Di Marzio: Milan made late attempt to seal €25m Renato Sanches deal – why it broke down

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan made an attempt to sign Renato Sanches from Lille today but there was not enough time for the deal to go through, a report claims.

Gianluca Di Marzio told Sky (via MilanNews) that even though Milan were quiet today and have been during the January window compared to their rivals, it wasn’t for the want of trying. The management always maintained that they would have made an investment on the right players, and they made a late move for Renato Sanches of Lille.

The relations between the two clubs are very good, and there was the scope for a deal to be struck at around €25m plus bonuses, however the negotiations got stuck because of the very high demands of the player regarding salary.

There was not enough time to negotiate and get the entire package agreed, but even though the operation was unsuccessful and there doesn’t seem to be much of a chance of it happening tomorrow either, Sanches is still a very welcome profile that could be pursued again in the summer.

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  1. Thank GOD it didn’t go through. Madrid will sell Camavinga for €25m to us. Renato isn’t a big team player. Whatever Milan is now we are still a big club.

      1. Yeah sure. But his level decreased afterwards. That is why Bayern Munich let him leave. Otherwise the story would be different. So I am with that guy, Barbosa, in this one. I think we could get somebody better for price and talent, like Juventus just did with Zakaria. Especially, midfielders which are more abundant now than ever. I think it is harder to good defenders currently.

        1. Do you know that kevin de Bruyne didn’t thrive in Chelsea? It wasn’t because the lad wasn’t good but because of the crop of players that were present then in Chelsea. This guy in Bayern was still coming up and there were established midfielder in the role he played.

    1. Hey do you watch football match’s or you only watch selected matches? This guy Sanchez has shown himself to be a very good player he lead his team to win the ligue 1 and in Portugal he us always superb. Yes Camavinga is good but who said Madrid want to sell him and who makes decisions about who comes in or goes out? You or Maldini

  2. If his salary demands are high now (Mr Mendes representing) then they won’t go down in the summer. He’s got ‘lower end of top half Premier League’ written all over his future if salary is a determining factor here.

  3. I don’t know why either you Journalists or the Milan management thinks you can always fool we fans with your abysmal and deceiving informations. You can’t keep toying with we fans. Just within days there were many players linked to Milan, and now, you are coming up with stories of a deal that didn’t go through on the last day of the Window. There were 30days to sign players, so why now?! It doesn’t look real to me and will never until we sign these players linked. It’s absurd!

    1. That was fake story, just want to show the fans that did great thing to sign big names players. If they are willing to sign they should do it when the transfer window were open not on the last. That sucks

  4. So, Maldini has been in contact with Renato’s agent, Mendes for weeks if not months, negotiating Leao’s contract extension and he didn’t know Renato’s salary demands were to high before he started and managed to somehow agree transfer fee with Lille.
    Milan is managed by amateurs.
    Can’t wait for the club to be sold to a real owner who will want to invest to win , while making money and not to look how to save money while letting the most valuable players leave without Milan getting a dime for them

  5. Sell want away Kessie add some tokens to it to fund Renato ,letting this slip means we are acting too cheap and with modern football and it greedy agents we can’t go anywhere with these approaches ,the management should wake up we are in new era where money comes first to players before loyalty .

  6. Go kamara then in summer if Renato want high salary , but i think 4-5m euro /years salary still standard for Renato , in Lille he already got 3,5m euro /years

  7. SÍ tuvieron platicas con Jorge Mendes por Renato Sanches y no aceptó el salario, no quiero imaginar lo que pasará con las negociaciones por Leao..

  8. Lol. What a joke. We cannot sign anyone nor pay anyone. You would think after months negotiating with Mendes Maldini would know what kind of salary they would expect for Sanches??? This seems is a fake story – a weak attempt by management to appease the fans – as if to say “hey we tried” LOL. What a disgrace. AND if true – then to management – What kind of $ do you think these players want when other clubs offer them huge wages – do you think they will take a pay cut to play for Milan? Those days are over. And if we haven’t learned our lesson from Donnaruma, Hakan and Kessie – we are fools. Couldn’t even afford Faivre who just went to OL for a reasonable 14M. And now we are gonna spend 100M on Botman, Sanches and David??? LMAO. In what world? Lol. And what will we pay them in – peanuts? It’s embarrassing, especially as we watch our rivals Inter and Juve spend and aquire quality players and we sit and do NOTHING. Feel sorry for Pioli who has ZERO support from management. Zakaria for 5M by Juve is a steal. We couldn’t afford 5M as Kessie’s replacement? Let’s face it – at best we will become an Arsenal – buy young players then sell them off – maybe win a few Italian cups along the way but that’s it. So disappointing

    1. Hmm I think you’re going too far. Milan has the money. They just don’t want to spend it right away after bad experiences in the past with many players which did not contribute at all. So it is good that Maldini thinks well before he makes a movement. Milan fans are just desperate. I actually think that we should be thinking on other players, such an AM, RW and CF. Those three positions need to be filled with better quality players. It seems to me that Brahim will never be the same and he is still part of Real Madrid anyway. So Milan should end the loan deal in my opinion, and look for a player like De Ketelaere from Brugge or Yari Verschaeren. That is a better response.

