Longo: Milan’s €45-50m summer budget causes slowdown – Maldini is ‘not happy’

By Oliver Fisher -

The budget for the summer transfer window is one of the factors responsible for the slowdown in talks over Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara’s contract extensions, according to a journalist.

According to Daniele Longo of Calciomercato.com, the proposed budget for the summer mercato from Gerry Cardinale and RedBird Capital – excluding the loan with options to buy and any possible sales – is €45-50m.

This is one of the reasons for the slowdown in recent weeks over the extensions of the directors’ contracts. They believe that with €45m they can not complete the squad in the way that they want, but the new owners wants to raise cash from player sales.

An agreement will be found because Maldini wants to stay, but he is ‘not happy’ with the situation and the budget that he most likely has to work with, which is much lower than the amounts of €80-100m previously circulated in the media.

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  1. this isn’t a budget, this is a joke, c’mon this isn’t the start of another banter era, is it? we aren’t a springboard club, we are milan there should be respectable budget for a club like this atleast.

    1. It’s honestly a disgrace, they spend all that money to buy the club and then give us 50 Mil to spend? It’s a joke

      1. Problem is, he still did not find money to pay for club. He is in US, running around and begging for money. How you can expect than to have a money for players? Not to mention new stadium. By January 2023, Elliot will be new/old owner, than “dance” start again next spring/sumer.

  2. What a joke you guys showed up..

    Expecting to retain the title and further go in Champions league, with that cash?

  3. I don’t believe in this, cos if this is true it will be catastrophic. I believe Monza will spend more than 40 million and if this new owner is serious about improving the squad for CL and fighting for scudetto then this is not the budget for that. This is the budget for a team fighting for relegation. More likely is the 100 million mentioned before from Elliot and an extra 40-50 then a total of 40.

  4. Redbird was a bait to lure more money from Bahrain, but unfortunately failed, two US companies need to finish this joke, then here we are. With upgrades made or to be made by Inter, Juve and Rome, Milan might even not be able to get in UCL next season. You don’t spend billion dollars to acquire a team then tell them to sell players to raise transfer budget, just simply make no sense.

  5. May be a fair number but all of this is just printing stories for stories’ sake, surprised so many on here take it seriously.

    Budgets are set on an annual basis and factor in what gets paid that year – there’s no “this is the amount of money for transfers”, there’s “this is the amount of expenses we are budgeting for over the next 1, 2, 3 and beyond years”. If you spend 15m on a transfer and 7m on wages on a 3 year contract, it’s a bigger number in the budget than the same book value as spending 25m on a transfer paid over a 5 year contract with a 4m wage.

    So amount of money to spend will always depend on outgoings, wage demands and renegotiation of existing player wages.

    1. Sure, check out how much Monza will spend and how much Milan. Then compare where those teams are. I told all of you this won’t be even close to the other option, but Redbird will make money 100%, you don’t have to worry about that. That is why they exist, not to make Milan fans happy or something like that.

  6. Hahahahahahah, great, getting better by the day. Unfortunately – I told you so. Milan spent around that amount when not in CL, we are definitely going forward with Redbird, you can see that from the first 3 weeks it will be amazing, can’t wait for more.

    1. A fundraiser to collect more money to even buy the club. If you ever heard of that at another club, before Milan was purchased, please show me.

    2. Your takes are wrong every time. How can you say I told you so when the window hasn’t even open or the club/Maldini haven’t even said anything?

      1. Yeah, you would know what is wrong, stop joking around. Not funny. Anyway, if it isn’t obvious to you I don’t have anything to add. All the clubs signed players, THE TRANSFER WINDOW DOES NOT HAVE TO BE OPEN TO SIGN A PLAYER. Stop being special and mentioning that as a factor. Haaland was announced in MAY. 1.5 months before the transfer window.

    3. “Hahahahahahah, great, getting better by the day. Unfortunately – I told you so. Milan spent around that amount when not in CL, we are definitely going forward with Redbird, you can see that from the first 3 weeks it will be amazing, can’t wait for more.”

      Spoken like a true Milanista, eh?

  7. For the millionth time, Media has no clue what is going on at Milan , it has been like that since Paolo Maldini became SD.
    All these reports are nothing but fabricated stories.

