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By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are not only aiming to renew the contract of Rafael Leao but they also hope to keep Olivier Giroud beyond his current deal too.

According to the information of our colleagues at, the renewal of Giroud is one of Milan’s priorities together with that of Leao. In the coming days, the Rossoneri management will meet with the player’s agent to discuss the terms of the extension.

There shouldn’t be any problems, but one thing worth mentioning is that Giroud’s agent is planning to ask for a slight increase in salary. Paolo Maldini could well accept that demand, just to ensure he has the striker for next season as well.

Giroud was decisive in the Scudetto win last season scoring crucial goals against the likes of Inter, Lazio and Napoli, while his experience at the age of 36 (37 later this year) could also help in mentoring the centre-forward of the future, whoever that might be.

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  1. Can we please not?

    We are grateful for all he did last season, and for all the things he isn’t doing this one, but he is not aging like fine wine, in fact the was a benchwarmer before we picked him up from Chelsea and he is on the decline. It is just the way it is.

    It’s time to say goodbye and find someone at least 15 years younger.

    1. He can still be valuable for depth. He shouldn’t be playing as many minutes. If we have an alternative in that position who is good, consistent, and young, he should become the backup.
      Origi ain’t that player, CDK needs time… I’d say, get one more season outta him.

    2. As Milan have infinite transfer funds, let’s kick out Giroud, Kjaer and everyone else over 30, right? It’s not like it takes money to get proper replacements. After all the two new strikers have already scored one goal (combined) when half of the season is over.

      Giroud is so damn easy to replace, right? It’s not like he’s the best goal scorer ever in the French National team. Or the top goal scorer in Milan last 2 seasons.

      Benchwarmer in Chelsea or not, he’s 100000x better than Origi, Rebic, CDK & Lazetic combined. And you want him out? LOL 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

      1. Let’s get Mandzukic back. Maybe we can see if Rooney is free. I’m sure they will be cheaper than Giro, and just as useless. Hell, lets dig up Maradona while we’re at it.

        We can keep our geriatric ward around pay them millions per year, or we can let kids like Lazetic play. Sure, he’ll need some time to get his confidence back, but he can only get better, while Giro can only get closer to Maradona’s current form.

        As long as keep Ibra and Giro around, we will keep lying to ourselves that we have strikers and that we don’t need to invest. Milan is the club with the 16th highest revenue in the world, above Leicester, Leeds, Everton… Just below West Ham (actual statistics, look it up. it doesn’t let me post links here) and we can’t spend money on a young striker. Yeah… sure. Keep providing alibi for Cardinale’s penny-pinching.

        1. Who will replace Giroud? Mbapppe or Haaland? At least, Giroud scores goals.. Mandzukic never scored goals, for Milan! That, Maradona joke, is no funny.. Giroud, contributed to our Scudetto win last season.. Don’t try to be an ungrateful clowns, like Juventus fans, those who wanted Ronaldo to leave! See, where are they..

          1. So what is your solution?
            Just because they contributed in the past, they should keep aging, overpaid players on the team until they can’t walk anymore?

          2. Is a salary, of €3.5M, overpay according to you? Think, Origi earns €4m.. With one goal, and an assist! Lukaku, earns €8m warming Inter bench.. I am not, saying we should be paying them, until they get older, also cover their pension.. In today’s market, it’s difficult to replace a striker.. And to think that, we will be getting a striker for €20M that can score 20 goals, and provide 10 assists every season is a bit naive.. We are lucky, to have a striker, that can atleast guarantee goals!

          3. You keep acting like there is Giro and Ronaldo or Haaland. There are very competent, very decent strikers you can buy for under 20M and pay them less than 3M per year. Just look at atalanta, look at Sassuolo. They all, always seem to find quality, pay them next to nothing, and they perform just fine.

            You can get a young, energetic, competent, talented striker, in fact you already have one, you had him for a year. Our idiot coach just doesn’t know how to work with him. Its the same with all our other last summer signings. They are all young, talented and competent. Its Pioli’s incompetence that is ruining them.

            I will forever be grateful to Pioli, Ibra and Giro, but they along with Pioli are the ones holding us back right now. They have taken us as far as they can, it’s time for someone else to step up, and no one will because we refuse to make the necessary cuts.

          4. “There are very competent, very decent strikers you can buy for under 20M and pay them less than 3M per year. Just look at atalanta, look at Sassuolo. They all, always seem to find quality, pay them next to nothing, and they perform just fine.”

            And look at Milan’s track record of buying young strikers. A few names come to mind… Andre Silva, Lazetic. How have they worked out? These kids at ~20 can’t handle the pressure being Milan’s striker brings. We’ve seen it for decades now. The only young striker bought to Milan with decent success was Pato. Since him? No one.

        2. In what way? Is Ibra, Pioli and Giroud, holding us back? Will you elaborate? According to you, if Pioli, Ibra and Giroud leaves.. Then, we will win every trophies, including Champions League?

