CF: Milan agree €30m/yr PUMA deal – comparison with Inter, Juve and top European clubs

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are now comfortably in second place in Serie A among revenue received from their technical supplier, but are lagging behind the rest of Europe.

Calcio e Finanza published an article which carries ranking of Serie A clubs based on the money they get from their kit manufacturer. After the renewal with PUMA – which will bring €30m per year to the Rossoneri’s accounts – Milan have overtaken Inter (€12.5m) to jump into second in the league.

In Serie A, Juventus remain at the top with €51m per season from Adidas, while Lazio and Roma complete the top five. The new agreement with PUMA is therefore a big step forward for the club, but the comparison to the rest of Europe is almost scary.

Real Madrid earn €120m per season from Adidas, Barcelona get €105m from Nike, Manchester United get €87m from Adidas, PSG receive €80m from Nike, Manchester City get €75m from PUMA, Arsenal and Chelsea get €60m from Adidas and Nike respectively, and finally Liverpool and Tottenham are paid €35m by New Balance and Nike.

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  1. And you all wonder why Milan can’t match the wages offered by the big teams? At least the current management has things going in the right direction and is increasing all revenues. But you all want Gazidis fired because most posters here are clueless.

    1. ” But you all want Gazidis fired because most posters here are clueless.”

      So everyone else but you are idiots who want him gone? 🙂

      It took years for Gazidis FINALLY (if it even were him!!!) get better sponsorship deals but other than that all he has done is block good transfers preventing Milan getting a more competent team. And the comparison to other similar deals show that there’s still plenty of room to improve with Milan’s sponsorship deals.

      Yes. I’m one of those people who want Gazidis out as he has been blocking transfers and he knows nothing about the players (who would be good for the team and who would not).

      1. Did Maldini ever say Gazidis blocking transfer?

        You put too much trust on anonymous source. The same sources that try to discredit Maldini by potraying him as power hungry.

        Gazidis should leave but it will be because Redbird need to put their own person to pursue the direction they aim.

        1. Well… It surely wasn’t Maldini nor Boban who blocked Zlatan’s return a few years ago! I don’t have Maldini’s phone number or even email address so I haven’t spoken to him about Gazidis so I can’t answer that question.

    2. First of all, sponsors pay for winning teams and top players, not because Gazidis is there. Got that? So PSG is paid that money because they have Neymar, Messi, Mbappe but less than other clubs competing in top leagues. The whole point of a sponsorship is to have your brand connected with winners and big players. So, Milan winning the title 100% had a lot to do with this. If you want more money from sponsors, you can’t have Krunić in the first team and buy Acerbi. This is how the world works.

      P.S. If Milan sold the players that left for free the effect on the debt would be about the same as to what Gazidis did. So, if they had someone even more capable the same thing could have been done + players could have been sold and club would have money now to spend.

      The Great Gazidis, glorified accountant.

      1. Gazidis job is to be a glorified accountant as you said. And in the short time that he has been at Milan he has done that well. Milan’s accounts are in a far better place than they were before he came and they have more sponsors paying higher fees. Most all of which was done before the scudetto. As Yelnats said he may go because the new owners might want their own man, but not because of job performance.
        Now as to if he is blocking transfers; neither you nor I know the answer to that. If he does have that power and is, well that’s his job. Don’t hate someone for doing what they have been tasked. Somebody needs to be in control of the pursestrings or you’ll end up like Barca in debt up to your ears.
        It would be great to be able to match the offers that PSG, Munich, Real, and the English teams make, but that’s just not reality. Over time if Milan stays on their current path they could come closer. Adults understand that you seem like an uneducated child with your constant jejune comments.

        1. Which sponsors and which amounts? Any accountant could have gotten us a bigger amount by selling the players that they refused to renew contracts and getting a bit “worse” sponsors. Basic logic. Over 100M€ gone because of their policy.

          And if you were an adult you could see how other clubs did. Find one that got to the top like this. Liverpool? They literally all got money, nothing in their transfer policy or any other policy got them to buying more expensive players, but the TV rights deal. Literally 0 clubs that did this without a big financial boost that got them to buy big players. You are ridiculous with your claims.

          PSG had 221M income when new owners took over, which wasn’t in the top 10 at that time. They increased the revenue to be the 5th club in the world. Surely by saving money and buying 34 year old defenders and unknown players. Sponsors can’t wait for unknown players to promote them. You don’t understand that money follows money, I bet you don’t own or even had own any type of company but nobody would pay you more if you don’t offer them more value, or better said famous faces to promote their brand.

          Milan increased its revenue by 100M, reduced costs and will spend less for transfers this season. Stop being a joke and explaining your failed logic to me.

          1. And yeah, France had a ridiculous TV rights amount and an unatractive league. They got to bringing the best player in the world to the club by using this wrong strategy I am telling you Milan should follow. Even Paolo Maldini said exactly what I said. Milan should invest and get 2-3 players this season to compete in CL. You can build on that every year with 50M. It is an idiotic discussion, if you spent 150M maybe Milan would go into quaterfinal of CL, that attracts more sponsors and much more money, also attracts better players for less money. Because most will rather play for a bit less money and compete for CL. And so on, I can give you another 12 examples why is it better.

  2. Just to remind you that the one who signed the check last season was Elliot now RedBird and if there’s someone who blocks something in Milan it’s the property and not Gazidis

    1. Gazidis is still the CEO until November. He is the one with the biggest authority in the club. And it’s STILL Elliott who makes the decisions as the owner – not RedBird. RedBird hasn’t paid enough to have the power yet.

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