Mediaset: Where Milan rank among top Serie A clubs for total saalry

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan rank fourth on the list of the highest overall salaries in Serie A which shows the achievement of winning the Scudetto in another light, a report claims.

As has been reported by Sport Mediaset (via Pianeta Milan), the Rossoneri are paying the fourth highest overall figure in wages to their players out of all of the teams in Serie A right now.

The team at the top of the list is of course Juventus as they are shelling out €158 million every year to keep their players at the club. They are followed by Inter who are spending €127m, and then it is AS Roma spending €101m.

Milan then arrive on the list with an overall wage bill of €79m which is the same as Napoli. The team that perhaps comes off looking the best though is Udinese.

They sit second in Serie A right now but they have a wage bill of €18m which is a huge reduction compared to many of the teams beneath them in the standings.

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  1. Awesome!! Wow so exciting. Who cares about th money of billionaires etc. These players get grossly overpaid for playing a game anyways so who cares, it’s so far out of reality nowadays that it doesn’t even matter. Wage bill could be 5m or 500m who cares. What really matters is what type of team we’re building…. are we honoring our history… are we playing milan football etc?

      1. Propably someone who pays for their morning Starbucks coffee wth credid card, to pay it back in instalemnts on 18% interest. Good luck to them. They’ll need it in this world.

  2. Napoli set out to reduce their wage bill seriously. The owner mentioned last season they were around €146 and mention how remarkable AC Milan have done with winning and managing the wages…. A precedent has been set.

  3. this shows perfectly why we can’t keep our best players
    we are milan we not napoli or merda or referee no disrespect but should pay more then any clubs in italy
    this is a big problem

    1. I think Milan did fine without Hakan and Donnarumma. Losing Romagnoli don’t matter. Losing Kessié is the only one that stings because he is quite unique. But I agrre that we should make more efforts to keep some players happy but we can’t do it at all costs. I hope other players will understand that giving Leao more money would be an exception to the rule. But it has to be done to secure either his future at Milan or at least a big payment at a later date if we sell him.

      1. Yeah, a big bully that can run forever but can’t pass the ball is unique. Other clubs have players that can play, along with being good defensive. I’ll give you an example, Anguissa is about 12 times more useful than Kessie. You can go through teams and find similar players, but better. Unique? 😢

      1. stfu that’s all you have to say !!! what guy
        if you are really milan fan and you can’t see the problem i feel sorry for you
        players want to stay at milan but they also want a fair salary for they worth not offering them that when they improve is fu move to the players , players are getting the results not the cheep owners they deserve fair salary if can’t compete in salary we already lost
        btw milan make more money then any club in italy so being 4 in salary is really a problem don’t cry when players leave for free

        1. “players want to stay at milan but they also want a fair salary for they worth not offering them that when they improve is fu move to the players”

          Players who wants to stay at Milan already renewed their contract. Look at:

          – Theo
          – Gabbia
          – Pobega
          – Kjaer
          – Tomori
          – Tonali
          – Alexis

          They got quite significant increase salary too. Next would be Kalulu, Bennacer, and Leao which i’m sure they will sign the paper.

          So what players are you talking about here that got a FU from Maldini?

          – Dollaruma? He asked €12 million /year + €20 million commissions for his greedy agent + a couple of millions for his father and big brother.

          Ask yourself, does Dollaruma worth that much after you watch how superb Mike Maignan is who bring Scudetto for Milan and how bad Dollaruma plays blunder after blunder for PSG? I will call you a big liar if you say yes.

          – Hakan the Snake asked for €4-5 million /year but he plays like shite. Ask yourself again, does Hakan the Snake worth that much if you compare with CDK, Diaz, or even Krunic who plays better than him?

          – Romagnoli. Milan offered him €3 million /year but he refused because he wants to play with Lazio, his childhood club. So it’s not about money for Romagnoli case because his salary is €3 million with Lazio.

          – Kessie. Millan offered him €5 million /year just like his request. But his greedy agent changed the demand after Xavi called him and keeps delaying like Dollaruma did.
          Losing Kessie kinda hurt but with how good Bennacer, Tonali, Pobega, and Vranckx plays, there’s nothing to worry.

          Anyway. Thx God Maldini is smart and not clueless as fvck like you.

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