    1. Exactly. There has been all sorts of stories why Maldini has not renewed. The media has no clue what is happening.. Now report in France is that Milan still leads the race for Renato Sanches. It keeps changing until something sticks

      Everybody should be calm, media doesn’t know what is going on in Milan and it’s just that this is Milan and more so we are Seria A Champions and hence this is what is getting lots of attention and generating news for them.

      Corporations like Redbird are not stupids. They see a massive opportunity in Milan and you think they would want to derail this high the team is on ???

      1. Yes Elliott are massive, but redbird isnt. Elliott have their own fund/asset (so are investcorp), redbird are surviving on investor money. Its concerning since the club become unstable as shown by maldini complains.

  8. Never trust news from the media cause clearly a lot of them doesn’t know jack$hit inside Milan.

    At this rate the media will make lies just to sell their stories & clicks from angry fans.

  9. Time will tell if this information is correct or not ! I am disturbed by the fact that it comes from the mouth of a respected journalist who knows well the situation in Italian football. The mere fact that Maldini has not yet signed a contract suggests that something strange is happening at the club. A budget like this wouldn’t even be enough to plug the holes created by the players’ departures this summer. Our future would just be a hunt for players whose contracts expire, like Origi.

  10. Everyday some new BS.
    I believe none of the news, only when it becomams official.

    I quit all italian news for now.

    Happy summer.
    See you after market is closed.

    1. Oh I wish I could do that! I’m just too addicted to reading all the latest rumors about the 10 million Milan-targets every hour.

      As 99% of the rumors are just plain BS it would be better to turn off the devices and look at the Milan roster in late August. Think about how stress-free summer that would be.

  11. This is straight up garbage click bait info… no one in their right mind will even attempt to do something like that … even my baby sister wouldn’t even offer 45 mil as our transfer budget 😂😂… this is to get us rowdy in the comments

  12. Europe clubs owned by Americans big failure, the Americans has know ideas about football, the success Milan made will evaporate and will have to wait another decade to win a title

  13. God why this can of temptation to milan, why wrong people on Milan.we are happy we have a good buyer nt knowing the person is wrong n error.

  14. Beyond any speculations we need to rely on facts:
    #1. Redbird purchased Milan from Elliot using loans -,that means they do not have money.
    #2. Maldini and Massara have not yet renewed
    #3. Despite press speculations, Milan has not announced any transfer (not even Origi)

    If Redbird doesn’t invest in the team, it is very likely that Milan will not perform as expected in UCL and will not be able to defend their title. Honestly, I think Redbird are gambling here. They hope that with small investments (40 mil), Milan will keep their level of performance. It is very likely that Redbird will be in the same position as the former Chinese management. And the club will return to Elliot that have already made profit.

    In sum, somebody should inform Cardinale that his bluff is not working in today’s football. If Maldini doesn’t renew it is indicative for a new catastrophe

  15. This rumour or news backed by M&M still not renew and AC Milan still not sign any player except free transfer ( Origi) . If M&M leave then welcome back dark era in Berlusconi + Yong hongli ( 2013 to 2017) with player like taiwo,constant,poli,Acerbi,Matri,Cerci,Destro,Menez,paletta

  16. Monza is the new Milan guys.

    massara and maldini to monza
    bennacer and leao leave for monza on free transfer
    Kalulu bought with 25m and become best player

  17. My God! 40-45 million?! What kind of owners we got?! If a beginning like this isn’t the best display what to expect from the new owners, I don’t know what is.

    Shame on Elliott to have sold us on such people! Instead of waiting a little more and make sure that we are sold to a billionaire as we deserve, as every decent club does, they sold us to people who can’t bring 50 million for a full summer budget?! SHAMEFUL!

  18. The amount of posters here that ACTUALLY think this is true 😂😂😂😂

    I don’t think Longo and Calciocrap have any respectability concerning transfers for year’s.

  19. Waste of time, everyday its the same story, player sign or not i dont believe it, until theres a picture Maldini and Co sitting with the player signing contract, the rest ia bs media made.

  20. Looks like Cardinale is simply Yonghong Li verson 2.0. Even a bigger failure because Li was a loser from the beginning, and Cardinale is about to be a loser for the first time.

  21. What was the reason to rush to sell to Cardinale/Red bird? The guy is broke too, he is messing up everything at Milan, fans are living in suspense, no light at end of tunnel. Clubs are busy signing high profile players, the man say 45M summer budget, Nonsense, if he has no money to move the club, let him sell too.

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