GdS: Milan moving urgently as Real Madrid ready €120m bid for Leao

By Oliver Fisher -

Real Madrid have turned to Rafael Leao having missed out on the signing of Kylian Mbappe but AC Milan have no intention of selling, a report claims.

La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews) report that Real Madrid want to make a big splash in the summer mercato having set aside a huge amount of money to sign Mbappe, who in the end has decided to renew his contract with Paris Saint-Germain.

Los Blancos have had an eye on the extraordinary season that Leao has had with Milan that culminated in a hat-trick of assists in the final league game of the season to help the Rossoneri win a 19th Scudetto.

There is even talk of an offer of €120m being readied by the LaLiga champions, but the Milan management have absolutely no intention of selling a player that hit double figures in goals and assists this season, instead aiming to extend his deal until 2026 with a big pay rise.

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    1. IMHO should he leaves. It will be no less than 200M euros. Or perhaps real madrid ready to hit 140M plus Vinicius Jr. Then we talk brick by brick trying to close the deal. 🙂

      1. Is this a joke? Leao has half of Vinicius market value. Perhaps 140m plus Rodrygo could work but no way for RM to make that kind of deal.

  1. rationally
    120m is insane price for a winger. u can buy 3 A level player, even thou leao is A+ player

    but emotionally
    Leao belongs to Milan, he is milan project

  2. 120 as the very first bet?
    Then they should be ok to sign him for 200. Without Leao, our attack will become toothless, so need to make sure we can rebuild our left wing again.
    I would prefer him to stay and become our next legend, but we also need money to keep building our team.

  3. 150 would do it .
    Every player is for sale for the right amount.
    With those money Milan can buy 4, 5 top quality players and strengthen even more in areas of need.
    Look at Liverpool, they were a good team with Coutinho and he looked like the best player in EPL. They sold him for stupid money and they reinvested those money in the squad. They have become top 3 team in the world since then and about to play their 3 UCL final in 5,6 years.
    I trust Maldini to do what’s best for the club but I wouldn’t be opposed to Leao sale

  4. If this rumour true. Just sell him 120m euro to real Madrid. Learn from liverpool they sell Coutinho for 120m euro and use that money reinvest to other player . But if just 50-70m euro for leao better not sell

  5. Obviously, with 150m, he shall be sold.
    Think about it, with this money you can actually buy:
    Berardi AND Asensio AND Zaniolo (around 40m each) AND Lang (25m). Or Nkunku (65m) plus two of the rest.
    Please don’t stick to the exact names, it’s just example. The point is that in a team which is onthe making, we cannot afford to go all-in in a single player. We are not looking (yet) for the cherry on the cake, we are making the cake.
    Leao is great but it is impossible to match the overall contribution of 3/4 good players.

  6. It is easy.If he accept renewal dont sell him,if he say “we will see tomorrow” sell him right now.As time pass he will ask for more money and he is right about that,if we dont have what he asks for just sell the man and dont make drama again.

  7. 150M is enough to rebuild left wing and additonal attacker also right problemo Leao’s heart is belongs to Milan. He could be back for free on next season.

  8. Put bluntly, everyone has a price. 150m Euros is a fair price and we could get a lot of decent players for that money. Of course, we need to be like Liverpool investing the Coutinhio money, not like Spurs investing the Bale money.

  9. Depends will the new owners really introduce themselves with the sale of the best player from this season. I don’t think anyone is idiot enough to do that, but we’ll see soon.

  10. If he wants to leave, sell. If he wants to stay he better get a new contract quick. no more free agent departures

  11. Lol 120m? Take that money all the way to the bank. You can get 2 or 3 quality players with that plus the books sorted. Leao is good, not great and can disappear in games. Also lack of tracking back can be an issue

  12. This boy will become a superstar compareable to Mbappe, If he want to stay with 6M wage then let him stay i’d say, but if this summer he’s not renew then its better sell him now to avoid similar and dreadfull situation as Kessie,Dolla and Calha.

  13. A lot of good conversation here. I guess everyone sentiment is around 150M, and he’s gone. Plus, learn from liverpool and not Spurs (or barca for that matter, — remember how they spent Neymar’s money).
    Given our scouting, i thrust we are more liverpool than spurs. Hope he stays though.

  14. I have been saying it over and over all season about Leao and what kind of amazing player he can become if we were patient. Now look, it’s all coming together. And there were/are a bunch of racist idiots on the chat who called him “lazy” and “uninterested” and wanted us to sell him for 40M LOL. Every knowledgeable football fan knows what this kid is capable of and he is just touching the surface of his immense potential. It’s not surprising teams will offer this kind of money for him. Exceptions are made all the time. We did it for Ibra and not for Gigio. Fine. But this time we need to Pay this kid what he is asking and lock him up long term. No fkn around Redbird. Make it happen.

  15. Stop the non sense talk …Leao can become close to Mbape level on the pitch soon , he has a explosion and driblings i only saw at Ronaldo the brazilian….we can t a player like him atm no matter the amount (only Mbape) , u say sell Leao and buy berardi , asensio and another average player…is funny and sad same time

  16. I believe leao can be even better next season, with the way the transfer market inflates every season we can sell him for 200m after next season if were patient enough.

  17. Milan mjenja vlasnika , dakle dolazi bogat i ozbiljan kupac . Za stvorit vrhunski tim za ligu prvaka treba uložit a ne prodavat i uzimat novce Leao je vanseriski ,nezamjenjiv i pravi razliku !!!! mora ostat!! Novce imaju i 120 mil eura im ne znači ništa ako žele top tim. Dakle treba nadogradnja i to za ljevo krilo LANGA ili Berardija i desetku DE KATELARA koji po potrebi može bit i centarfor . To je im je poklon za skudeto i viza za ozbiljnost !! ne košta puno i mogu to bez problema. Ostalo u planu je Milan zaradio sam od plasmana u ligu prvaka i to za BOTMANA i SACHEZA !! Besplatno stiže ORIGI . Osim toga od prodaje 5 igrača može se još nabavit par dobrih mladih perspektiva !!

  18. Everyone needs to stop bringing up Barardi. If dude was any good he would’ve scored against N. Macedonia. Milan need players who can make a difference when it matters not disappear on the biggest occasions.

    1. Last time i checked he is leading the assists in our league and has 15 Goals. Its completely dumb to base on one match and you know it

  19. He has 17 assist so what? Doesn’t make him a better player. We need a team that can make the difference. Recall how our midfielders and Defence stepped up when the attack was lacking? That’s the kind of players we need. Not just players that can hurt little teams.

  20. This is the rub, the better Leao gets the better he makes those around him , against Sassuolo he was marked by two and through coaching in the last month or so coached to find the open man, Giroud who usually is marked by two was now open……as was Kessie, good coaching. AND great assists by Leao. Do not expect to have Leao run wild next season, teams will adapt and slow him down. We shall see . BUT as a fan he sure is exciting and hope the best for him.

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