Milan reportedly close to signing Noah Raveyre – his strengths and weaknesses

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Numerous sources are reporting that AC Milan are set to bolster their Primavera ranks with the signing of goalkeeper Noah Raveyre.

FootMercato reported last month that Raveyre – a France U17 international – has been unable to find an agreement over a professional contract, so he will leave Saint-Etienne at the end of the season and should join Milan.

Le10Sport reported last month how Milan have every intention of trying to sign the teenager on a free transfer but they will have to overcome the competition of Chelsea, which they seem to have done. So just why Raveyre so coveted? Scout7Calcio has provided us with a report…


Starting with his best abilities, one of his greatest strengths is his shot stopping. In this clip he gets a shot from outside the box, but what is different to other goalkeepers is that he catches the ball in the air instead of punching it away.

Here again his shot stopping in close range, and his quick reaction against another huge talent in Isaac Babadi. He is very fast off his feet thanks to his quick reactions, and again catches the ball instead of punching it away.

Another of Raveyre’s great strengths is his ability in claiming high balls (corners, crosses, free-kicks etc.). Here is an example where, after a free=kick, he comes off his line to catch the ball. There are plenty of senior goalkeepers who wouldn’t attempt that.

Here again is a great example of a high claim which ends in Raveyre getting a free-kick. Milan have had a lot of goalkeepers in the Primavera who do not come out for these high balls or end up punching them away, since they do not feel comfortable in catching them.

In this free-kick you can see his great jumping technique and power, as he goes for the ball with his right arm to increase his wingspan, otherwise it would have been an incredible goal.

Now to another of his strengths but also a weakness of sorts. Raveyre’s distribution with his right foot is incredibly good even under pressure. Below is a clip with his strong right foot under high pressure, where he calmly breaks the first press and gets the ball to the full-back.

Below is a clip with light pressure and the use of his right foot. This clip is important since in the next clip we will show a very similar scene but with his weak foot, where you will see the difference.


In a similar scene, the attacker is jogging towards Raveyre and he panics, taking on an attempted clearance with his weaker foot that ends up directly at the feet of the opponent, but thanks to his great shot-stopping skills he doesn’t concede.

Another weakness – but something he will learn over the time – is that he needs to be more vocal. Here you can see a scene in which he wants to claim a high ball and collides with his defender.

Again in the clip below he doesn’t talk with his defender. While it is good that he is very comfortable with running off his line outside the box to clear the ball, his defender would’ve been the first to the ball and could have headed it back to him at the edge of the box.

Something he has to work on that Neuer does perfectly but Kepa for example struggles with is little jumps before a shot gets released. In the clip below, he does the jump exactly when the shot gets fired meaning his position to make a save is compromised.

The verdict

Noah Raveyre is an incredible talent and one that a lot of teams will have been keeping an eye on, especially given that he could very well become a free agent.

With the right mentors and by keeping his head down to work on his craft, he could become a high profile goalkeeper for any big club in the future. At 17 he already he has a lot of skills senior keepers don’t have, and the issues can easily be worked on.

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  1. Yes please sign this player when we need italian players for the squad list… this is the exact type of signing it’s pointless to go foreign we just can’t help ourselves these days…..

    1. Show us more young italian prospects then.
      If the talent pool isn’t there, you can’t sit around and wait for it. Just face it, Italy’s current youth generation aren’t good enough.

      1. 💯correct @BrooklynMilanista.
        Italy missing the world cup back to back cycles isn’t an accident.
        Italy doesn’t produce talents anymore, even defenders, something that they could always count on.
        Look at Juventus’ squad. They have always been the team with most Italians in it. If everyone is healthy, the only Italian starter right now is Chiesa.
        Italy needs to change their training methods.
        Just read what DeLigt said after his 1st training at bayern.
        Also Serbia NT coach said most of their players, who happen to play in serieA, were out of shape, especially both juventus players Kostic and Vlahovic

      2. They’re fine, but when given no faith and when you save a ton of money on taxes for buying foreign with the “growth decree” teams end up only buying foreign and never developing the italians because they are much more expensive. This is a massive reason for the low pool of italians. Growth decree is an awful thing for our league.

        1. This issue existed before the growth decree. I think the growth decree is hardly a factor with this U17 player anyway.

    2. The squad list required players (4) who already trained in the club for at least three years before they turned 21. means if this player join us now at his 17, and stays with us for the next three years, he could be included in that list. It doesn’t matter their nationalities

  2. I mean he is 16-17, its not like it matters for the squad list, in 4-5 years time who knows what the Milan team will be. If he has the obvious potential why shouldnt we sign him under the right conditions, we did the Italian route with dollarunner and he got the best training and experience given to him, then he fked off for free. Then you have to look at some other attempts to sign promising Italian talents like tommaso mancini when they demand 2m signing bonus and apartaments for their family for free, point is that its not so easy to fill your team with Italians if they are just not good enough or just too greedy

    1. True about the squad list, it won’t matter yet. But just because donnarumma was a douche bag doesn’t mean that every young Italian will be a douche bag.. that’s just a ridiculous assumption. Was kessie italian? Was calha? It’s not the nationality, it’s just the modern players these days, they’re shallow.

