TMW: Milan eye two possible replacements in case Leao saga doesn’t unlock

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have two names in mind to potentially replace Rafael Leao in the event they are forced to sell him, according to a report.

According to the latest from TMW, there is a stalemate at the moment between Leao and Milan over a potential renewal as recent talks have not moved things forward. The winger expressed his willingness to stay with the Rossoneri but there hasn’t been any progress of late.

The club’s position has been clear for some time: the offer is €7m net per season and they will not go higher than that because they believe it is a fair offer. If the situation does not unblock itself and the end of the season arrives without a signature, a sale would have to be considered.

Chelsea remain interested, while Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara are evaluating ideas in case everything gets more complicated, such as Allan Saint-Maximin of Newcastle and Noa Lang of Club Brugge.

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  1. Why not add Allan Saint-Maximin as a RW target regardless of Leao’s departure or not.



  2. If sell Leao and buy left and right winger, those two players needs to have combine numbers of Rafael Leao. Can they do that?
    It is gamble you never know.
    If Leao is going to be sold, than striker also can be bought. We might would have better squad debt.

    Owner of Fiorentina told how sale of Vlahovis was bargain for them. They bought Cabral and Jovic who scored more than Vlahovic and they paid those two players for very low price.

    1. It won’t be that hard to sign both left and right wingers who combined can have Leao numbers. Leao numbers are not that good.
      Some Leao fans are living only in the Leao bubble and are unaware of everything else outside of Leao or Milan.
      He had 11 g and 10 assists last year and people call him mvp and the best player in Italy.
      Just for comparison, Hakan, who according to some of our fans is trash, had 7 and 13. One less G,A contribution than Leao.
      Berrardi, who most of our fans didn’t want , had 15 goals and 15 assists.
      Kvara , half way through his 1st season in serie A has 10 g 9 a.
      As long as Leao is sold and doesn’t leave for free, Milan will replace his contribution very easy

      1. Please bear in mind, statistics doesn’t reflect everything.
        For example, Giroud is France’s all-time leading goal scorer, that is statistics according to data available, but comparing Giroud as a player to Thiery Henry opens up a whole different conversation on it’s own.

        Understand football, not just reading up stats, it will help you.
        Leao, Hakan? Oh common.

        1. “If sell Leao and buy left and right winger, those two players needs to have combine numbers of Rafael Leao. Can they do that?”
          This is the comment from @Milanello I responded to.
          Read it before you react, it will help you
          What about Hakan and Leao.
          Those are the numbers.
          Keep in mind that Hakan playes as a box to box midfielder and contribute those numbers on top of his defensive duties,
          Leao is a forward.

          1. Hakan has 20 goal contribution this season, while Barella who is a CM like him has 5 goals and 6 assists.

            Those are the numbers, Hakan with 20 goals contribution vs Barella’s 11 goal contribution is no match. According to statistics, Hakan is better than Barella.

            But in reality, have you watched them play?

            Understand football, it will help you, don’t analyse football by merely reading up stats, actually I give up on you already, my gawd!

          2. Saying Leao won the Serie A player of the season with 11 goals and 10 assists shows clearly your lack of understanding of football.

            Berardi had 15 goals and 15 assists last season, those are the numbers, so compared to Leao, he’s better, according to stats.

            Look, the Italian player of the season is voted for by a mix of footballers, coaches, referees and journalists. These are people who understand football not a stats reader like you. If they were stats readers like you, I strongly believe that award would have been won by Berardi.

            I believe you’ve never played football all your life, I shouldn’t bother myself about you in reality.

          3. Yes I have watched them play.
            Hakan is a complete midfielder and overall a better player.
            Hakan played as a 10 at Milan, along with left wing, and a mezzala.
            Goes to inter plays box to box midfielder and post 20 g,a contribution, and this year he is moved to a regista role. He has been so good at that position that he literally benched probably the best regista in Europe over the last few years in Brozovic. Inter is giving Hakan a new contract and a raise, plus thinking of selling Brozovic.
            No matter what people think of him as a person, IF you put your emotion to the side and you analyze only his game, you will see that he is a very good player and someone like him is very much missed in our lineup, especially this year.
            He would be our best midfielder

          4. The conversation wasn’t and isn’t who is the better player.
            But can Milan sell leao and sign 2 players that can post Leao numbers.
            The answer is with ease. Because Leao numbers are pedestrian.
            You didn’t like that so you start comparing who is the better player and telling people don’t understand football.
            If I don’t understand football than me and Leao have that in common

        2. One last thing.
          Barella is not a Central midfielder.
          He is a mezzala. If Barella played for Milan he would either play as a 10 or on the RW instead of Saelemakers.
          He won’t be playing next to Bennacer or Tonali in the midfield.
          Watch some other games and other players besides Leao.
          If you are only comparing Leao with Rebic, Saelemakers and Messias you would think that he is great, but if you step back and broaden your horizons you will see he isn’t anything special, and that is shown by the lack of interest and offers in him from the biggest and richest clubs

          1. Oh, my gawd!
            You just gotta rest, honestly, Barella no a CM? Really? Barella plays alongside Hakan and Brozovic in a 4 man midfield, thesame position you will find Bennacer on the pitch, but like I said, I feel insulted having a baseless argument with you.

