Footmercato: Milan’s transfer budget could be boosted by €45-50m Newcastle signing

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan could gain a nice sum from the sale of Lucas Paqueta to put towards their remaining mercato targets, according to a report.

Milan have used a large chunk of their summer budget on the signing of Charles De Ketelaere from Club Brugge and that means that Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara must be quite selective in the profiles they target for the central midfield and central defensive role.

Help could come from sales and in particular that of a player who has not been part of the Rossoneri’s squad for two years: Lucas Paqueta. According to Footmercato (via Radio Rossonera), Newcastle would bid €45-50m for Paquetà if they do not sign James Maddison from Leicester.

Having moved to Olympique Lyonnais in the summer of 2020, the Brazilian attacking midfielder has made 80 appearances and scored 21 goals for them. As part of the sale, Milan are entitled to 15% of the proceeds from a future resale of the player.

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  1. 15% straight into Elliott’s pocket. That’s not coming to us to spend if it was where did the millions from winning the scudetto, champions league last year and this year, sold out games, sales of previous players go because its sure as shit more than tge 50m we have been given…ahem 32 currently!

    1. Are you new? Milan are still failing FFP. The owners aren’t pocketing money from the club. Do your homework instead of making lazy comments.

  2. If Milan are scrimping and saving for £10m here and there, then I’m afraid they’ll never compete at the highest level. The game has moved on. If that’s really the limit of their financial capabilities, then last season’s Serie A win was almost like Leicester winning the Premier League.

    1. The game has moved on, but in a different direction. Milan had the biggest net transfer budget in Serie A this summer. Juventus had about the same, but they increased it by selling players. If we sell Leao, then we can make 60-80 million extra purchases as well. Don’t forget Milan still has +600 million debts. So far Elliott has only put money into the club and hasn’t received anything back. Only the sale will guarantee them a profit, but for the coming years clubs like Milan, Inter and Juventus (or other big clubs abroad) will never generate any profit. Why do you think Berlusconi needed such a long time to find somebody to buy the club? Only very few are willing to lose money year after year. Only Elliott had a plan when Yonghong Li took over.

      1. You are WRONG. First you base net transfer budget on the YEAR and NOT one transfer window lol. You conveniently cherry pick stats to bolster your false argument. Juve have a net transfer spend of approximately 93M based on the year 2022 thus far. We have a transfer net spend of approximately 29M thus far. You conveniently forgot to include Juve’s January purchases of Vlahovic (70M) and Zakaria (5M). Focusing on one window makes no sense. So in Janaury if we buy a 3M player and nobody else buys anyone – your really going to say “we had the highest net spend in Janaury of all the Italian teams!” LOL. Come on pal. We spent 1/3 of what Juve has spent so far so pls don’t push these false narratives that we are somehow financially superior to all and that as fans we should be happy. Let’s just be honest. We have an extremely limited budget one that makes it very difficult to continue to take the next step in CL let alone defend the title. We will see what we do on this next week but we all can agree we are not a complete team and more (CM, CB, RW) is needed. Elliot did what they do best. Take a struggling asset and prop it up to sell for profit. They did very well. Selling to Redbird was genius as well – if it doesn’t work out and Redbird defaults on the loan – Elliot will come back in and scoop us up again. Brilliant business.

        1. I was only talking about this summer because it’s a reaction to an article that is only talking about this summer. You’re the one including last january to make a point, but how could Milan have spend money back then when they didn’t even know the outcome of the season and the certainty of European football? The financial results are counted per season, starting in july. The january expenses are based on the results of the previous year, so if you want to include a winter mercato to make a comparison you have to wait for the next one, not include the previous one. If hypothetically we’re the only club buying a player for 3 million in the next winter mercato, then we definitely have the biggest transfer spending of that mercato indeed. True that it would be a small budget, but it would literally be the biggest budget if no other team spends money. Instead of complaining about that hypothetical 3 million, you should better be wondering why the other teams aren’t spending more. I’m glad we didn’t waste 70 million on Vlahovic and I’m sure Juve had a sigh of relief when they reached European football at the end of the season or it would have looked very bad for them. They have sold players for about the same amount as they have bought this summer (+/- 100 million). If they weren’t able to sell players for that much money, they wouldn’t have been able to sign players either. We didn’t have to sell to spend and we have spent net about 25 million more then Juve this summer. These are facts. There even was an article in GdS saying Milan is probably the only Italian club at the moment able to spend 35 million on CDK without having to sell first.
          Milan has a more complete squad now then they had last year. Agreed that we still need a CM and preferably a CB and RW as well and things can always be better, but you talk down every progress that has been made. Don’t run before you can walk.

