Deloitte: Milan lead European clubs outside Premier League in revenue stat – the numbers

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan recorded the highest revenue growth as a percentage last season of any club outside the Premier League, a study has shown.

The Deloitte Football Money League 2023 (via MilanNews) study has been published, which analyses the revenue trend of the main clubs in world football every year, and there was a section dedicated to what Milan have managed to achieve.

➤ Milan are in 16th position for revenues among all the clubs in the world, moving up three positions compared to the last season.

➤ Milan are the only one of the three major Italian clubs to have gained positions compared to the previous edition (Juventus moved down, Inter remained the same).

➤ Among the top 20 clubs, Milan are sixth in terms of % increase in revenues compared to last year (behind Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham, West Ham and Newcastle). Excluding the Premier League therefore, Milan recorded the highest % increase, year-on-year.

➤ Milan’s revenues are estimated at €264.9m, up 22% from €216.3m in the past season.

➤ The growth in revenues compared to the previous season is largely due to the increase in matchday revenue of €32m, and the growth from €69n to €87m in commercial revenues.

➤ Compared to the previous season, the ratio between salaries and revenues dropped from 78% to 64%. In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, it was as high as 108%.

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  1. Exactly what I said in the other post.

    We’re 16th in the entire world, and we can’t afford to invest in our squad?


    I’m sorry, but RedBird is a joke.

    1. Milan does invest money in the squad. The most money invested in serie A without selling any players.
      Don’t compare yourself with the big clubs in Europe. Milan, Inter and Juventus(to a certain point) are not big clubs anymore.
      They are fallen empires.
      Roman empire used to be the biggest empire ever known to man now its just a little country in the south of Europe called Italy.
      That’s what Milan was, the best club in the world that today is just a club in South Europe.
      EPL and it’s clubs along with few Spanish, German and French clubs are the new empires.
      Milan and Chelsea got sold basically on the same day. Chelsea went for almost 4 billion, Milan barely got over 1 billion.
      Isn’t it interesting that none of those super rich owners wanna invest and buy an Italian club. They would rather buy Newcastle than buy a club with way greater history in Milan or Inter.
      The problem with our summer Mercato isn’t in the money that was available to spend, but that the money that was spent brought nothing to Milan.
      Maldini spent 50 mil and he has nothing to show for that. None of his signings has done anything to help the team.
      But I know it’s easier to blame the owners instead of blaming the people who spend the money.

      1. Yeah… Not like super rich arabs wanted to buy Milan last year. They just weren’t dumb enough to fall for Elliott scam.

        Investcorp wanted to buy 100% of the club for around 1.1B and get rid of Elliott. RedBird agreed to 1.2B + another 0.6B after 5 years, plus loaning 0.5B from Elliott that goes towards those 1.2B. And they still have Elliott people on the board of directors, Elliott guy is the new CEO, Elliott guy is still the club president.

        RedBird agreed to Indentured servitude. They are slaves and need ask Elliott for permission to fart. They will eventually default on their loan from Elliott and club will be taken away from them.

        This whole RedBird thing is a scam, they already did it with the Chinese, they are doing it with Cardinale now. That is why nothing is being invested in the club, because Cardinale is trying to keep up with loan payments, trying to beat the system and keep the club. He is basically broke and he will fail. But as long as he is the official owner, club will suffer, because club is financing his loan payments to Elliott.

        1. That rich Arab fund was also looking for loans to buy Milan. They didn’t have all the money available to buy the club.
          The seller always look for the highest offer.
          And if they were so super rich , why didn’t they offer the same money as RedBird or more to convince Elliott to sell it to them?
          But supposedly, this is some conspiracy by Elliott.
          You should be grateful that Elliott is the one giving ou the loan to Cardinale, so in case he defaults, we know we’ll be in good hands with Elliott.
          And again, tell me what Serie A club owner has invested more money than Milan’s over the last 4 years without selling basically any players.

          1. I’m pretty sure Juventus has. 43mil for Chiesa, 80mil for Vlahovic, 76mil for Melo, 41mil for Bremer, 20mil for Mckennie, 13mil Kostik, 10mil forZakaria, plus the salaries for Pogba, DI Maria, etc… Yes, they have sold some players but still not to cover all that. Milan needs to spend more to compete in Champions League, which will bring them more money and more Merch sales. They have the brand but it requires winning, which requires money. It’s called investing.

          2. @K Juventus sold Kulusevski and Bentancur to buy Vlahovic
            They sold DeLigt to buy Bremer and Kostic.
            Arthur Melo was cooked books swap with Barca for Pjanic, they didn’t pay money for him, they just exchanged one useless player for another.
            Also Juventus has their own stadium and was going deep into the UCL. The club makes money outside of player sales.
            Elliott saved Milan from bankruptcy, made it fiscally responsible and even made a plan to invest another billion to build Milan a stadium that can make Milan money in future, that is being obstructed by Italian bureaucracy.
            Milan is still running losses every year and they still provide money for transfers. What more do you want?
            As owners they have done their job. Can we say the same thing about the management?
            What money has Maldini brought to the club, that’s part of his job too. How much money Milan lost with the free exits of Gigio, Hakan, Kessie and even Romagnoli? At least 100 mil. Could that money be used for extra funds for transfers?
            People keep saying if Paolo had the funds. Well his job isn’t just buying players but also selling and bringing extra revenue from that too

        2. You like corrupt Arabs, says a lot about your morals since you’d rather sell the soul of this club just so you can have random 100m players come in

          Go support Chelsea if u want to support a club that spends 400m to linger 10th

  2. I 100% agree about Maldini doing a terrible job with the players he let leave for free as well as the terrible signings, but ownership has some blame too. The ridiculous salary limit that they impose on players basically assures that no quality player in the prime of their career will come here. That’s why Milan has to resort to signing teenagers and older players like Ibra and Giroud. I don’t know how much his hands were tied when it came to negotiations and whether if Milan could have offered a little more if Kessie would have stayed or maybe they could have signed Botman or Ziyech or Sanchez which I know Maldini wanted. You are being too kind to Elliott, they are businessmen.
    They came in, slashed costs, (salaries,spending), made the books look better and then sold it for big profit. The fact that Milan somehow managed to pull off a minor miracle and win the Scudetto was a happy accident, but not their main goal.
    Profit is. No reason to think Redbird will be any different. Bottom line is Maldini has not done well, but Ownership needs to be willing to spend a little more on player salaries if we are going to bring in quality players, or keep our best and compete in Europe.

    1. Agreed, but for Milan to get out of the deep hole, they were in, those drastic measures had to be implemented.
      But, as a sporting director he knows the budget or the salary cap available to him. That’s why we need our sporting director to be proactive and to start negotiating on time and lock our players with a long term contract or sell them. When you know you can easily be outbid by any club , you should not allow your players to enter the last season of their contracts.
      Also, from reports , Elliott was willing to go over the cap for Gigio and offered him 8 mil, he wanted 12.
      Same as now RedBird is willing to go over for Leao.
      Look at the Inter-Skriniar situation. He will leave on free and people will blame the player.
      Even though PSG was negotiating for 2 months to buy Skriniar last summer but inter asked for too much money and now they’ll get nothing. People will say you can’t sell a player that doesn’t want to leave. Well PSG wasn’t trying to agree transfer fee with inter unless they already had the players blessing.

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