Milan president Scaroni comments on Donnarumma and Calhanoglu exits: “There is no recrimination”

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni has commented on the imminent departures of Gianluigi Donnarumma and Hakan Calhanoglu, backing the club’s stance.

Milan headed into the summer knowing that the aforementioned duo were on expiring contracts and despite a long back and forth with their respective agents Mino Raiola and Gordon Stipic, no solution was found with both players now heading elsewhere.

Gianluigi Donnarumma is expected to be announced as a new signing for Paris Saint-Germain imminently, while Calhanoglu seems set to be the latest player to cross the city divide and join the Rossoneri’s rivals Inter, as per multiple reports.

Speaking to the microphones of ‘Politics in the ball’, the president of Milan expressed his thoughts on the farewells of Calhanoglu and Donnarumma, with his comments transcribed by MilanNews and translated below.

“We put a limit on the cost of our players’ salaries. Beyond this limit everyone is free to do what they want. We made a top offer to Donnarumma for what we could but it was not enough,” he said.

“I have read then that Gigio wanted to get out of the comfort zone after so many years in Milan and it seems to me a positive thing for a professional who has always behaved very well at Milan. He is a nice and fun guy who continues his career in a big club, while Milan have found an excellent solution for the goalkeeper, so everything is fine.

“Calhanoglu at Inter? The same goes for him. We made an offer, then if he finds other solutions where he gets paid more, he is a professional, good for him. He had an excellent season and has always behaved correctly: everyone is free to make the choices they believe, on our part there is no recrimination.”

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  1. In my opinion its stupid to lose players for about 0,5 mil up or down, give him +0,5 mil, extend the contract and then sell him imediatelly for at least 10 mil. Are they going to keep this stupid stubborn transfer politics of losing players for free in future with Kessie, Theo, Calabria etc., as it is already clear that they will not offer them what they want. Calm down a bit and use common sense.Right now Kessie can get 8 mil from other teams easily, Theo can get at least 6-7, Calabria can get 3,5-4, our menagement will offer them half of this money and we will al cry soon.

    1. the problem’s root is FIGC bro. If you see the reward that Milan earns for. finishing second in Serie A is exactly what a relegation team in Premier League gets. Or probably a lower half team in La Liga gets. If only we get money from FIGC can we move forward or else the age of Italian clubs domination in Europe is over permanently .

      1. To be honest abanjo i don’t see that Inter or Juve have that kind of problems and their players are double overpaid. Only Ronaldo has salary as our first line up together. In Inter, their bench player Sanchez has 7 mil.

        1. What? Conte left because everyone had to get their wages down and they had to earn 80M€ in this transfer window, meaning sell one or two of the top players. Juventus is in debt so much. Can you not talk nonsense out of your head, it is useless? Facts are different to what you’ve written. They have big problems because of that and the problems will only get bigger, Milan is doing the right thing.

          1. Spot-on bro! You really know how things work… This is the story, the rest don’t matter. Let who ever wants to leave leave, Milan is bigger than any player, & it can only get better

    2. No player should be getting more than 5, as long as he is not Lionel Messi.

      Regarding Calabria – he currently earns 1.2 & will be happy to sign ~2 mill contract. Other players should take that as an example.

      Regarding Kessie – he earns 2.2 & wants 6? That is a clear no. Should get no more than 4, which is a great rise comparing to the current number.

      Players who want more than 5 should be placed on the market with immediate effect.

      1. Messi has 70+ mil per year. You can google it if u dont believe. The thing is that our players wont go on market as you say, they will wait them until their contract expiring year and play on “Milan is BIG card” but that doesn’t work nowdays, they will leave us as free agents. Other thing is that noone will send offers for our best players, why would they if they can wait and catch them for free?

        1. Signing the player and selling him is not as easy as we all see it, what if he underperformes? As long as he is still in the team, he gets his wages and that might become a deadweight on us.
          So he(Hakan) leaving shouldn’t be a regret. There are better players out there, I think our scout would do their job well.

  2. Sensible quote – hopefully most fans see it the same way – he’s going to get a pay rise without even having to leave his house, good on him.

    Milan put a price on him and he didn’t sign, time to move on with Diaz, Pobega or whoever. Better to have the budget to work with than having a player off-form who can’t be moved on because of his high wages

    1. It is reasonable. Anyone who doesn’t understand thinks they are playing Football manager where you can load the game again if things don’t work out and you end up being a rich club with a bunch of money in balance no matter what you do. In reality Inter is in debt and has to sell out after 1 title. Obviously not worth it.

  3. AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni is an ordinary fool and the biggest asshole in the history of the club. He did a great job because 1 million left Donnarumma and now it looks like Colhanoglu, which ones next? Kesie? Romagnoli !! Hernandez and others … They’ll leave for sure if they don’t get paid. And you idiots Paolo Scaroni will provoke the anger of the fans because what is left in Milan to play football is a shame

    1. Point of correction bro, see the president isn”t a fool,
      he’s just business man and he understand his job very well. Bcus bro if you’ve a business you’re running, bliv me you’ll understand want Milan is facing right now. see bro the club as a target and i’m sure the president understand that and he cannot do more than what the want. so to me self have neva be a fans of calhanoglu, bcus to me his not a complete 10 Milan need.

  4. For those who thinks that bigger wages = better team, please take a look at ATALANTA. If I remember correctly, their entire wages is not even bigger than a single CR7 wage. And even if they kept selling their best players, they quickly replaced them with better ones and booked tidy profits, while still maintaining a competitive team. Sure, we need to aspire to be a lot higher than just Atalanta, but their responsible model is working and that’s commendable. Sure, I also want us to be filled with galacticos like in the Berlusconi’s era, but it is just not possible right now, especially not when we were just bankrupt a couple of years ago, if you guys remember.

  5. 98 – Hakan #Calhanoglu is the player with the most chances created (98) in the Top-5 European Leagues in 2020/21.

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