            Lack of interest in Leao? Remember when Bergomi told sky that Maldini revealed that half of europe wanted Leao? Look, I also critical of Leao, but it has to be constructive as the boy is good, but obviously needs some fine tuning in his game, I remember even C. Ronaldo was like that, but Sir Alex criticised his game, moulded him to be a more refined player, that’s exactly what Leao needs right now, but talking like he’s not good shows a gross deficiency in player analysis. Listen to the English media what they had to say about Leao when we played against Tottenham and they also said beautiful things about him when we got humiliated by Chelsea.

            Look, whatever you comment on in life, try to have a little idea about it so as not to look like a fool, just my little advice son, it’s gonna help, believe me. Love you ❤ ⚫

          2. @JOHN THE BAPTIST
            Inter plays in 352 formation.
            What 4 man midfield are you talking about?
            Inter plays with 2 wingbacks, a regista and 2 mezalla’s.
            At least if you are arguing, know what you are talking about.
            And you are talking about being insulated and telling people they don’t understand football?
            You have a good day sir

          3. @ John the baptist
            Barella and Bennacer play in totally different positions.
            ‘Bennacer does his best work in his own half while Barella does his best work in the opposing team half.
            Bennacer is more of a defensive midfielder while Barella is offensive.
            Bennacer comp at Inter is Brozovic or this year Hakan.
            Barella ,since he plays mostly on the right side, his comp at Milan would be Saelemaekers.
            No coach would ever put Barella in central midfield because he isn’t good defensively

  3. CF – Kolo Muani
    CF – Marcus Thuram (free)
    RW – Moussa Diaby
    CM/DM – Amrabat
    CM – Tielemans (free)
    RB – Dodo

      1. Ndicka – Not suited for Serie A, I thought he was already joining Barcelona
        Nabi Keita – Big no no, nothing special, plus he earns almost €8m
        Aouar – On thesame level as Adli
        Adama Traore – Wing Back, yes. RW, no. Has no end product most times, but I will rather go for Dodo for Right Back.
        Firmino – good, but earns almost €11m

  4. Get Maxim and Lang. Right and left attack sorted. Get rid of Leao, Messiah, Origi, Giroud, get rid of all the deadwood. Get Dodo, get rid of Florenzi, clean up the God damn team.

  5. Lang would just be a CDK 2.0, so no thanks. Sell Leao and bring Chaka in first team. Imagine 120M, the club could invest for a real n°10, a RW, a good striker + a mildfield like Amrabat for example.

  6. AC Milan average 2.3 points per match with Rafael Leão in the team and 0.7 without him.

    They score 1.8 goals per match with him and 1.3 without him.

    They create 1.8 counter-attacking chances with him and 0.5 without him.

    But who needs Leao right?????? LMAO! Keep dreaming if you think these owners will invest every single penny from a Leao sale back into the club.

  7. This Z guy.
    Honestly, I don’t know how old you are, or maybe because obviously your IQ is very low.

    How is this conversation about how good Hakan is? Or him being given a pay rise? How daft comon.

    Comparing Hakan to Brozovic clearly shows that you absolutely know nothing about football. Look, Hakan CANNOT lace up the boots of Brozovic, I say this with a sense of responsibility. The only reason you feel comfortable talking about him now is because he has had a tough time with injuries lately, from hamstring to thigh to calf injuries and have had to sit out for months without playing. I mean, this is thesame Brozovic who won best midfielder in Serie A last season with Hakan in the team. Please I have to stop, I feel like I shouldn’t be doing this with you, you are just engaging in a baseless argument.

    1. Emotional, are we?
      When your argument is weak just go on and question people age or IQ, even though look who is spewing nonsense?
      Brozovic is back healthy and Hakan is still starting over him.
      And if they put Brozovic back in the starting lineup guess what’s going to happen, Hakan will still start next to him, because he can play anywhere in the midfield, while Brozovic can only play in the regista role.
      And you are right, you do have to stop, you are argument is baseball and born out of ignorance and emotion.
      Can’t lace his shoes, but he is his back up. 🤣
      That’s like people who are mad at Kessie , because he left are saying that Bennacer is better than him even though Bennacer was Kessie and Tonali back up the last 2 years.

