MN: Milan heading for a very damaging scenario – change could soon become mandatory

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s season objectives have faded one by one and now the 2022-23 campaign is at risk of being remembered as a disaster, a report claims.

MilanNews writes how the three objectives that Milan had set themselves at the beginning of the season have already vanished, which were the Coppa Italia, the Supercoppa Italiana and the Scudetto.

In truth it all combusted during a very complicated month of January for the Rossoneri, who have not won since 4 January and have now lost four games in a row. They were not just defeats though, because the two against Inter, the hammering against Lazio and conceding five to a struggling Sassuolo side made them humiliating.

The results mean that everyone is in the firing line from the ownership and management, to the team, the staff and even the head coach. At Milanello, evidently, there is no longer the same enthusiasm that had differentiated this team from all the others, leading them to win a Scudetto after more than ten years, which is a worrying base to start from.

Now, we can recall Maldini’s famous words after the heavy defeat in Rome against Lazio: “We are second in the standings on our own, after having reached the Champions League and the Scudetto in two years. With all due respect to the critics, this team is still in his parameters.”

His words are no longer true: Milan are sixth and are in relegation-battling form in 2023 when looking at points acrrued. If the trend continues like this then there is no alternative: it will become mandatory to change.

The situation is becoming unsustainable and even counterproductive, perhaps perfectly symbolised by the Rafael Leao situation, given the Portugese winger has started two consecutive games on the bench. He was last season’s MVP, and this is while management is negotiating a renewal.

The results mean the future of the club is also compromised because failure to qualify for the Champions League – after having deservedly won a Scudetto – would be economically damaging and virtually unforgivable from a sporting point of view.

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  1. Pioli has been royally shafted by those above him; due to bad management and under-investment, the squad is WAY weaker than it was this time last year, in spite of the scudetto in the meantime. But Pioli himself now seems to have lost the plot in a big way, and this season will quickly become a write-off unless things change. Last chance hotel….

    1. “the squad is WAY weaker than it was this time last year”

      Yeah. Perhaps the most important factor here. And why is that? M&M’s failed transfers. Nothing but flops. And why is everyone a flop? Because of Pioli and the players themselves.

      So there. No only one person to blame. No one is without blame either. Who cares who is the most to blame here as long as Pioli can turn the ship around and finish in the TOP4. Nothing else matters.

      1. It is not so easy. If he finish top 4, like than everything is fine.
        Milan had these falls during last couple of season. This is just culmination of proper non investing.
        Maldini flop last mercato, but also budget is to be laughed.
        They need stop presenting RedBird as some company, when they yet didn’t change anything in budget. Especially Red Bird presentation in media.

        1. Could be. At least they have an excuse for their displays. Not that it would make it OK… 😀

          What’s the excuse for others? Not getting to the WC? Well, play better to deserve the call and play better to get your country to the competition next time. 🙂

      2. I’m not sure those that came during the summer are as bad as Pioli made them. Just look at Malik.

        I’m sorry, but young, talented players, that performed on a high level and delivered in their respective leagues, suddenly all become flops when they come to Milan? And don’t even get me started on injuries and who or what caused them.

        Yes, management didn’t invest in top UCL ready players, that is obviously gonna be the trend going forward too. So if Pioli is not capable of grooming, growing and integrating new and young players, then he is definitely not the one that will be taking us forward.

      3. Failed transfers, lol. They had to bring in how many players for how much money? This isn’t football manager, buying players costs money. From what I remember Maldini and Masara were denied funds for their both top targets in the summer. Another one in January. How would they sign players exactly?

        1. The most funniest part is american ownership. They are going to achieve revenue with this squad and these investments and with these results.
          They are still living in america and american dream.

        2. “They had to bring in how many players for how much money? This isn’t football manager, buying players costs money.”

          Oh Jeesus… You do know that e.g. Napoli didn’t spend that much more money on the market last summer but got waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more useful players. Also you can find dozens of other teams who spend less money but have managed to actually strengthen their teams more than Milan.

          “Buying players cost money”
          Tell that to Chelsea who is a mid-table team with hundreds and hundreds of millions spent on players.

          Newsflash! It’s not the AMOUNT of money but HOW you spend it.

  2. 1) So first, we need to firing ownership.
    2) And on second place comes first point. Ownership is must to leave Milan.
    3) And third, we need new and non american ownership.
    4) After first three points, we can do reconstruction of the team.

    1. Lol. This guy with his constant anti-Americanism. I guess you missed the news about Chelsea spending like half a billion so far this year, under American owners. You also must have missed the news this morning of MAN CITY GETTING CHARGED BY THE EFA FOR OVER 100 FINANCIAL VIOLATIONS OVER YEARS WHICH COULD RESULT IN AN EXPULSION FROM THE LEAGUE. LOL. Keep printing and spending that monopoly money Arab clubs! Keep cooking the books Juventus! The chickens will come home to roost sooner or later. Ciao.

      1. This guys crying right now reading about what’s gonna happen to man city. That oil money easy fix pipe dream is disappearing before their eyes. Also can someone remind me how many oil state owned clubs have won the CL?

  3. I am not a coach nor a player,but please don’t tell me that he tried to play on counter-atacks tactic with two big and slow players giroud and origi ,how on earth he thought to score

  4. Six pointer on Friday night; 3 points required or bye-bye 4th place and the freefall continues..
    Let’s ask Ibra to earn his wages and save the season by taking over until the summer.
    Anywhere else in Europe and Pioli would be history.

    1. You prefer letting him leave for free? Because that’s the other option. Unless you believe in Santa Claus and miracles. That’s what it would take to make Leao sign an extension.

  5. If this continues. It may be time for Milan to appoint Ibra as the Manager for the remainder of the season. This team does not fear Pioli. They fear Ibra. This team needs a very big kick in the you know what. Immediately.

  6. Oh and for all the “change the owners” or “we need petrodollars” people, Man City has just been charged by the EPL for over 100 violations of financial rules. One potential penalty is expulsion from the league. THE CHICKENS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST. This will never happen to PSG in Ligue 1, because Qatar owns Ligue 1, but at least the EPL is still a proper football organization. This is why you just can’t print money, because it’s not real.

    1. “Man City has just been charged by the EPL for over 100 violations of financial rules. ”

      It was waaaaay overdue and bound to happen. You cannot bribe everyone you know.

  7. In my opinion, I think Pioli have lost it, technically and mentally, these are the result of not preparing your sub and not given them chance to prove themselves,also M and M also have to be blame too but when the budget is not there then get a good player with what you have, Moncanda is doing a great job but the ownership is pulling Milan backwards honestly the are to blame the most. Tata, messias, saleamaeke, kjea, I think they are done. Pioli clock is ticking also if he fail to find solutions. But I believe we will pick up for the next game.

  8. When Milan sold hauge, It got dawned on me that the youth policy was a hoax and the so called project will not last. Thriving teams are built on the foundation of fluid playing dynamics and not necessarily defensive minded players. Benaccer, adli dekatelare, Diaz, salemakers and (tonali although average at best) should man the midfield with a system that could take 4 of then on a go. Then watch Milan collective approach to matches change. Pioli should stop playing giround. That guys only coverts 1 in 9 chances. Just take a second look at the ball he completely mismanaged towards the end of the Derby game. A decent striker would convert that opportunity. Leao and rebic/origi should play as attackers in a 442 system.
    Kalulu. Kjear. Thiaw/tomori. Hernadez

    Sale/diaz. Deketelaer/ tonali. Bennacer. Adli

    Origi/rebic. Leao.

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