupt referees stealing 11 points from us! They also donated some points to Inter. So… “Slip up” or not, Milan was the true Champions. And rightly so.

          1. Hello,
            First off, you aren’t by any means a bigger rossoneri than I am.

            I believe my criticism was constructive enough to acknowledge that we deserve credit an rightly so.

            I like the fact that you recognised that Inter slipped up, however walking us through the refereeing in favour of Inter was quite an academic exercise because everyone already knew.

            If you follow through, my opinion was simple enough and you needed not to digress, as by doing that, will vastly change the course and dimension of this conversation which revolves around building a more competitive team and a realistic team that you and I will be confident on to hold it own the Champions League.

            Fans have a right to criticise the team they are passionate about, common I have no interest in no other team except this darling milan, so when I criticise my darling, please don’t try to make me feel you’re more milanisti than I am, man I bleed red and black to my soul, and all always, Milan till the Fuckin casket!

      3. It has become a failure cycle for Milan. Now teams are bolstering every departments within their teams. Milan is slowing things. Even contract renewal of M & M has become an uphill task. Im only happy for Origi’s imminent arrival. At least we should buy Bremer, Noa Lang, De Ketelaere and another top midfielder

    2. A mistakes is what cost every title, do you think if theres no mistakes, theres a goal? Nah i rather Milan buy unknown player and stick with how they manage the team and budget, look at Kalulu, Theo, Leao, Tomori, Tonali, they are not pricey yet they are great. Inter? they bought pricey player did they won? no they didn’t, and look at the stats Milan are better team. Milan shows that with good mercato with the right player and coach they won Scudetto and its more satisfying, 😂 others club spent alot but didn’t won.

      1. We don’t even need to strengthen the squad, we’re ok, we won the Scudetto, we played well and were in control in the champions league, with superb goals from Messias and Leao.
        Let’s make do with the same team again, with great determination we will win the Scudetto and Champions League, I’m certain about it.

        1. Milan has raised the bar for itself by winning the League and qualifying for the Champions League

          ….now everything is going to be even harder for the Rossoneri next season because even the big teams (how much more the small ones) love to spank champions (in this case Milan is a strange champion on paper and everyone’s got her numbered)

          It would be a shame if the present face of Italian football look ordinary (market wise) and then go ahead to perform ordinary in the Champions League, that would not look good for us going forward.

  3. Just alternative but cost 35m euro with just one year contract left. Skip,better wait him free transfer next season. Dont waste fund for DMF

  4. we could not even pay Kessie,as they say a “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”…..rumour mill at work, but it is fun watching all the b.s.

  5. As they say in Lombardia….ma va a ciapá i ratt !!!! Its just like saying yeah right…!!! Guys don” t illude yourself, we dont have the €€€ .
    Redbird has no capital to pay Elliott’s loan they gave them to buy Milan…hahahhaa.
    Jesus sometimes I wish Berlusca would return…

    Anyway Forza Milan !!!!

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