Journalist believes Milan could secure West Ham striker on season-long loan

By Oliver Fisher -

Journalist Paolo Bargiggia believes that AC Milan could well make an attempt to sign Gianluca Scamacca from West Ham United this summer.

It seems as though Olivier Giroud will have a guaranteed place in the Milan attack next season given that he continues to be the starting striker this season, but he will turn 37 this year and has not yet renewed his deal.

Meanwhile, there are still doubts about what the future of Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be, whose contract will expire on June 30th. It cannot be excluded that the Swede will decide to retire from football at the end of the current season, so another striker at least will be needed.

Bargiggia spoke about various topics in an interview with AreaNapoli including the transfer window that awaits for Milan in the summer and their attempts to refresh the centre-forward department.

“Milan must aim to buy one or two strikers for next season. I would advise the Rossoneri to sign Scamacca. An Italian footballer, with a desire for revenge. I would try to get him on a year’s loan from West Ham,” he said.

“Besides, of course, the foreign names that read like Okafor and Balogun, with the latter that I believe can go to Leipzig.”

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  1. Sorry to hear again such bad news for our Beleloved to destroy it.
    Please stop makig the team as Agent of activating of Other Assets that Failed their Homes.

  2. I dont think west ham willing to accept that AC Milan loan offer unless west ham relegated. We can save scamacca career but west ham will asking 40m euro cash and we dont have budget like that for one player. Better find other striker

    1. West Ham is not even picking Scamacca in its squad. It appears Scamacca may have done a Zaniolo and gotten himself blacklisted. I tends to think this is tied in with the change in management.

      Either way, he is not going to cost 40m. West Ham is in face saving mode, in much the same way we are with CDK but they probably don’t have the financial issues.

      The way this deal gets done on a loan is to pay a fee for the loan with an obligation to buy for a total value of 25m to 30m. West Ham can’t blow up a players value by not picking him and then ask for top dollar, that’s just not how the world works.

      We do not want a dry loan because we will play Scamacca into form.

      I’d just buy Scamacca now. We should not be stuffing around with unproven bench warmers from Arsenal or Chelsea and players who score goals in France (worth about half of what they are in the Serie A).

      Let some dumb EPL side sign Jonathan David for 60m.

      Scamacca would start 2023/2024 as a 24 year old Italian who scored 16 Serie A goals the last time he appeared in the league (as a 22 year old). He is a proven commodity.

      This presents as a fantastic opportunity for Milan.

  3. Balogun yes, Okafor must be a joke and samacca hard to say for me. We need a profile which can play with back to goal a creative one, a 19 year old Ibra i would say 😉

  4. Based on my Youtube feed, Victor Osimhen is starting to garner very serious attention, and rightfully so. It is being said that Napoli will simply be looking for a suitor who can foot a 9 figure bill. That’s all fair enough.

    Why is this relevant here?

    Well, Osimhen is less than 1 month older than Scamacca.

    Last season:
    – Osimhen scored 14 goals and had 5 assists from 1,989 minutes (27 appearances) in the league;

    – Scamacca scored 16 goals and had 0 assists from 2,150 minutes (36 appearances) in the league.

    The game time equates to 1.75 full games more. The average minutes played in the 9 extra appearances is 17 minutes. As such, and for all intents and purposes, there is no real difference in game time.

    Osimhen played Europa League where he got to beat up on weak teams (in much the same way Scamacca has this season). Osimhen played in a much stronger team, too.

    Osimhen like Scamacca is a very tall player. It takes tall guys longer time to mature. I hear it rarely discussed in Soccer but it is a reality for most other sports and there is no reason it would be any different here.

    The time to mature is consistent with even the time it took Zlatan to mature. Haaland is a freak, possibly a GMO, and outlier that you can’t usefully compare to anyone (other than to establish how much of a physical freak Haaland is).

    I’m not saying it is guaranteed that Scamacca is as
    good as Osimhen is now. But there are very good reasons, based on almost identical age, physical and technical traits and career progression to the end of last season to think that the gap between the players is not significant at all.

    Scamacca is not the first player to make a big change that did not work out. Just look at Lukaku, back at Inter less than 12 months after leaving for Chelsea as a much more accomplished player than Scamacca was when he went to West Ham.

    I cannot emphasise enough how much of a steal it will be if we can land Scamacca. As is the case for Zaniolo, the only reason he is in the discussion as a viable option for Milan is because of the bump in the road. You can’t turn down that level of talent that is proven in the league.

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