GdS: Milan optimistic while waiting for Club Brugge’s response after €30m De Ketelaere bid

By Oliver Fisher -

The chances of seeing Charles De Ketelaere’s at AC Milan are growing by the day and there is now optimism a deal will be closed, a report claims.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews), the Rossoneri have put €30m on the table and are now waiting for a response from Club Brugge which for the moment has not yet arrived.

Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara do not want to raise their bid from the current amount but it is not categorically excluded that it will happen either, because De Ketelaere is Milan’s number one target and that the outcome of this negotiation will affect the rest of the mercato.

There there will be limited resources to reinforce midfield hence the €10m deal for Renato Sanches that the club are hopeful of completing, while a centre-back could arrive on loan.

If De Ketelaere does not arrive then the €50m budget will be distributed differently, given that the alternative to the Belgian is Hakim Ziyech on a loan deal. However, De Ketelaere is seen as the perfect reinforcement for the attack and the management will continue as such.

There is Premier League competition to contend with and Club Brugge are hoping for an auction, but Milan will not participate in one and are aiming to close soon given the 21-year-old has confirmed his approval.

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  1. Please link me to 1 single artiicle where the ac milan ownership or the management clearly says in their own words that we wont have any more than 50 mil in ths transfer window. I havent seen the proof of it 1 single time and i basically reads everything posted about ac milan in english on a daily basis so i question if there is any basis to believe such proof would exists.

      1. Gigi That i would expect at the very least as well, but fact is that there isnt any proof of the ownership or management saying the we would only have 50 mil available because they have never said anything like it.

    1. That source GDS not reliable. But i believe AC Milan can spend more than 60m euro unless owner want to get capital gain as many as they can from limitating transfer budget and salary . We cannot exclude owner posibility want to use moneyball system ( win something or not with low budget)

      1. I would expect us to have 80-100 mil available but the media inventing a number of 50 mil without providing any proof isnt better if i or anyone else not working with the top hierachy of the club said i/they have credible knowledge of the management will spend 200 mil without backing it up.

    2. The money dedicated for squad building is fluctuative, it also depend on how Milan can raise sponsorship income before the end of the transfer window. I read some new sponsorship agreement between then and now so the transfer budget might have been increased.

      And transfer budget is tied to salary budget. If the total salary is lower than the salary budget, it can be moved to transfer budget. Some source said that Redbird increases the salary budget (not the salary cap per player).

      1. Im aware that we have improved our sponsorship deals but find me something where the ownership/management has actually said that themselfs that our transfer funds is dependable on striking new sponsorship deals before the end of the window. I dont think it exists except from media speculation which really doesnt make it credible by any extent. Obviously better and more sponsorship deals is good for the club and would overall help but i doubt we are actually dependable on it for this window.

        Yeah that part is intertwined and can somewhat change that ammount.

  2. It is not as we have a fixed budget of 50 mill euros. That is BS. Economics does not work like that. It depends on a lot of different factors.

    1. What, you think the club same to Maldini and said you have 40-120M for transfers? LOL, are you all serious? They have probably given them a specific budget (that could be 50-55M) and told them they can increase it by sales. Yes, budget is defined before they begin making offers, not by the end of the window.

      1. But the ownership or management hasnt officially come out and said that we only have 50 mil available for this transfer window because that i would have remembered so its as best speulative and at worst a made up lie when the media says we only have 50 mil made available.

    2. Economics work in a way that you don’t make any calculations but you just wait and see? A serious club has all the numbers and estimates ready on time. You think you can run any company like they are trying, with thight cost control and reducing the expenses by not knowing things? wow

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