CM: Milan left feeling regret as Enzo Fernandez continues to shine for Benfica

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan may very well be left feeling some regret that they did not push harder to sign Enzo Fernandez as he continues to shine for Benfica.

Fernandez was repeatedly linked with a move to Milan during the month of June, and Daniele Longo reported that the Rossoneri were indeed keen on the player and chief scout Geoffrey Moncada spoke directly with him. However, he was always an alternative to Renato Sanches of Lille, so a negotiation with River Plate never started.

Benfica won the race, and reported that the deal they struck was for €10m plus €8m in bonuses for 75% of the player’s sporting rights. With Renato Sanches having joined PSG for a similar up front fee, Milan have been left needing to consult their list again. report how Enzo Fernandez is a player destined to be talked about in the future as he has had an immediate impact at Benfica. After his debut goal for the club came in the Champions League qualifiers, the first league goal arrived in the first league game of the season against Arouca.

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  1. I also felt regret with 2M decision to wait Sanches, who at the end went to PSG. It would be very ideal for Milan to him and CDK in new young Milan team.

    1. He is also ideal as he is U21. Maybe the talk with Moncada reveal something that make the maangement decide against it.

    2. I guess you don’t understand that we were never going to pay 6m per year for this injury prone player who also really wanted to join PSG.

      1. The point is we HAD a chance to sign Sanches and HAD we made a stronger salary offer (4.5m) at the BEGINNING he in all likelihood would have came (as he already agreed to come in January but we could not agree on a fee w Lille and Lille was reluctant to sell in the winter window). But because we low balled him at 3.2M he hesitated and wanted to look at other options in case something better in terms of salary came along. PSG were not even interested back then. It was only AFTER they brought in his former coach and sporting director that they turned their eyes to Sanches and they made a stronger salary offer – then it was over. HAD we’d been more decisive upfront and not cheap we could have bought a world class player in his prime w/ resale value and w/ CL experience for only 15M. You cannot find that kind of player so easily, especially with our pathetic budget. Now we are scramblingfor a alternative w only 10M or less to spend. Get it yet???

        1. Juro I always like your comment, you speak without sentiments, don’t mind these keyboard warriors that have been affected by this management weird strategy, they forget that they are Milan and expect to always get the rejects……now we are going for unknown trial players for loa, extremely pathetic

          1. @Kossy – These donkeys are just lovers of Elliot/Redbird. They say if we criticize ownership we are not fans lol. They are idiots. These are the same people who said Leao was “lazy” and should be sold for 40M LOL. They don’t understand there is a difference between ownership and M&M. We love and support M&M – unfortunately they are not given the proper financial support to get the players they have identified for months/years we need to make jump to next level. If it was up to M&M they would have signed CDK month ago and not haggled and wasted so much time to only end up at the same price all along – 35M – and would have offered Sanches a solid salary 4-4.5M/season straight away. But because they are not properly supported they have to nickel and dime every deal and it costs us time and players (like Sanches). it’s embarrassing at times that M&M have to work in this way for such a prestigious club. Give them reasonable budget reflective of todays market (80M is reasonable) and watch them build a powerhouse they are that good. These sheep just don’t get it. Instead of blaming ownership they always blame the players calling them greedy for wanting to be paid their fair market value. They will say the same of Leao if he doesn’t resign. Sheep

  2. Milan would have submitted a 3million to get him so we didn’t lose him, milan just saved the fans another unnecessary waste of time……..that’s what Milan is for now, offer ridiculous offer then tell Maldini to call the player then we pray it works, well it mostly doesn’t work and now we have gained that image, most club will be strict in dealing with us, club brugge already started the cycle…….the player Chelsea bought for 20m(chukwuemeka C), we offered 3.5m, what a shame, even if we don’t have money, then don’t go for the player at all, I heard that in ESPN and I was ashamed of being a Milan fan

    1. You were ashamed because Milan offered 3.5 mil on a kid that barely has any 1st team time at Aston Villa and he is in the last year of his contract?
      That was the right amount to offer. Just because Chelsea went way over doesn’t mean that he is worth it. Even Aston Villa was surprised by Chelsea high offer.
      Last year Milan was offering a loan with option to buy at around 20 mil for Nikola Vlasic. West Ham came in and paid 35 mil for him and he spent the whole season on the bench and in the stands. Now he is about to go to Torino on loan.
      Let the ownership and management do their jobs. In the last 4 years they have turned Milan from a laughing stock to a serie A Champs. And the club has a great base for an even greater future

      1. Stop saying they turned Milan into champions, they didn’t, the coach and players surprised them by turning themselves into champions, that’s why there is no plan for a possible after championship winning strategy. A team that won the scudetto can only sign one free transfer and cry/lament/beg but still paid the full money for a 21 year old we all belive is the next Messi neglecting the midfeild and defense.