        3. With all due respect, Atalanta and Sassuolo, are mid table non ambitious clubs.. They sign players, for lower fees, and sells them for capital gain, after nurturing them.. When was the last time, they won something relevant? Or, how many top players, want to play for them? How many top players, do even choose Atalanta and Sassuolo as the final destination of their career? Sassuolo was knocked, out of Coppa Italia, by a Serie B side.. We are no Atalanta or Sassuolo! Sassuolo, with their overpriced players, couldn’t even finish in top eight, of Serie A last season..

  2. That’s great.
    Let’s give a 37 year old a raise like he is going to get better next season, not older and worse, but nickel and dime during transfers or negotiations with the younger players or the players in their prime.

    1. Let’s put it this way. Count how much money has each Giroud’s goals cost Milan. Then do the same math for Lazetic, Origi and Rebic. Let’s see how “expensive” each one is.

      It’s insane how people here want to kick out the only attacker guaranteed to score goals in the whole team. Just because he’s 36. He scored 4 goals in 7 matches that were played every 3 days on the highest level possible (the WC). If that doesn’t prove he has plenty to offer I don’t know what will.

      1. Where did you read that i said to kick him out?
        He will be 37. When you sign a new contract you will be getting paid for what you WILL do, not just what you have done. You might believe in Zlatan and his Benjamin Button nonsense but athletes get worse when they get older, not better.
        If Milan wants to be a serious club Giroud should be nothing more than a backup. He makes 3.5 now, why would you give an old backup a raise on par with the highest paid players on the team?
        But then again, Paolo pays Florenzi more money to be a backup and a hospital patient than both Calabria and Kalulu.

        1. Why did Barcelona, sign Lewandowski for €50m? And, he earns €10M? And, their first choice striker? Giroud scores goals, for the team.. Think of Lukaku, who has 1 goal whole season, and earns €8m.. So Giroud, isn’t overpayed..

          1. Sure, let’s compare the world best striker from the past decade with no offense to Giroud , career backup.
            First Lewandowski is 2 years younger than Giroud.
            2nd Barcelona isn’t a great example to compare yourself when it comes to squad planning , spending and contracts given,
            3rd. I didn’t say Giroud is overpaid now, but that he will be overpaid if he gets a raise with his new contract for the way Milan has been paying players

          1. So by your logic, the only overpaid players in our current squad are Bakayoko, Adli and Mirante, since they are just getting paycheck and bringing 0 contribution?
            You are overpaid if your contributions are less than the amount of money you are getting paid, not just because you have contributed with something.
            He will be a year old next season. His contribution and time on the field will drop , why would you pay him more.
            Milan has to sign a younger striker that will start over Giroud, not invest, and bank on older Giroud.
            Give him a new contract with either the same money or less, and use the raise planned for him to get a better striker to start over him. How long you are going to extend 37 and 42 year olds instead of investing those funds in younger players, hopefully chosen by anyone else but paolo

        2. That’s what I mean as well.. We, should sign a striker.. But, if you see, in today’s market getting a striker, of top calibre costs €50m! And, given our tendency to not, spend on proven players, I think that Giroud’s heir will be an unknown player.. Whom, we have never heard of.. Although we will be, linked with Haaland and Mbapppe lol..

  3. Leave Giroud alone …He is a class player ,yes world class ….it’s not because of him we are not scoring goals .Olivier is a player that commands the 18 yard area better than anyone in the world ..
    The fact is Oliver Giroud needs service to him ,decent crosses into the box ..These have been scarce of late .
    Many of you already forget that only last season he was our hero …i remember telling all that when we signed Giroud we would win the scuddeto,indeed we did ..You also forget that Olivier was a huge success at the recent World Cup …Also he is Frances record leading scorer ..So not too bad is it ..
    Olivier Giroud will score against lazio ,and suddenly he is the top man again .I remain a avid fan of Oliver Giroud and I remain optimistic..We will come good again soon ..We may not win the scuddeto this season ,but I am very confident we will finnish second..

  4. I don’t expect a top striker to replace Giroud because Giroud isn’t and has never been a top striker. I expect someone younger and better than Giroud, and that kind of strikers with the right scouting can be easily found for less than 20 mil.
    We could have had Kolo Muani, same player that came in the world cup final and replaced Giroud, who was subbed in the 40th minute, for free. But M&M chose Origi .
    How much do Lockman, Nzola, Beto, Dia cost. All of them have scored more goals than Giroud this season.
    Juventus sighed Milik on loan with 7 mil option and he has score same amount of goals as Giroud even though he has mostly come off the bench

    1. Finally someone that uses his brain. People need to stop believing we owe our current or former players anything. What they are owed they are paid monthly in accordance with their contract. When they are not performing in accordance with their contract or if club outgrows them, they need to be replaced.

      Giro did his job, but he is too old and too inconsistent, he has been on the decline for years. We need to thanking for what he did and send him on his way into retirement where he belongs.

  5. DA – e da je samo Giru !!! Salemakers, Mesijas, Origi , DeKatelare, Bakajoko, Baloture, Dest ,Thauw, Gabija , Pobega, a ima ih još !! Sve je to ŠKART – DRuga LIGA

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