MN: Milan facing a tussle with Jorge Mendes – two important negotiations pass through him

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are facing some important talks with Jorge Mendes as they look to safeguard the squad moving forward, a report claims.

MilanNews start by taking a look at the Renato Sanches situation, remarking how the news from Italy and France suggests Milan are in advanced negotiations with Lille amid an agreement in principle of a transfer fee between €10-15m. From Portugal, however, they believe he is going to Paris Saint-Germain.

The ‘single mastermind’ behind the situation is Mendes, who is ‘pulling the strings’. Milan have been after since the start of 2022, but Mendes continues to change the salary demands while Lille know that they cannot push too much on the price tag because his deal runs out in a year.

Then there is the Rafael Leao renewal situation. His contract runs until 2024 and there is a release clause of €150m, but it is equally true that the negotiations over the renewal have been frozen for weeks. The request is a salary of €7m net per season, while Milan have offered €4.5m.

The Sporting CP legal case means Mendes will take over from Leao as a debtor and will pay the Portuguese side part of the money that they are owed. Milan offered to help by making an important contribution, but they were told no.

The report adds that the ‘logic of current attitudes’ would suggest that he wants to take Leao away to get a big commission and get back the expense that he will have to make to fix the position of his client. Milan will not sell for less than €100m, while Gerry Cardinale – who should return to Italy in the coming weeks – is expected to make an economic effort to keep him.

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      1. bb, you really talk crap on most of topics, try using your brain at some moments. His job is to get the most for the player. Why would an agent care what any specific club wants? Agents exist because players were cheated back in the days, some made nothing while clubs made fortunes.

        And you are making up a situation that he will take them away because of signing bonus without mentioning Milan has become a cheap club and 3 players already left because of that, it won’t be a surprise if more leave. It is because of the salary, not a signing fee, Milan won’t offer as much as some mediocre clubs pay today.

        1. You sure use a lot of time to attack people here just to pump up your ego but yeah, I’ll play along this time. 🙂

          Some sources claim Milan offered Kessie more than Barca did. So there goes your theory down the toilet ONCE AGAIN. BTW, have you noticed most of your so-called facts have been proven wrong sooooooooooooooooo many times here? I guess that’s the reason why you attack so many people here with your name-calling etc. But that’s ok if that makes you feel better about yourself. 🙂

        2. Well said @crorossonero. Let’s all face it – players like anyone else in life want to get paid their market value. We must adjust our salary ceiling of 4.5M IF we want to compete w the top clubs in Europe or players will leave it’s that simple. We didn’t offer Kessie more @bb. All of our young star players will eventually leave (Tomori, Tonali, Kalulu Leao, etc..) if we can’t compete with other teams salary offers. Can’t wait to see people’s reactions if Tonali in a few years accepts an offer of 7M/season to play in England. Would he then be considered a “traitor” or a greedy person who all of a sudden doesn’t love the club??? LOL. There is talk of Ziyech stalling because he doesn’t want to take a pay cut from 6M. Would you want to take a pay cut if another company wanted to hire you in your job? Probably not. Point is, If you want top talent you have to pay market value for it – especially with players in their prime – otherwise we will continue to lose players and become a feeder club for the “rich” teams. Which I believe is the model of this ownership. Let’s face it nobody expected us to win the title this past season. All of our young players overachieved. It was beautiful. But not something anyone expected. Now that they have all developed they all want to start getting paid. We may get by for the next few years w this core of players (for example Theo stayed and took way less $$ for now – most likely because his GF was pregnant, Tomori wants to stay and extend) – but don’t expect him to do that again in w years time when giant clubs circle him again and offer him double his salary. Have to keep up with the market or we will continue to lose out on players. Wonder what the reactions on here will be if we miss out on our mercato targets and we have a poor season and finish out of top 4? Will those who back ownerships wage policy still feel the same way? Guess we will find out in due time

  1. Mendes paying off Leao’s debt with Sporting is just 1 example of why players are literally puppets to their agents. Now Leao owes those money to Mendes and until he pays that off he will have to do what Mendes says even though most likely Mendes is the reason why he owes Sporting money because he orchestrated his departure under shady circumstances from Sporting in the first place .

    1. Yeah, right. You make villans out of agents and the players hire them, it isn’t obligatory, they could have their mom as agent, like Rabiot. Their job is to make more money for the player and get them to be as happy as possible with all of it, not make you happy, the club or whoever.

      1. Their job is supposed to be To make more money for the players and make them happy. Leao must be ecstatic that he has to pay around 20 mil that he hasn’t earned yet because his agent got him to move out of Sporting in an illegal way. That’s why you have an agent and in a way they are obligatory because you need someone who knows the rules and laws in that industry, especially when you are young as Leao was when he made his move.
        Rabiot mother might be a lawyer, i don’t know, but those are rare. Icardi’s wife is his agent but she is an actual agent, and it’s an unwritten law to never mix business and family. Rarely ends well

        1. Yep. Good point(s). Agents should know what is legal and what is not regarding these things. Hard to think that Mendes didn’t know the consequences on Leao’s actions – he can’t be that incompetent.

  2. There is a logic in your opinion but all of that can be bypassed easily by Leao himself, offcourse if he is willing to do it… Milan will help him repay his debt to Sporting CP and he signs his contract extension…

  3. I’m all for financial prudence, but the issue here isn’t about agents. Its the fact we are offering well under market value for new players (Sanches) and contract renewals (Leao). Yes we have history and are Serie Winners, but lots of other teams play CL, and/or will offer them twice as much in wages and bigger signing on fees.

    Our new owners just have to be honest, either we are pushing to improve and compete, not in Europe, but for the league, or we are not, and the acquisition is purely to make money, like the Glazers at Man Utd.

    1. The issue is that the markets have gone insane. Milan isn’t in the top-10 richest clubs in the world. Nor in the Top-30 either. Milan simply cannot afford to pay what PSG and PL team are willing to.

      Don’t blame the current owners for not splashing out money (that don’t exist). Blame Berlusconi & the Chinese for getting us here.

      1. And with insane markets I mean astronomical transfer fees and absurd salaries (Messi, Dollarumma, Mbappe, Håland).

        There are only handful of clubs that can pay those insane sums (and some of them use “questionable” – if not illegal – ways to finance them). The solution could be a worldwide salary cap. That’s one way of keeping the clubs alive.

  4. Just pay what he want 7m euro nett. If you dont want to pay then sell him . It is simple. No need to think so hard about FFP or capital gain. I never respect elliot ,they only want big money from capital gain. Scudetto are hard working from player,coach,DS M&M ,head scout moncada. Elliot always aiming high capital gain with reducing transfer fee & salary cap

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