        This is not just about chukwuemeka, this is about every transfer that we have been in, Leeds president said that he was surprised that Milan stayed that long to agree terms with clubbrugge, they thought they will go all in and buy him out since they want him but they surprising wasted tons of time…….this is about all our transfer, we have agreement with clubs then we want a discount before we buy the player in full, we even manipulate the players to take paycut to make the deal (tonali, CDK), which will dawn on them once they are older and is about to sign the next long term contract..,…

        If you do not want to spend then get yourself to possible target and stop disgracing yourself around Europe, if chukwuemeka is 20m, they why submit 3.5m, do you know what that does to your repatoir, we are simply degrading ourselves and making ourselves a bad business for clubs…….

        Sanchez wanted Milan a long time, be posted series of tweets about his coming to Milan, he talked to Leao and maignan already but why give a 24year old 3.2m? Purely stupid……now they want to renew benaccer and Leao and they are offering 3m and 4.5m respectively in this world of football and inflation……..Milan will destroy themselves by themselves, maybe not now but let them keep this energy up, they will loose everything and will not be able to get anything……this is why serieA is old fashioned, they always think everything must be attanined by being strict and narrow, just look at how building a new sansiro is taking ages, football have changed and if we keep allowing these vulture funds to run us, they will milk us of everything then leave us hanging then we begin from the start again……THIS IS NOT HOW TO RUN A CLUB IN MODERN FOOTBALL, Maldini knows this but just there for the love only.

        1. “If you do not want to spend then get yourself to possible target and stop disgracing yourself around Europe”

          NO ONE f*ng cares. You really think other fans or even clubs care what Milan may or may not offer for players? They don’t. Go ask any Inter-fans how would the grade Milan’s CDK negotiations. They couldn’t care less. Ask them how much they feel Milan should have offered Sanches? THEY DON’T F*NG CARE.

          Like you would know better. Then why not apply for the CEO then?

          1. Actually, there are fans of another club(s) who care about it because they want to use it to insult Milan and Milanisti, some of them want to use it to drive wedge between Milan and Milanisti, some of them want to steer Milanisti to expect Milan to do things that are hardly possible due to limitation from the rule.

            Example of them are Kossy and Juro.

            True fans might criticize the club, they might hate like the ownership or the management or the coaches or the players, but true Milanisti won’t insult Milan’s name like Kossy did in the other article just now.

        2. Some people are so ungrateful.
          Do you realize that Milan was on the verge of bankruptcy. Who saved the club and paid all of the debt? Maldini and Massara? No It was Elliott.
          Milan has run losses , they weren’t making any money commercially or thru player sales. You can’t except big money signings or high paid players when there is no money coming in. For that Maldini has a blame too because in the last 2 summers he lost 4 players on free transfers which if he realized on time that he has no chance to resign and sold them Milan could have had extra 100 mil to spend on new players. I don’t blame him for not giving in to the players deman because they didn’t deserve the money they were asking, but I blame him for not being proactive and sell them on time. By the look of it same is about to happen with Leao and Bennacer.
          NO ONE was offering 20 mil for Chukwuemeka. He isn’t worth that much. Milan put in realistic offer for a kid with no experience in first team football on expiring contract.
          And what do you mean they have No strategy sfter winning the title. They just splashed 32 mil on a player without selling anyone. Juventus paid more for Bremer but they had to sell DeLigt to buy Bremer.
          And BTW to everyone that is still crying for Investcorp, they didn’t have the money to buy Milan in cash either. They were looking for loans too

          1. I won’t blame Maldini for losing $umma though.

            He display courage against critics by allowing $umma to go for free believing that $umma is not worthy of the money with that feet. He sign Maigan as an upgrade (not mere replacement), even before $umma decide to move.