      2. “So far Elliott has only put money into the club and hasn’t received anything back” – do you know what the hell you are talking about????? This is a complete LIE. They bought the club for 300M put in 600M and sold for 1.2B. That’s called a PROFIT. AND on top of that they are LOANING Redbird the rest of the money they needed to complete the purchase lol. You do know what interest means right? Do you understand that concept? Elliot loaned Redbird 600-800M at a 7% annual interest rate. That means they will make 42M/year in INTEREST payments on a 600M loan or 56M in INTEREST payments on a 800M loan per year. And that is JUST INTEREST – doesn’t include the PRINCIPAL that Redbird has to pay back. WTF are you talking about?? Sorry but you clearly do not know anything about finance. Pls stop spouting nonsense.

        1. It looks like you’re good a maths, but terrible at reading. I responded to the claim that Elliott puts money in their pockets from transfers and I literally said their ONLY option to ever make a profit is by selling the club. You then say I lie because they make a profit when they sell the club. You’re saying exactly the same thing. You act as if it was a guarantee that they would be able to sell the club with a profit but that never was a certainty. They first put in 300 + 600 million, which is taking a huge risk, without any guarantee that they would be able to sell at a higher price. If that hadn’t happened, we might as well have ended up in Serie B with a club that’s barely worth anything. You’re talking about defending the title and taking the next step in the CL as if it’s a natural fact that comes by itself, but you forget that Elliott took over when the club was nearly bankrupt and was banned from European football because of bad finances. Of course their goal is to make money at some point and they’re good at it, which is why they’re the ones that can put in that much money. But even for Elliott it wasn’t a certainty that the club would get back to the top of Serie A and in Europe. Until the sale is completely concluded, which isn’t the case at the moment (there’re still some court cases by the minor stakeholders pending), Elliott has only put money into the club. It’s their achievement that they can find a buyer who can make them a profit. Berlusconi has searched for years to find a buyer and had to go all the way to China to find a dubious person. Why is that? Not because it’s all that profitable. Elliott has indeed done brilliant business if they can complete the sale and Milan has benefited from it. If you can’t see that, go support Inter. They’re the ones still stuck with a Chinese owner and with a less bright financial future.

  3. Let’s be honest, the sale of players will only generate a certain amount of revenue that can be reinvested into the club with trying to manage debt. The biggest influx of money from the club will come from owning their own stadium with exclusive naming rights similar to what Juventus has been able to achieve. EPL clubs that own their stadiums have much larger revenue streams (excluding even the television deals) that allow them to invest into their signings more than what any other league can generate. Until Serie A/Italy take ownership of their stadiums seriously, the money that is split between the municipalities of the local towns with the ticket sales will be curbing the spending of AC Milan or any club for that matter.

    Selling players for more than what is paid for them still will generate revenue, but losing out on free agents like Kessie, Donnarumma, Romagnoli, etc. is a huge detriment to why this club cannot afford major big name signings. The fact that Maldini/Massara/Gazidis have been able to achieve the success with limited investment has been a huge success and we should not be selling this team short of what they accomplished last season.

    Let’s all not freak out by the fact that we drew against a very tough Atalanta side and know that the season is a marathon, not a sprint. Scudetto is not handed out after match-day 2!

    1. Don’t forget that Donnaruma was’t a free agent. He should have been, but Raiola demanded 20 million for himself to have Donnaruma sign a new Milan deal. Milan refused, which was a good decission for them. PSG offered Donnaruma about the same money as Milan did, but did Raiola.
      Romagnoli was overpaid because he had lost his spot to better and cheaper players. You can’t justify Romagnoli earning 6 million/year to Tomori Ho has just signed a new deal for around 3.5 million/year. That’s often the problem that other players want to match the paycheck of teammates. Romagnoli As signed by the previous management with a crazy salary and there was no way he could have stayed earning that luch money. It would have made the whole team that expensive.
      Leao won’t get his 7 million either. If you offer it to him, where does that leave other players that perform more consistently? It’s all about keeping things in balance. Financially and between players. The only one who could get away with that is Zlatan, but he too is on a much lower salary now.

