Milan Primavera 3-2 PSG: Sia scores 94th-minute winner for Rossoneri

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan Primavera came away with all three points from their game against PSG this afternoon, courtesy of goals from Clinton Nsiala, Francesco Camarda and Diego Sia. The latter’s goal arrived in the 94th minute, ensuring the drama. 

Ignazio Abate’s men started the game in the best way possible with a goal in the 8th minute, as Nsiala made the most of a corner. The centre-back did really well to rise highest and it was a great header as well.

Just two minutes later, still within the first ten minutes, Francesco Camarda found the back of the net with an acrobatic bicycle kick, showing why many top sides are keeping an eye on him. It’s worth mentioning that he’s still just 15 years old.

Abate’s men continued in the same positive manner after the goals, creating a couple of good chances to extend the lead. However, they headed into the break with just a one-goal lead as PSG pulled one back in the dying seconds of injury time.

Things went from bad to worse in the second half when PSG managed to find the equaliser in the 65th minute. In the 72nd minute, Abate decided to sub on Sia and that decision was crucial in hindsight.

After struggling to create chances, Milan eventually found the winner as Sia made the most of a mishit effort from Mattia Malaspina, steering the ball into the net with his head. A crucial goal for the Rossoneri who now are at the top of their group with nine points in four games.

Camarda was sent off after the full-time whistled for a gesture against one of the PSG players and will thus miss the next game in the competition.

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  1. Fantastic match ending 3-2 for us with a sia goal in the 94rth minute but the referee was an absolute disgrace in what he allowed the psg youngsters to do against us and we was also robbed of at least 1 penalty as simic was kicked in his face and even bled profusely and still psg was given a freekick instead.
    The match should have been closed by us far earlier though as we had a couple of sitters as well.
    Camarda was also given a red card after the match ended,
    A surprisingly very high intensity match though and i was thoroughly entertained.

    1. Indeed it was a good one. That Simic foul was brutal, should have been a penalty.
      Who were your tops/flops?

      I thought Chaka was going nowhere and Cuenca struggled also.

      It also bears mentioning we played without Stalmach, Eletu and Zerolli in midfield

      1. Yeah and i also wondered why simic was even allowed to play with blood in his face as matches usually are stopped when such things happens.

        I think scotti who is only 16 did a lot of great stuff even though he was subbed off later on. Camarda obviously did great as well and also did a lot of work for the team in the defensive phase. I think chaka traore did make some good runs in first half but propably not his best match.

        Yeah absolutely the primavera team shows a lot of promise even when missing some of their bigger names.

        The ref did allow the psg players to do stuff we wasnt allowed to for example on one ocasion a psg player kicked the ball away and nothing happened then when jimenez did it he was yellow carded, Psg also really manhandled our players while not getting carded,

        1. Yeah Scotti seems like a real livewire, and as you say Camarda works hard and tracks back, good to see.

          I was surprised to see Jiminez go off with cramp. At their age they should be able to run all day

          1. Yeah he seems very promising.

            Yeah but still adult pros also get cramps sometimes and i think its fair to expect more from them than youngsters and the match was highly intense,

  2. I saw some of the game. Amazing goal by Camarda.
    However grabbing his junk as an insult to the opposition was very unsporting. I hope they don’t placate him as he is the new star, he should be rightfully punished. This is where having Maldini was very useful, he was respected. Perhaps that will be Zlatan’s new role, though he doesn’t compare to Maldini on many levels

    1. Initially i thought it was one of milans coaches who was red carded so i didnt see camarda grabbing his junk but even though its a dumb gesture i can understand the frustrations of the milan players as the psg players several times looked like they were trying to injure our players. I think it was Kamil Bensoula who had several bad tackles on our players but there was several of the psg players who also did that in my view.
      Milan was overall a deserved winner of the match as we played much better as i view it.

    1. In recent games the discipline of our players in the 1st team and today in the Primavera has been poor. It shows a lack of leadership.
      Just watch the clip of Maldini grabbing hold of Gattuso back in the day, ordering him to back off.
      A legend like that only needs to give a disapproving glance to put players back in their place. We miss that

  3. Our January – March last year was more disastrous than the one you’re complaining about while maldini was still around…

    It doesn’t matter who is there or not, it’s how football is nowadays, you can’t compare the era of Gattuso with this that everything in football has been commercialized.

    Let maldini have sound sleep wherever he is pls🙏🙏🙏

    1. I don’t think we are talking about the same thing. I’m not commenting on how the team plays or is coached.
      What I am saying is our players particularly some of our “stars” have got too big for their boots. Poor discipline getting needless cards for shouting and complaining is not the image a great club like Milan should tolerate. These “stars” need to be put in their place and made certain it is the club that comes 1st. This is best done by someone who holds great respect and gravitas. Do you think Theo or any of them would answer back to Maldini? No they would do what they are bl00dy told

  4. We’re still saying the same thing it’s just that you’re deviating from the fact that all these things happened even when maldini was there…

    I said earlier that you made a good point but including maldini is what i disagreed with. Because we should have moved on.

    1. The poor attitude and ill-discipline is not something that was an issue during Maldini’s time.

      We have lost many of our leaders both on and off the pitch and it shows.
      Zlatan, Kessie, Romagnoli, Tonali, Maldini were the leaders of this club/team.
      Giroud does not have that impact, nor does Theo or Leao (in fact they are the 2 worst examples). Mike and Tomori are pretty recent arrivals and they are the closest thing we have to leaders (both sent off this season).

      Leadership is still very important in a team

    2. I don’t know what u have against Maldini…but whether u like it or not..his impact on d team was immense n his absence is well felt… I don’t think Cardinale is that stupid to be going after Zlatan.. the team needs a reference point for inspiration n’s obvious these 2 qualities are not in Pioli or Furlani…
      Yes, Maldini is gone n in d past but we won’t stop discussing him until we get someone to fill dat role …

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