CorSera: Milan consider Renato Sanches pursuit very much alive amid PSG silence

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have not abandoned their hopes of signing Renato Sanches from Lille yet because Paris Saint-Germain have not moved as expected, a report claims.

It is now common knowledge that Milan have been trying to sign Renato Sanches for some time after Franck Kessie left on a free transfer, and Lille’s president even recently confirmed that the Portugal international will either play in Paris for PSG or for Milan, but news has gone somewhat quiet in the days since.

According to Corriere della Sera (via MilanNews), the track that leads to Sanches is one that Milan consider to be very much alive, and the quietness surrounding his future could very well be a good thing.

For some time there has been talk of a future at PSG for the former Bayern Munich man, but for the moment the Parisian club have not managed to seal the deal and so the Rossoneri still believe in their chances.

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  1. Let this guy be, I am no longer intrigued at his signing, once CDK comes in we’d have no need for him. The soap opera isn’t worth the glass leg guy. With all the saga, his coming could set an unease in the dressing room, and that’s the last thing we’d need.

  2. We are not interested again to become a rossenerian,you do it by heart ,dedicatation and determination,a good example is tonali who brought down his wages to play for milan.
    He should go to psg and stall his development.
    We are tired.please M and M get us CDK and Ziyech we are good to go.

  3. We are not interested again, to become a rossenerian,you do it by heart ,dedication and determination,a good example is tonali who brought down his wages to play for milan.
    He should go to psg and stall his development.
    We are tired.please M and M get us CDK and Ziyech we are good to go.

  4. We need to sack this guy off for disrespecting our club in favour of the nouveau riche state owned Paris circus. Sign the young lad from Villa Carney Chukwuemeka. Sanches can either rot in Paris or Lille. Sanches is just arrogant, he flunked at Bayern, had to take a step back and it gets the chance to play for one of the biggest three clubs in european football and is stalling…see ya mate…

  5. Milan are making the same mistake with Sanches as Leeds did with CDK.

    Why grasp at a player who clearly doesn’t want to come?

    The player is not interested in playing with Milan. Full stop. Move on.

    1. I think he’s edging his bets, I’m sure he would like to play for Milan, but now PSG is an option, and he’d prefer that, he’s already in France, they’re more likely to win the CL and will pay more. If psg took their interest away he’d be all over Milan.

      We should forget him and move on, he’s had his chance

    2. That’s a good point, yes, it is exactly the same. If he doesn’t want to come, we should forget him. If he did arrive his motivation may not be there. Plus chasing him makes us look desperate.

      1. “Plus chasing him makes us look desperate”? Like with CDK?? LOL. In todays game $$ is the motivation. We are offering 1.3M/season less than PSG. Pretty simple. If we match he will come and work his butt off. Easy for us sitting at home to call him greedy – but if you had a chance to earn 1.3M/season MORE you would hold out too. Can’t wait to hear these same fans that use Tonali as an example for Sanches saying he should take pay cut to come to Milan. Wonder if those same fans will feel the same way of we lose Tonali to an EPL club who offers him 10M/season while we only offer 4.5M lol. Will those fans then consider him a traitor who doesn’t love the club? Sound familiar? Lol.

  6. Presently, Milan doesn’t have any player for that position. We can’t keep saying we don’t need Sanches again because of the transfer saga. Milan is partly to blame; and his agent wants a good deal for him. Ultimately, if we don’t sign him, he’s got nothing to lose

  7. He wants to come he just wants to get paid by Milan the same as what PSG are offering him (4.5M) lol. Some ppl on here are hilarious. Would you turn away an extra 1.3M/season of you were in his position just to play for a team? It’s a business for the majority of players nowadays. 1.3M extra x 5 years is an extra 6.5M. Would you turn that down? It’s easy for us to say 3.2M is enough money he’s being greedy. But it doesn’t work like that. Players have a short career lifespan. One injury and it could be over. They like anyone else want to make as much as possible. If we offered the same salary as PSG he would gladly come and work his butt off to win the hearts of the fans. Easy to judge someone else when your sitting at home in your chair watching TV lol. But most of us regular people would not turn down a new job if your new employer offered you much more in salary. It’s business. IMO fans need to Grow up and stop with this BS about loyalty. That was 30 years ago. Game has changed it’s all about $$. Ask yourself this question: Will Tonali be considered a traitor or greedy if he leaves for the EPL in a few years when they offer him 10M/season and we can only offer him 4.5??? Sound familiar? LOL

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