MN: A lesson in Milanismo – Calabria chooses his Milan, Donnarumma chooses Mino

By Oliver Fisher -

When it comes to symbols of the club that fans have really gotten behind, Davide Calabria could very well be top of the list.

As MilanNews writes, it was announced yesterday that Calabria was operated on for an inguinal hernia that will keep him out for six weeks and not only that, but the defender took to social media to reveal that he was actually playing in pain at the end of the season.

“I wanted to finish the season before the operation, luckily this has also gone! In recent months I have played with this pain, but thanks to the medical staff I hope I have solved it. Now a some rest, holidays and see you next season!”

The report describes is as ‘a real Milanismo lesson’ from the full-back, who despite his pain gritted his teeth and continued to play the season finale at very high levels, to help reach the target of the Champions League with the club cheering since childhood.

Last summer there were rumours that Calabria could be sold by the club after a 2019-20 season that could be generously described as a rollercoaster, but in the end the 24-year-old stayed, knuckled down, took back his place and became one of the best defensive full backs in the league.

Gianluigi Donnarumma however has not followed the same path, and instead a painful but fair farewell will occur. Calabria made himself available to his club, finally obtaining the Champions League after seven years, while Donnarumma who chose to follow his agent.

Milan – as confirmed by Paolo Maldini himself – have therefore decided to close the relationship between the two parties, while for Calabria a renewal will soon follow and the negotiations should not be anywhere near as difficult.

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  1. Kokis says:

    The difference is that donnaruma is a world class goalkeeper and calabria is below average and not for milan that wants to become top again and be protagonist in football

    1. Chairman says:

      You don’t know the difference between a world class goal keeper and donnaruma or what do you call him.

    2. Cage says:

      Who made Dollarumma world class? What has he won to tag him world class? He duty is to catch the ball and/or prevent it from entering the net.

    3. VladaSWG says:

      It’s OK to be bitter. Sure we would have loved to see Donnaruma stay, get not 12 but 15 million per year and every other player get their dream salary. Maybe we could have hired some elfs or wizards? maybe even unicorns. Sadly reality is, Milan doesnt have money to throw around. They are on a budget and keeping the club financially healthy while still having good, quality players on the team has to take precedent over some greedy, ass-fat managers commision. Welcome to the real world. You’ll hate it here.

    4. forza milan says:

      donnaruna worldclass? youre blind. only oblak, neuer and alisson were worldclass

    5. Modou sowe says:

      Kokis I believe that you are not a Milan fan

  2. Peter says:

    I disagree. He has been excellent this season and will continue to grow into an world class full back

  3. Chairman says:

    You don’t know the difference between a world class goal keeper and donnaruma or what do you call him.

  4. Mike says:

    You obviously don’t understand football and football management. Are you saying they should have allow Gigio become a bad precedent which Hakan and the rest will follow. When Sheva left Kaka emerged and exceeds the achievement of Sheva,when Kaka left Ibra came and won us the league. Fast forward and you thank the management for taking this great decision.

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