      1. Yeah… “my argument is baseball”

        If you were intelligent enough, you ought to have known that was a typographical error, Barella playing alongside Brozovic and Hakan leaves room for the wingbacks, making it a five man midfield.

        But saying a mezzalla is not a CM is a football doctrine proposed by lord “Z”. Everywhere in the world my friend, a mezzalla is a CM, knowledge is power.

        Finally, if you don’t see Bennacer as a mezzalla, I definitely cannot help you in this life you have chosen to live.

        I see we have many football professors here, just wondering, if Barella plays Saelemaekers position, where does Dumfries play? These things aren’t that difficult, understanding is key.

        1. “No coach would ever put Barella in central midfield because he isn’t good defensively”

          No wonder Conte is not regarded as a coach, he played Barella as a Central Midfielder countless times, he knows nothing about football.

          1. I think you need to go and Google what a central midfielder is, and what a mezzala is.
            Inter under both Conte and Inzaghi plays in 352.
            Milan up until a month ago played in 4231 with Saelemakers playing as a less offensive RW.
            Dumfries is a wingback.
            Conte never played Barella as a central midfielder, he was playing as a mezzala.
            You remember when Kessie first came to Milan and played in a 3 man midfield as a mezzala and looked bad. What happened when he got switched to playing in central midfield. Bossing the league.
            Why? Because his characteristics are better suited for that position.
            If you put Barella next to Tonali in Milan central midfield we will give up 3,4 goals every game, or hell get red carded every game.He is an offensive player, doesn’t have defensive characteristics.
            Stop arguing over stuff that obviously from your comments you don’t understand since on top you said something about Barella playing in Inter 4 man midfield even though for the last 5,6 years Inter has played in 352 formation without a change
            In Milan 4231 Barella would absolutely play instead of Saelemakers or instead of Brahim, but he would never be lined up in Central midfield for the same reason Pioli wouldn’t play Adli in Central midfield because he will leave you exposed defensively

          2. Also since I lack understanding which is not difficult and you do have understanding but obviously dont watch the games, go check Barella heat map and tell me if he is going to play in place of Bennacer in central midfield or in place of Saelemakers

        2. Mezza: half
          Ala: winger

          And Bennacer can’t be described mezzala. Simply as Milan don’t play formation with mezzala role needed (4-2-3-1 and 3-4-2-1). No place for that half space. If we really have to state a role, he’s more suited to be called as regista

          We have to define position (on paper) and role (on field) here to avoid further endless discussion (and bashing). Yes in paper position, a mezzala will generally be posted in central midfield. But on a gameplay, the player tends to drift wide and operates in the half spaces.

          1. You will never understand Barella’s play if all you do is to define mezzalla by the term of it, a mezzalla is a box-to-box midfielder. And a box-to-box midfielder is a Central Midfielder who carries out both defensive and offensive duties.

            Regarding Barella as a winger is a gross misunderstanding of modern day football players positions.
            Barella is one of the finest mezzalla in the world, and a mezzalla is a box-to-box midfielder, and a box-to-box midfielder is a CM.

            His Wikipedia page recognises him as a box-to-box midfielder with “ability to win balls, which enables him to break down possession and subsequently start quick attacking plays”.

            If you still don’t get it, I have no part in it. Thanks

  8. Sensible comment, but I want you to know that football positions are not as static as some of you make it look.

    For example, the Italian NT doesn’t play with a 352 formation, no mezzalla position, but does that mean Barella cannot play for the NT?

    Look, Rooney played as CF, AM, and winger, does that mean he’s not a striker?
    Look, if you judge by the half-winger definition, you will definitely get it wrong. Barella is one of the most complete midfielder in the world right now, he has played as a right sided midfielder, Central Midfielder, defensive midfielder, you name it.

    Anywhere in the world, a mezzalla is a Central Midfielder.

      1. According to heatmap, Barella plays as a RCM playing next to a Wide Midfielder/Right Wing Back/ Right Midfielder (Dumfries/Darmian).

        1. Bro,
          His heat map shows him exclusively along the right side line.
          If that’s central than I guess you have a different definition of what central is.
          But good talk though.
          Have a good day 👍

        2. “Barella no a CM? Really? Barella plays alongside Hakan and Brozovic in a 4 man midfield, thesame position you will find Bennacer on the pitch, but like I said, I feel insulted having a baseless argument with you.”