      1. What about Mancini? And his demands? He wanted 2m signing bonus and apartments for his family? Not greedy ? A lot of Italian youth players are like this when a big club comes in for them, if they can get it then fair play to them but it still is what it is, compared to the likes if laztic or chaka where they have moved to us for millions in transfer fees but accept wages within the primavera budget

        1. Why are you obsessed with Mancini? He’s 1 guy. I know I have different views compared to a lot of modern day males, but I have always liked when clubs have a good amount of their own nationalities players on the team. I get that’s an “old” idea but the game is better that way. It’s more intense when you meet up in the CL, it makes for vastly better national teams, etc. But this is all happening as the sport each year becomes more and more dominated by money. It’s inevitable I know, doesn’t mean I have to like it.

  3. its not an obsession, its just facts that Italian youth players are way over valued compared to players coming in from another country when you are trying to buy them. Why are you obsessed with pushing Milan to fill their team with mediocre players just because of their nationality? If a player is good enough then he gets his chance at Milan regardless of their nationality and Milan has given chances to many Italian players. Milan are not a regional level team they are an international level team they have the ability to select the best players regardless of nationality so why put a choke hold on who they should sign?

    1. I know we’re all supposed to be these perfect individuals with no bias, etc etc. but I like when a country’s team has a decent amount of their own nations players on it, I can’t help it, I like the game better that way, otherwise it’s all just mercenary games and whoever offers the most cash etc etc. it all becomes a little heartless and just about money money money.. milan then just becomes a team that wears a certain jersey, etc and means nothing anymore.

      And no we shouldn’t sign mediocre players just because they’re italian. what I’m asking for is when we have an opportunity to sign a very good player as long as they’re not wildly overpriced, then prioritize italian players, however if there’s a top talent who cares where they’re from just get them.

      An example: we could have signed messias or zaccagni last year. zaccagni is younger and cost a little more but not a crazy amount at all, and has far more potential and versatility, yet we go with messias… Another: we could have signed a young italian left back for cheap to back up Theo, yet we signed Ballo-Toure… etc etc. It’s these signings that I see no point in. When it’s a world class talent, I could care less where they’re from, it they’re italian awesome that’s a bonus but it doesn’t matter.

      But when we’re filling the rest of the squad as long as quality is similar i’d much rather us have a larger priority on italians than not.

      Last thing, Gabbia has been excellent this season, but people already have a bias against him purely because he’s italian and he’s our youth product rather than being some big prospect from a foreign league, etc.. it’s gotten so bad that our fans (and it could just be forum fans) actually treat the italian players so much harsher just because they’re italian. just watch.

  4. Gabbia has been solid this season for us, you are right, I love how much more aggressive he has been in closing down opponents and I see that as something he has learned from Tomori, Calabria, our captain is undoubted 1st choice for us, pobega is a solid option in midfield for us, we do give Italian’s a chance. I just don’t see why we have to be restrictive in limiting our youth team with one nationality, if this french kid is as good as people think he can be and the likes of Chelsea are going after him, maybe it’s worth trying to sign him.

    1. This is the problem with debating, people always go to the extremes… you say, “I just don’t see why we have to be restrictive in limiting our youth team with one nationality”.. but when did I say that? I want us to start prioritizing italians here and there again so we actually have some in our team again, nowhere did I say I want an only Italian youth team or a main team, that’s not my opinion at all. And unfortunately this is what people assume every single time I make this argument. They automatically assume I only want italian players regardless of if they’re good or bad and that I don’t want non-italians here which is ridiculous but this is what people do, nobody can have a level head.

      And no we don’t give italian players chances. Nor do we even look to sign the promising ones, tonali aside. And the tax decree has hurt development 10 fold. This is a huge reason italys national team has been hit or miss like winning Euros then failing to reach WC qualifiers.

      1. Couldn’t agree more Zoro.

        Its not about an extreme, blindly picking a worse Italian for a larger fee / wages.

        It’s when it’s close, or a backup option, at least stock the squad with enough Italians we can fulfil the criteria for UEFA list.

        We have a bunch of benchwarmers like Adli, Bakayoko etc we don’t even place in the European squad, so can’t use em even if we had an injury crisis. Was Origi that much more an obvious free than Belotti? Both are off form and injury prone, at least Belotti is a rossonero at heart.

        Even though its not a young player, getting Sportiello as no.2 instead of Tatarusanu is a step in the right direction. Ballo Toure out, he doesn’t have the ability so we could get an equally (bad) talented Italian LB to act as theos backup.

        Simple changes, we’re not advocating spending big on crap players just because they’re Italian. I will say if Juve get relegated/punished severely, we should go for Chiesa as RW option.

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