Tuttosport: Milan try to understand cause of 18 muscle injuries this season – a possible reason

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s frustrations with injuries have continued into the new season and it is an issue that continues to dominate discussion at Milanello, a report claims.

As Tuttosport reports (via MilanNews), there have been 38 cases of players missing games due to physical problems such as injuries or Covid and of them 18 can be classified as muscular problems. This is obviously too many for any side, but definitely too many for a team that focuses on an intense game and has aspirations of winning the title.

There are several factors that are taken into consideration at Milanello: among these there is also a possible muscular predisposition of various players to get hurt also due to rhythms almost never sustained in their career.

The hope is that the situation will improve starting from the new year and that Pioli and the coaching staff can have some uninterrupted stretches in the second and decisive part of the season.

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  1. But What i hear mostly ppl saying style of Pioli Play high pressing and alot of Running, Liverpool and inter do the same from the first min, there is issue with players either the pitch or style of training he is implementing on the players this is not normal at all

    1. Actually Pioli never plays high pressing. He prefers to wait until opponents get to the center where Kessie-Bennacer-Tonali meet them backed by Kjaer-Romagnoli-Tomori. And when we’re luck we make u-turns there and continue attacking.
      Compared to Napoli, Inter or Atalanta we do no any pressing at all. Sometimes Ibra or Leao do some runs to ruin build-ups but it is more like their own fun rather than tactics.

  2. Same as last year. Obviously they are doing something wrong in the way they are training. They need a new training staff or medical team. This is a joke. Maybe don’t push the players so hard in training when you are playing games every 3 days. Let them rest. Also probably too much weight lifting.

  3. I say again, Maldini and Massara don’t just focus on the players. Medical and physical staff must be replaced. It’s been 2-3 seasons Milan struggling with the same problem. And please, don’t blame the intensity of the game. All the top teams have the same intensity and rotation of players.

    1. Medical staff have nothing to do with this. Does your doctor tell you when you’ll get injured or get sick ? Or you rather think that other medical staffs have some kind of healing powers so they make the whole process faster ?

      This is result of intensity and also of trainings. Medical staff is there in case player is injured , sick or whatever health issue he has.

      1. There’s a point that in some cases we let players get injured on training, because they didn’t get well from previous injuries. It happened a lot of times even with Rebic who never suffered before.

        1. Well you confirmed what I wrote in my comment “players get injured on training, because they didn’t get well from previous injuries”. If somebody had injury fitness trainers need to be careful with him or else he will renew the injury and nevertheless even if you are fully recovered you can get injured if you are not training properly. I experienced that. So the main issue here is the training and fitness trainers not medical staff. How many injuries did Milan have before Pioli ? Remember that last year Bennacer was not fully recovered and despite that Pioli threw him in against Red Star and he got injured.

  4. Need to adjust the training and/or the training staff. Injuries happen from overuse and/or lack of recovery time – and of course just sometimes bad luck. It happens but seems happening way to much with us. Should bring in new training staff or adjust the training methods. Medical staff could be an issue if they are mis-diagnosing the injuries and the proper treatment time tables – so they should be re-evaluated as well. At this point everyone on both staffs should be re-examined IMO.

  5. New mediacl team and training team is needed. It seems that we just prepare badly for games Physically.
    Castillejo was injured after just 1 game. Pellegri ha snot been fit. Leao was rested in the last few games but still got injured. The Medical staff and the fitness team are clearly not good at preparing our players physically since our players get injured so easily even when they are not playing often.

  6. Yeah don’t just hope. Although some muscle injuries just happen due to a awkward step or slip most are avoidable with proper training, cross training, rest and treatment. Each player is different physiologically and thus will need to condition and rest differently. Having a staff that’s able to recognize and cope with that is paramount.

  7. the issues is the player them selves what they do after training drinking beer and all those things affect alot….when last did CR7 go on injury vacation or not fit to play?

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