GdS: Milan have several penalty shouts during Torino draw – a look at each

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan had a couple of penalty shouts waved away during last night’s 0-0 draw against Torino, their second consecutive stalemate against a bottom-half team.

However, La Gazzetta dello Sport (via recall how there was more than one episode that caused the Rossoneri to protest during the game including a couple of penalty shouts that Daniele Doverti decided not to award. The paper gave him a rating of 6.5 out of 10 for his display.

With 28 minutes on the clock Alexis Saelemaekers fell in the Torino area after a slight contact with Samuele Ricci, and La Gazzetta believe Doveri was right not to give penalty kick as there was not enough contact.

They also agree with his call on 58 minutes when Wilfried Singo gave a bit of an exerted push on Theo Hernandez inside the box, as Doveri again did not assign a penalty to Pioli’s men.

Finally Milan asked for a penalty in stoppage time when Junior Messias tried to shoot from Giroud’s knock-down, but Bremer’s tackle was fantastically times and he got the ball.

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    1. Precisely. Theo and Brahim in particular go down too easily, and refs have picked up on this. Now when there is a 50/50 penalty decision the refs give the benefit of the doubt to the defender. This is all about coaching and we’ve got to look to Pioli and his staff for not addressing this.

      1. LOL, difference is Theo might be a dive, (he has that reputation, ha!) But Diaz does not run flat footed like ,let’s say Kessie, but on the balls of his feet which gives him mobility/agility, but makes him easy to “tip over”, he just gets knocked on his ass ,plain and simple. The 10 position requires some serious “muscle” whether physical or attitude wise, todays centerbacks are much more physical than in past years.

  1. We didn’t deserve any penalty, please stop forcing it, you’re are just looking for an excuse, we were awful last night, Torino defended perfectly and deserved the draw, stop downplaying their effort and hard work and give them the credit they deserve

    1. Every team preparing for us watches the film and just copies…..pack the box , kick the ball down the pitch when the header comes in, and counter attack on the wings, repeat.

  2. Everything in slow motion looks like penalty…this guy’s need to score atleast one goal…instead of cry for penalties..we are not the team that worth tittle…we should be more than satisfied with 4th position…right already su…KS and left was no where in the match …AMC do we have one? St …always waiting but never scoring …overall players looks clueless

  3. I just wonder who came with idea to set Calabria as CK taker? While Tonali and Theo watching him…what is next step,give him free kick to take? U are all genius i swear,from all things to be changed they figured out to set davide on ck taker….

  4. Dont blame anyone or anything if we’re awful. We are not Juve in the past who always granted penalty. Its a poor management decision who didn’t bring any valuable player in the winter.

  5. Our season is over with this game. Milan have forgotten how to score a goal. We might aswell play a 6-4 formation knowing that our attack won’t be doing much.

  6. If we don’t win the league this season, we can as well forget about the league for another 7years, cause Juve is not playing games next season!

  7. Normally I look at penalties and like many do , want to blame the ref., Doverti in this case, but instead attribute that to being a Rossoneri fan, Now I actually go the opposite way and do not think we deserve any, having a, “we are tougher than that” attitude, we do not need freebies. We will win despite the ref. BUT the way Giroud was literally tackled with arms around him and pulled back more than once is BS, I get Doverti ignoring Theo, that goes back to every previous game he has done but Giroud’s literal tackles is total BS. Wish Ibra would have been healthy, he would have bitch slapped his defender for that crap

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