        3. Missy which club have you run in your life, or which one are you running currently? You don’t know what you’re saying…. The owner can’t change Maldini as its. The man his really doing wonderfully. Did you know the fight he fault before the management could accept Pioli, not to talk of Theo, Leo, Tomori, Tonelli, Zlatan or the gamble he made on Giroud, rebic. The only mistake he did was to let paqueta go finally, it could have be just a loan….. I was surprise when Diaz was given more playing time than the young Maldini who I sees talent in his eyes… But did father leave the coach to do his job…. #Maldini

      1. How can that be a loan offer when the player is on an expiring contract & was put for sale because he refused to extend with Aston Villa?

        1. It can be done, Milan did it for Bakayoko last year who was actually on his last year of contract. Milan pay for loan sum and there is an option to buy that can become mandatory, Chelsea and Bakayoko then extend the contract to accomodate the loan deal.

  3. Elliot has there reasons for not splashing outragious amount on players and Elliott has been self sustaining and successful with the players they signed. Luca jovic was how much again, Maguire, Jake grealish, bale, coutinho, ousmane dembele, Anthony martial, otamendi, ozan kabak, let’s look at all the players that followed money non is world class now. Ben chiwell, all expensive transfers it is only few that can outperform most of our players. Keeping dollurama was more expensive than signing maignan, maignan is far better than dollar, some might be ashamed of this new owners but let look at Vlasic many people thought we made mistake but it was a mistake gunning for him. Look at pogba or Lukaku, even vlahovic are they worth the price? Yong Hong li spent to even qualify for champions League but what was the result. Over 250m euro but Elliott has spent less than that but we are Italian champion. Those 250m how much did we get from those players transfer and how many was worth that price and justified their contract. Pepe is another expensive acquisition by arsenal but to what avail. Expensive players don’t always mean success. Depay rejected us for Barca but was he a success there, wijnaldum left Liverpool for PSG what was the result? Neymar is even a success? Our management are doing excellently well. Let’s be glad. Barca has signed a lot of players but can’t register any. Kessie we love and respected went to that team but his professional future isn’t guaranteed yet. Barca can’t even pay current crops of players but they are signing more is that sustainable? Kessie has everything to be a great player in Milan but believe is dreams can be achieved in Barcelona so kudos to him and his professional future. Song did the same thing but where is song today? Depay was a beast in Lyon but just a year he is looking for another club. You either achieve your dreams and money or you either do what you love and see if money won’t follow. PSG and man city was league winners but the reception from the fans of Milan is crazy. We are passionate fanbase. Ibrahimovich is not a fool he played in Juve, inter, Barca, Milan, PSG, man United, galaxy LA but after he always new his home was in Milan. He could have gone to Saudi Arabia and receive crazy salary but one thing is sure Milan is not just a club but a home. No matter how old you are or incompetent you are or how much you have lose form we will still accommodate you. Look at Abbiati, or some old men that played to the end of their career in Milan, we love them even if they were below par. Money has ruin football but truly passionate footballers still exist. If sadio mane was offered twice or three times his salary by Liverpool he would have stayed. But kessie was offered more than twice his salary he rejected. Milan is a family if you don’t want sustainability look for an Arab sponsored club to join. We core, hard Milan fan can see what this owners are doing and how Milan has grown. We have successfully dodged many bullet from many agents and players. Sanchez has flop for all the big team he has played for but he has only performed well for Lille let see if he will take psg by storm and stays healthy. Milan is a forgiven home but most psg fans aren’t understanding and forgiving as fans of Milan.

    1. To be honest bro , AC Milan too are failed on expensive signing like bonucci 40m euro ( failed to perform ) then swap him with injury prone player caldara and now we have to waiting till caldara contract expire so he can go to small club. 35m euro piatek failed too due to unstable coach and now he ended on loan to fiorentina. 35m euro paqueta are failed too due to not compatible with pioli high press system . Big salary player like higuain are failed on AC Milan too. I agree with you , big name or expensive player not guaranteed success. Better use potential/talented player and make them become star player. Oil money make inflation in transfer fee & salary

  4. Move on . We miss him due to management target that crap Renato . We can still sign jean onana/sangare/fofana for kessie replacement

  5. 💯 Chunga Lunga, nice write-up…. EPL always overprices players once his an English player mostly, I can bet with you the buy can’t bench anybody in that Chelsea team only if they are injured. I will advise Milan to go for Fernandez….. Benfica will sell, or either let’s play with Bakayoko he will pick up back just a matter of time, Diaz should be send back to R.madeid. Laotvic will capitalise on any opportunity this time. D.maldini is catching up with his new team he scored last night, even Colombo

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