Repubblica: Milan’s accounts keep improving – March half-year report expected to show profit

By Oliver Fisher -

While the team continue to struggle on the field after a January transfer window with virtually zero investment, away from the pitch the accounts continue to improve.

According to what was reported this morning by La Repubblica (via MilanNews) regarding Milan’s finances, the March half-year should report a profit, as already happened in 2022.

The growth of the Rossoneri in terms of on-field performances over the past couple of years – culminating in the Scudetto, Champions League knockout stages and more sponsorship revenue – obviously contributes to an improvement in the accounts.

However, the news will also likely draw scrutiny from fans and sections of the media, because the budget (or lack thereof) available for recent transfer windows has served to protect the accounts.

Now they have improved to a level of generating profit questions will be asked about why more funds have not/are not being made available to strengthen the squad, as promised by several members of the management.

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  1. Great! We are “profitable” but terrible on the pitch, and won’t win anything and wil miss out on CL. But hey we are profitable lol just like Atalanta. And that is exactly what Elliot wanted. For us to be Atalanta. Profitable every year, maybe have a few good top 4 finishes, but never win anything. That is their business model. Great for Elliot, not so much for us fans. Can’t wait for the player sales coming up. And the cycle repeats itself. This is our future. Profit over titles. Elliot and their puppet Redbird could not be more happier. When we sell Theo and Leao this summer they will be even more thrilled and when they pocket most of that money and don’t reinvest it in new players. TY Elliot. The future looks bright 🤪

    1. Oh and, you are a sky pundit who knows everything?😀 Did we not win the Scudetto, under Elliott? I think, you want us, to go back to 2017 summer spending spree right? And what happened afterwards?

      1. We won the Scudetto and only because we got lucky because other teams were falling apart. You always write the same thing, are you a parrot? The “spending” spree was when Milan had a horrible team. This year every idiot knew, even you, that we need a RW, maybe one midfielder and left back cover. Nobody asked for a spending spree but Milan focused on loans and benchwarming out of contracts because Maldini and co were forced by the ownership. If the sporting staff of the club, not the accountants, asks for players and says we need that player to reach the goal, then a club should make it happen. Not unreasonable requests, but Maldini asked to buy Zaniolo for a position we are missing, and he was denied. We lost 3 first team players + 1 really good substitute and one was replaced and so on.

        P.S. Sky pundits don’t know everything, you’re an idiot if you think that.

        1. So? You, are saying we won the Scudetto, last season.. Because other teams, were falling apart? And, this season, every other teams, have spent above €100m to strengthen themselves? That’s a flawed excuse, and undermining our, own achievement!

          1. That Jesus guy isn’t a Milan fan. He keeps praising how much money Chelsea spent in January. But he forgot Chelsea can’t even beat Fulham and still stuck at rank 9 in EPL.

          2. “Forza Milan”. I am praising how smart they were, something you can’t understand in any way. So, you are telling me their transfer policy of a week ago has brought them to 9th place? Genius! 😀 They have spent more than all the teams together and the won’t be punished by the FFP. That is smart, unlike you.

            Milan fan, listen. Other teams were falling apart, do you remember Juventus? What happened last season, who was the coach etc? They were happy to go into CL last year. What about Inter that played like Milan does now and gave us the title? Gifted it to Milan. Napoli was non existent. Who would win the title when 3 out of 4 clubs were doing bad? Leao. Literally Leao, not Milan. Leao won the title for Milan, if he wasn’t there Milan would never win.

            This year, Inter did spend quite a lot, but mostly they did loan with obligation to buy or bought in a way they will pay that for the next 4-5 years. So, Inter spent much more than Milan, but they spent about the same this season, if you understand what am I saying. Napoli got lucky, you never buy players and all are playing amazing in the first team. They literally bought Kim, Kvartiskhelia, Olivera, Raspadori and a few more players that are in and out of the first team. Everyone did great. Milan could have got Raspadori as well, loan with option to buy, but he was too expensive for Milan. I can go on, a lot of players are too expensive by Milan’s ideas. The point is not to spend 300M but to pay for the player you want. If Maldini says we need Zaniolo and it will be 25 or 30M that is that. If they say we need to get Botman and pay 5M more you do that. When we drop out of CL because our signings were kids and useless benchwarmers other clubs got rid of you’ll be happy I guess.

          3. You have to be realistic and see that we did not win the Scudetto because our first CF scored 11 goals in the season or because our right wings didn’t have 8 goals together. The team was what it was, you saw in Champions league how it went, not against Salernitana where Giroud can score 2 goals out of his 11 total.

            Leao won that title by pulling half of the games on his own. He literally made the goals alone, that is why he was the Serie A MVP…Be realistic and watch last years matches and goals.

        2. “We won the Scudetto and only because we got lucky”

          Yeah, lucky enough to have 5-10 players out every week due to injuries. Lucky. FFS.

  2. Chelsea spent more than Milan will in next 5 years and they did it smart. Maybe I disagree with the players and how much they have paid but it was smart. Milan couldn’t structure a deal for Zaniolo or whoever the sporting staff wanted to buy and pay it over 4 years so it doesn’t break the bank? Gazidis was hated in Arsenal, since he left they have started going back up and spending money on players again. I remember that cheapskate running Arsenal out of all the european competitions and getting a legend like Wenger fired. The guy is a glorified accountant and he cuts costs. That is what he did and we lost 4 good players for free. Yes, the profit will be there, but I can get 30 serie B players and cut costs even more, we can reduce the wage bill by 99%.

    1. Chelsea spent a lot but they can’t even beat Fulham while still stuck at rank 9 in the league.

      You Chelsea wankers and business expert wannabe should fvck off from here. Go visit Chelsea forum and stay there while jerking off how much money the owner spent.

      1. Hahahahah, I think if you were jerked off the world would be at least a bit smarter. Anyway, Chelsea spent that money a week ago, you can’t be serious and connecting those 2 and saying what you said. You’re an idiot, I’m wasting time even trying to reason with you…

        1. yeah and spent 350m in the summer, totally ignoring that?

          They finished 3rd last season, they werent a team that was struggling stop making dumb excuses

          1. “yeah and spent 350m in the summer, totally ignoring that? ”

            Of course he is. Ignoring facts when it suits him. That’s how Jeesus plays.

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