      1. Right away? Well we are competing for a a CL spot – which is not guaranteed – esp after everyone else strengthened and we did nothing. And I’m complaining about Sanches in particular – rather us sign Kamara for free and spend that $ elsewhere. It’s not about Sanches – it’s about not being able to spend any money to help strengthen the squad…You mention De Ketelaere? How much do you think he will cost? He’s 40M-50M if not more. You really think we will spend that much? We have Adli anyways for ACM – so we will not sign De Ketelaere – but even if we didn’t have Adli on the way – do you really think we will spend that kind of $$? Lol. I wish – but I’m afraid You are dreaming my friend. That’s my point. I am not saying we should Spend 75M on one player like Juve – but If we cannot even sign a few low cost players like Zakaria or Faivre – or other Simi,at planes to help us this season we are in big trouble. We will see what everyone says if we fail to qualify for CL. Wonder if the same people will have the same opinion about this January transfer window….

        1. “sign Kamara for free” is something that many clubs around Europe want to do, and I suspect a bidding war will not work will with Milan’s salary structure.

          I agree that De Ketelaere with his current reputation is out of reach, but if Brugge want to cash in how many clubs are realistically going to pay that for a player from the Belgian league? At some point Brugge will have to deal unless one of 10 or so ‘really big spenders’ decide they want him.

        2. Well, the CL sport is not guaranteed, but it now seems more realistic than in the previous seasons before Pioli took over the team. At least, Milan can have the team to compete for the Champions spot. Also some players have grown because of being at Milan, such as Tomori, Theo, Calabria, Tonali, etc. Of course other ones left too such as Donnarumma or Kessie(which it will happen for sure). But those contracts of those players were made by the previous Milan management, not the current one. Milan is getting back their popularity and the team is still growing. Fans must accept that this is not the Milan of previous eras. In a way, it is a Milan that had to recover from nothing. It has taken long but all stories are different. Do you think that Juventus would be signing a player like Vlahovic back in 2012. I I do not think so. Now they are back in business after having bad times. The same for Inter, and Inter is still having financial issues. What saves Inter is that they have many players even in the bench and that they are the current Italian champions. So that is attractive for many players. For example, Julian Alvarez was bought by City for 17 M. Milan could have bought him, but why did he decide to go to City? Because City is more prosperous, and I am not talking about finance, I am referring to football. Most players now would prefer to go to the Premier because it is the best league at the moment. The Serie A is just reconstructing whereas La Liga is decaying. Although maybe with Mbappe going there will have some revival, who knows? And I know what you mean by De Ketelaere, but I am not sure if that is his value. Look at this website, https://www.transfermarkt.com/, they have the estimated values of many players. Zakaria chose Juventus because they have only had one bad season and the current one which is not over yet. Before 2020, Milan was not in good shape. So not many good players would choose the team. If Milan ends up doing well this season again like last one. More players will be attracted to join the project because there is consistency.

          1. Funny, EVERYONE is missing the real issue, AGAIN: Even IF Milan has the money, they can’t just spend millions in a particular period as they are under an FFP agreement that mandates a reduction of their year-over-year balance sheet. Even if right now the balance is not as bad as other clubs THEY HAVE TO REDUCE TO A CERTAIN POINT PER THE AGREEMENT, after which they will be release and can spend whatever. If they do not adhere to this agreement they will be banned from UEFA competition. EVERYTHING ELSE IS INCONSEQUENTIAL. What do people not understand about this???

  9. Some of you must be new to the game. Milan are still €100+ million in debt. The days of signing rejects like Sanches are long gone. He flopped in the Bundesliga and the EPL. Stop pretending he’s an incredible player that will take us to the next level. Milan have had UCL revenue once in the past 8 or so years, they’re not going to waste money. Every signing has to be calculated. Maldini is laying the foundations for sustained success.

    1. To clarify, the Sanches that was playing there was a winger, he’s reinvented as a box-to-box midfielder in a similar role to Kessie and is much sought after now. Probably too sought after for Milan to afford him.

  10. amateurs, well said. once again they first have to resolve their mistakes from summer mercato, Baka and further.
    Running in circles for 8years

  11. we can’t get what we want with those average player like Diaz,maldini let me tall you you can’t pooling us we know you are stingy and u don’t want us to achieve important thing same on you

  12. Hey management of milan sometimes they are useless,how many days are take in the transfer market almost 30 days,why the don’t discuss since

  13. Repeating what I wrote above, because it needs to be repeated over and over again:

    Funny, EVERYONE is missing the real issue, AGAIN: Even IF Milan has the money, they can’t just spend millions in a particular period as they are under an FFP agreement that mandates a reduction of their year-over-year balance sheet. Even if right now the balance is not as bad as other clubs THEY HAVE TO REDUCE TO A CERTAIN POINT PER THE AGREEMENT, after which they will be release and can spend whatever. If they do not adhere to this agreement they will be banned from UEFA competition. EVERYTHING ELSE IS INCONSEQUENTIAL. What do people not understand about this???

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