          This is what you said to@Z further up the comments section and why I chimed in.
          You were proven wrong that Bennacer and Barella are NOT playing the same position at all, NOR ARE THEY SIMILAR PLAYERS.
          Because Bennacer plays centrally and he is a defensive midfielder, while Barella plays wide right and is mostly offensive minded player.
          But now you wanna switch the conversation to Dumfries.
          Not that you were wrong but you were also telling people that they don’t understand football and questioning their IQ

          1. Well, my friend and brother, I never go into an argument to win, I like intelligent conversations, I bring profound points forward, and I expect same, and if an argument is superior to mine, I submit to it, that’s where maturity and IQ comes to play, remember, common sense ain’t that common.

            Now, referring to my comment that Barella plays in a 4 man midfield is an aberration in contemporary argument, because if you read further, you will see where I conceded that it was an error, but you turned a blind eye in a bid just to win an argument.

            If you cannot see both Barella and Bennacer as box-to-box midfielders, so be it. They mustn’t stand on thesame spot to play their roles, like for instance, PSG played with Veratti, Vidal and Matuidi in their midfield, all box-to-box midfielders. They all played with a twist depending on their positions on the pitch.

            Football is very broad and must be looked at with a wider view and a modern understanding as the game evolves daily, for example, we used to have traditional wingers like Giggs hustle fullbacks down the flanks and pull in crosses for Vanisteroy, but today nobody wants those type of wingers anymore, traditional wingers have evolved to inverted wingers.

            And to state the point clear, the crox of this argument was the statement that “Yes I have watched them play.
            Hakan is a complete midfielder and overall a better player.” In comparison of Hakan to Barella, the statement just didn’t come off as one who understands football.

            Listen, he’s entitled to his opinion of course, but I think I will doing him a great disservice not to enlighten him knowing this much about the game. Just like using statistics to judge between Giroud and Thierry Henry who is the better striker.
            Preliminary stats will favour Giroud since he’s France all-time leading goalscorer, but going deeper, we know the rest.

          2. Someone having an opinion that Hakan is a better player than Barella doesn’t mean that that person doesn’t understand football, it’s just thats his opinion based on what he likes how certain players play. It’s just comes down to taste.
            Too many people like to come in here and throw that, you don’t understand football, or your IQ is low, just because someone has a different opinion of how good some player is.
            It ain’t that serious

        3. BTW his opinion that Hakan is better than Barella not only its not crazy but is actually true based on their goal contributions.
          Hakan in serie A
          17/18 6g9a, 18/19 3g6a, 19/20 9g9a, 20/21 4g,10a, 21/22 7g,13a, 22/23 2g,5a
          Barella in serie A
          17/18 6g,0a, 18/19 1g,4a, 19/20 1g,5a, 20/21 3g,9a, 21/22 3g,13a, 22/23 5g,7a
          Outside of this season where Hakan plays further back in the midfield in Brozovic spot, Hakan has better numbers in each and every other season in serie A than Barella.

          1. Hahaha… how nice
            Another stats reader.
            If that’s what makes you understand the game, it’s cool.

            Needless to engage you from the onset, if Hakan is better than Barella, then football is dead.

            You win, it’s another day in paradise my brother.

        4. “Well, my friend and brother, I never go into an argument to win, I like intelligent conversations, I bring profound points forward, and I expect same, and if an argument is superior to mine, I submit to it, that’s where maturity and IQ comes to play, remember, common sense ain’t that common.”

          You talk the talk but you the opposite.
          You made no profound points to show why you think it’s so outrageous for someone to say that Hakan is not better than Barella.
          You just continuing to insinuate that I don’t understand football, but you are not backing it up with anything.
          What we found out from this back and forth.
          1st it was proven that you don’t know that Barella and Bennacer are completely different midfielders, but you accuse people of not knowing football.
          Then, that stats show that Hakan numbers are better in both goals and assists over Barella, and those 2 play in similar positions, they are both mezzala’ one on the left the other on the right.

          Just say that the only thing that matters are your feelings towards Hakan and you still upset that he left and went to inter. It’s cool, but if you can’t put your feelings towards a player aside and analyze his game objectively, that’s a sign of lack of maturity contrary to your claims.

  9. Puno filozofije !!! Prodat Leaa pod hitno 100 mil. kupit kompletni novi napad – dva krila i centarfora svaki po 33,333 mil . Sigurno če ukupno bit bolji efikasniji i požrtvovaniji nego taj crni uljez koji glumi za oskara , i da voli Milan !!!!!!!!!

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