  4. No PSG did NOT a offer the same amount of $$ as Milan did lol. They offered much more. And that is why Donnaruma left. Why are you constantly spouting false information friend? And your argument about players being upset another player makes more than them is comical. Ya cause that never happens in sports lol. Come on man. This is professional sports. Each player is paid what the market dictates for them. There are no hurt feelings. It’s business.

    1. Dude, if you say I give false information, can you please add the numbers? From what I’ve read, Milan offered Donnarumma 7.5 million/year. The 6 million he had + 1.5 million from his brothers terminated contract. Raiola asked for 12 million/year + 20 million signing fee, but it has never been confirmed that he got that amount at PSG. His contract at PSG is undisclosed. Why is that you think? Because it would have looked really stupid to turn down the offer made by Milan, the so called club of his hearth, and then sign at PSG for about the same amount. Milan had already signed Maignan which left Raiola with his back against the wall and he had no other options left besides PSG. So PSG offered 60 million in 5 years, but in reality that includes the 20 million siging fee for Raiola, who is paid by his client Donnarumma. So Donnarumma probably earns about 8 million fixed, which is only barely more than what he could have earned at Milan and not enough of a difference to dump the club of your hearth. Perhaps he has some bonuses at PSG to raise his salary. Maybe that’s why he was so much on the bench last year. If a contract is undisclosed, be sure it’s not because it’s that much better then the previous offer. Otherwise the manager would take all the media attention to boast about his accomplishmens.
      I don’t think you really have a lot of experience in a business environment. You really believe it’s all that professional and each player is satisfied with what the market dictates (however that is determined)? So a business where many of these guys spend their time on instagram and tiktok and hire shrewed managers to raise their pay will simply be satisfied with what the market has to offer them? A lot of players are overpaid, not because of what their real market value is, but because it’s a sport by itself to get as much money as possible. And of course they compare each others pay check. That happens in every business from the bottom to the top. You’ll learn once you have a job.

      1. Donnaruma makes 18M/year Gross. At Milan he made 13M gross. Very simple math. He makes more at PSG. Period. You can look it up if you care to do so. It’s not “undisclosed” as you conveniently claim. Personally I don’t care about him nor what he makes (only mad we lost him for free) – thrilled we have Mike – but there is no need to make up false stories or conjecture. Yes many players are overpaid no argument there but that is for the clubs to decide who they overpay for – not a
        sit at home PlayStation wannabe Director like yourself lol. Perhaps in your minimum wage job you compare what the guy next to you makes – that extra quarter I’m sure goes a long way – but most do not lol. Ya all the players are mad that the player next to him makes more $$ – I guess the PSG players will refuse to play because Messi than makes more than them and the Liverpool players will do the same in protest vs Salah being the highest wage earner LOL. Sound logic. Cheers

        1. Dude, you just proved you have no people knowledge at all. First of all I’m a business owner and I give people jobs. I have had over 60 people on payroll over 15 years. I know what it’s like. Secondly I don’t have a Playstation. I would have thought you’re the Fifa player throwing millions at every player that is rumoured to be a target.
          I don’t know where you get these numbers about Donnarumma. If you claim they’re correct, please mention your source because every online research ends up in it being undisclosed. The only number that can be found is 60 million for 5 years, which is lower than what you say. I can’t find the numbers you’re talking about anywhere, so until now it’s your word against mine. But take my advice on this: don’t insult people you don’t know in a simple online discussion. And keep the LOL’s in your pants asvwell. It reveals that you’re still a kid (mentally)

  5. If maldini follow advice from commenters, we would play Champion League in 50 years.

    we would win the league, but will fail FFP every season

  6. No , they wont use it for transfer budget. It is just become capital gain for elliot. Even money from sell hauge,duarte and some primavera not becoming transfer budget but capital gain. I dont really care about this elliot ,they are just vulture fund to get money as much as they can from AC Milan. I appreciate more to director M&M ,coach pioli ,chief scout moncada & player for scudetto

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