Di Marzio: Milan hold positive De Ketelaere talks but fail to reach full agreement

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have had positive talks with Club Brugge over Charles De Ketelaere but negotiations must continue, according to a report.

According to Fabrizio Romano, Milan directors Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara had a direct meeting in Belgium with Club Brugge over de Ketelaere, which have been described as ‘positive’ talks, though no final agreement was found.

Instead, talks will continue in the coming hours and days to try and reach a full agreement, so it seems that Maldini and Massara’s blitz to Belgium will result in them coming home empty handed.

Meanwhile, Di Marzio adds that while an agreement has not yet been reached, there is a positive climate surrounding the talks. The meeting was ‘cordial and interlocutory’ and the negotiations are set to continue in the next few hours. There is serenity between the parties in the hope of reaching a final agreement, while Maldini and Massara will now return to Italy.

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  1. We lost the guy, if they couldn’t agree face to face then what more do you need? I knew it would happen, that’s the norm for transfers that take way too long than they should.

  2. Well I could say I told you so but……lol. This is fkn comical to say the least. Again Brugge do NOT need to “discount” the transfer fee as CDK is under contract for another 3 seasons. It gets more embarassing every passing day we cannot sign one player. Either we pay the fee or we don’t and move on. Too much time wasted. Training camp already has begun. What a debacle. Thx Redbird you are amazing owners!!!!

  3. embarrassing… Maldini should have not sign the extension. They won’t give him what he knows this club needs.
    ok, so old and lazy Ziech it is

  4. This thing is exactly why Maldini waited till the very last day (or even hours) to extend the contract. We’re champion of Italy ffs. We even received some amounts from Hauge & Co to begin with

  5. This Milan owner is an animal!he buy no body,how can we competite in champion s league with this kids?

  6. Well after we deduct the cost of renting a plane to go “pick up CDK” our transfer budget has been reduced to 16M now LOL. Maybe we can buy back Castillejo??? 😭😭😭😭

  7. This is shamefull if true. Their own words this is their No1 target, and will loose it for few millions and then for almost the same amount they buy someone not important, because the objective is not to build team as we think but rather to find bargin, we got lucky last year, with this policy we can be like Atalanta for few.years (buy cheap, sell expensier) and then decline without investments for leap in quality.

  8. I mean ,is he is that good? Back in 2003 kaka came in in no spotlight,i mean all those rumours floating.
    Its not like we are going to sign new shevchenko..

  9. Redbird dont own shit yet…the sale is being held up by a pending case…would you splash out for a club thats not yours yet and might not even end up going back to whomever?

  10. So our Milan this? This is shameful. A player like CDK and we’re battling to sign ! Bad!!! I suggest we move on and sign Depay in his place

  11. LOL. People here act as Inter had won the scudetto and Calhanoglu were voted as MVP.

    Take a deep breath. Check the site again tomorrow. No need to be drama queens.

    1. At least, there is someone who agrees with me! People are reacting, for no reason… As if it’s the end of the world!

      1. Still plenty of time until the transfer window closes. I’d prefer buying quality players even if it takes long than hasty bakayokos who arrive at the first day and turn out to be beyond useless.

        I trust M&M.

        1. All of us here trust Maldini & Massara. That’s not the problem. The problem is where the money comes from. Don’t you think Botman would arrive here already if it’s solely up to Maldini? It’s him who wanted Botman really bad and look where we are. It’s just odd to miss out on player by 1-5 mil difference (based on a how much Brugge set the price). A player that’s needed and long watched most of all. It’s not everyday we have a case like Tonali and more importantly, an honorable man like Brescia’s president.

  12. Garbage owners
    Hungry owners
    Florentina CEO warned us before the acceptance that the money this stingy new owner is bragging to have isn’t his money
    Now we can see it
    Secondly he has to take loan from Milan management to purchase Milan club
    U all can see the point why we are still dreaming while other teams are doing the reality
    At least for now let get Belotti who has been waiting for us since last season so that we can be part of clubs active this season in the market
    Am very tired

  13. I think it will happen but it’s embarrassing…Redbird aren’t sending out good signals. Wasn’t there a report recently that Elliot would invest what it took to get CDK….

  14. Phacking elliot with their tight budget. After getting money so much from AC Milan ,still want to screwed with their capital gain. I hope someday there is a billionaire buy AC Milan and get rid this elliot once and for all,that red bird just the same with elliot.

  15. Elliot is still there at the backstage. They sell to a new owner they loaned money to, n get a certain percentage when Redbird resells milan. How can we possibly expect real investment on the club from such owners. Italian government n football regulators should open their eyes to what is happening. Football in Italy cannot be lucrative with this

  16. Elliott implemented fiscal discipline and a long term plan to increase revenue, if successful the Club will be able afford higher caliber players and the financial rewards would be deserved

  17. nothing embarrassing.. it is normal for a sport director to go directly to other clubs door.. even paratici comes to Milan to negotiate with several Italian clubs for Spurs players..

  18. What I would say to those who seem to be perplexingly ‘ok’ with the current state of play, is that right now we have a position of relative strength, sure we’d all like CDK or a few others, but if we don’t, we can look at the squad and see Tomori, Maignan, Theo, Tonali, Leao and we think but it’s ok, we have a great young squad.

    However we are 12 months max away from a 100m plus euro offer coming in for Leao from City, Chelsea, Liverpool or Madrid, a 50m bid from City for Theo, believe me, Pep wants him, bids will also come in for Tomori and Tonali. So what do we think the standpoint of our owners will be then? When now they can’t get a deal done for our alleged no1 target CDK for 35m. Milan’s model of. But the stars young and cheap and sell them high doesn’t work when you fail to buy them young and cheap….why should those players want to commit to Milan when the owners show no ambition. The cynic in me is concerned we are to be a feeder club for Liverpool as the Prem is the brand of choice. Watch Liverpool come in for Leao as Salah gets older…

    The constant defence is that Milan can’t compete financially and that 35m is a whole lot of money, well inter seek to be ok, Roma seem to be ok…in the current climate, with CL money coming in, if Milan can’t get a 35m deal done there’s a serious issue afoot

    1. “The constant defence is that Milan can’t compete financially and that 35m is a whole lot of money, well inter seek to be ok, Roma seem to be ok…”

      Inter is far from OK. They can only buy players after selling one (or two). They had to bring in Lukaku on loan and still pay something like 10-12M€ him.

      Once Milan has their own stadium they will have more money to spend on transfers. But unfortunately it’s at least 2 years away.

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