An agreement and some assurances: Milan’s stadium project takes steps forward

By Oliver Fisher -

While there continues to be a lot of uncertainty surrounding AC Milan’s management heading into the next season and what they will do in the summer window, there is one immovable item on the agenda: a new stadium.

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One area that Milan are working on technically involves moving their ‘home pitch’ entirely to the south east of the city. In case you haven’t kept up with the latest developments, the plan is to build a new stadium in San Donato.

Fresh updates arrive

The technical committee of the San Donato council found no issues with Milan’s stadium project. The club also made amendments along the way, which helped accelerate the process, and the council had no objections to the project as a whole.

Last week, as confirmed by a statement from the San Donato council, the Program Agreement has been requested for the project. Essentially, this involves the Lombardy region and other involved parties, with infrastructure set to be the main topic.

“This morning, the administration of San Donato formally sent the request to initiate the Program Agreement for the AC Milan stadium in the San Francesco area.

“The objective of the Program Agreement is to address all the strategic aspects to arrive at a plan for the construction of the stadium, overcoming the critical issues that the Administration itself has highlighted with the actions taken so far,” it read.

This is a process that is expected to take around 18 months and once it has been completed work can finally get underway, with the intention of playing in a new home by 2028.

The vision in mind

During his interview on the Bloomberg podcast The Deal, which you can also read in full, owner Gerry Cardinale spoke about Milan’s stadium plans.

After suggesting it in a previous interview, he now confirmed his intentions to create a company to build more stadiums in Italy.

“It will be the first stadium built in Italy since 2011, an American-like stadium with 70,000 seats. We are going to bring music to Milan and build a live entertainment campus, which will be anchored by the team,” he said.

“You know, something like AC Milan, it’s interesting because we are going to need to find a way to crystallise value there. But, I mean, that [a stadium] is something that you should probably own forever. That is as iconic as it gets.

“We are going to build this new stadium, and when we are done building that stadium, I promise that we will have a company out of that to build other stadiums.”

Club president Paolo Scaroni was present at the Il Foglio Sportivo event at San Siro on Wednesday lunchtime and he answered some questions from the journalists present, including one about the stadium.

San Donato more than an option, we spent more than 40 million on the land. The project always moves forward with all the Italian problems, because as long as there is a noisy minority, politics always takes a step back.

“Sala asked us to reconsider the hypothesis of a light but satisfactory renovation of San Siro by June. We could only access the pact with the mayor and therefore we are waiting to know what this restructuring means for the facility, for the public with the closed sectors of the stadium while we play. Reconciling this with work has always been the problem that Milan has had.”

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