MN: Atalanta intensify interest in De Ketelaere – transfer formula revealed

By Euan Burns -

Atalanta are intensifying their interests in Charles De Ketelaere and have devised their own idea for a loan formula that Milan may not agree with, a report claims.

As has been reported by Milan News, La Dea would like to add the Belgian to their attacking roster and should soon have more funds available from selling Rasmus Hojlund to Manchester United.

Their plan is to try and sign De Ketelaere on loan with a right to make the deal permanent next summer. Milan would like a fairly sizable loan fee if they are not able to sell him outright, and they also want Atalanta to pay the entirety of his salary whilst he is on loan.

It is not yet clear whether these conditions will be an issue for Atalanta, but talks are set to continue between the two sides in the coming days to try and secure De Ketelaere’s departure from Milan.

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    1. Not even a little. Now I got it.. Your Belgian. That’s why you think CDK and Saelemaekers are good. There can be no other reason. CDK may end up being a good player somewhere else, but it will never happen if he stays here. His confidence is shot, his attitude is bad, and it’s not going to get better. He doesn’t fit into this system and will see even less playing time if he stays. Better for both parties to seperate.

      1. If he does not succeed here it is because of sporting incompetence in Milan.

        Btw. I am not belgian, and I have argued we should sell Saelemaekers for two years now.

    2. We all said Milan will regret Huntelaar, Andre Silva etc. They didn’t go beyond what they showed in Milan.

      Jackson Martinez, Kongdogbia, Cerci, Destro etc. Some players are just one season wonder.

      Milan ain’t regret anything even Aubumenyang didn’t last long.

      1. That’s because Milan broke these players….

        These players were perfectly capable when they joined Milan in those turbulent years and then we broke them.

        We managed to even break Bonucci after he’d won back to back titles.

        Elite athletes simply cannot have their careers interrupted and railroaded in this manner.

        To be elite at something takes practice, patience, discipline and the right conditions. But modern footballers change jobs as often as casual farm workers.

        Milan have less than a 1% success rate of developing youth players. Of thousands we’ve spent money on developing through the youth academy the only players to have made it are Calabria and Pobega (both only for now they will no doubt be moved on soon).

        Imagine if you a business had a department, the Youth Department, that it spent millions on with a less than 1% success rate.

        1. yeah and Faildini had a 0% success rate of selling players and getting a decent money for them

          in his logic he rather lose them on a free than dare negotiate a sale

          1. But we got that player playing for us longer….

            Would we have won the title without Kessie?

            Would we have won the title with the imaginary player you would’ve signed with the imaginary money you would’ve made selling Kessie to an imaginary club?

            We sold Tonali for a fortune and are now in the red after our summer extravaganza. Let’s not pretend football is a serious business.

          2. uh huh winning Serie gained us 100m+ in revenues huh?

            Do you know basic math?

            and why do you pretend it would’ve been impossible to replace them?

          3. I don’t know what you’re talking about with the 100m. I was referring to this summer’s transfers not the season we won the title.

            It’s a simple fact that we won the title with Kessie. That is not open to debate.

            It’s speculation on your part we would’ve won the title had we sold Kessie (sorry maybe you’re not too worried about winning the title and care more about wheeling and dealing on the transfer market).

        2. “That’s because Milan broke these players….

          These players were perfectly capable when they joined Milan in those turbulent years and then we broke them.

          We managed to even break Bonucci after he’d won back to back titles.”

          Spoken like a true MIlanista, LOL. Why don’t you go to already?

    3. Guy needs to go. It’s the best solution to all parties. We will reinvest and he can get his career back on track. Even if he ends up like Paqueta, it’s better than letting him waste away in an environment that does not work for him.

  1. Pity if we can’t just offload him outright but I’d take this over having Sulky Chops coming off the bench any day of the week.

    1. I agree we should sell him.

      We need to get the first team squad down to a manageable size but also not have too many ton loans floating about as, in theory, loans are supposed to be about developing players you want to keep (but have less than 1% success rate of doing that but hey….).

  2. Dry loan with obligation very easily achievable goals (15 appearances or 5 starts). Koopenmeiers comes the other way in a very similar loan with obligation

      1. Agreed it’s just more faffng.

        But I’d say the agent gets to double dip on the fees so there’s always that.

  3. CDK problems are all mental. He didn’t forget how to play football overnight once he landed in Milan. A single goal is all it takes sometimes for footballers or any athletes scoring to get them going again.
    Most people disagree but I would have liked Pioli to give CDK a run as a free roaming #9. That’s the position he played at Brugge, which made Milan pay all that money to sign him.
    He was never played there, even in preseason games.
    All these preseason games should be used to give players a chance, to see what they are capable of.
    Don’t understand why a 37 years old Giroud played 75 minutes vs Barcelona and 60 minutes vs Juventus with almost a month left until the season starts.
    If you don’t want CDK, but you are trying to evaluate Colombo, why is Giroud playing so much, but Colombo is getting the crumbs? You already know what you will get from Giroud.
    Same in defense. Why is Florenzi playing most of these games if you are trying to convert Saelemakers back to a RB? You already know Florenzi will be out because of surgery at some point of the season.
    Pressure is on Pioli to prove that he deserved to be kept instead of ownership going for full house cleaning and firing him along with M&M

      1. The starting striker has to play more to integrate with the team especially considering our midfield is all new, they need to know how he moves, his runs and all that.

        New midfield, new RW, Giroud or whoever our starting CF will be needs to bond with them on the pitch. It is understandable that Colombo plays less.

    1. Isnt it obvious why? Pioli is a bad coach who cannot experiment or have any freedom for new players unless instructed to do so. Why do you think CDK played less than Messias Salemakers and Diaz who was a loanee played all games? It has nothing to do with who is better just Pioli being Pioli.
      Our teams attack last season was horrible and barely scored any goals vs bottom tier teams. Instead of putting in creative midfilders like Adli and CDK to create space and open up the parked bus he rather play Bennacer as AM and try to brute force a goal that never happened.
      Milan doesnt play attractive football and never will under Pioli. He is okay when it comes to defense and keeping clean sheet but when it comes to attacking football he is among the worst of the worst just relying on magic from Leao to carry him.

      1. and my bet is CDK will be so sh*t at Atalanta he’ll be back here within 6 months too and then you’ll cry even more

    2. Your statement has validity. All else aside, Pioli will have to get this squad hit the ground running because my guess is he will be on thin ice. If the team is struggling to be in the top 4 come November he will be out.

          1. I’m more hoping to bring some sense to some of our fans who are getting carried away with these new signings and who will then turn on those very same players if they fail leading to more wasted talent and years.

            I’ve seen this now for 15 years even after Milan won the title.

    3. Agree with a lot of that.

      Of course the full clean house cleaning was facilitated by the media and fans demanding “upgrades” to all the players and CDK is a victim of that as well.

      And if it doesn’t work then the directors are primarily responsible for giving into the demands of the media and fans (as well as their own egos).

    1. I doubt there’ll be much of a reassessment next year as we’ll be off signing more new players and he’ll just get buried in the pile.

      Modern football clubs seem to have more in common with scrap yards these days than centres of excellence.

    2. I doubt there’ll be much of a reassessment next year as we’ll be off signing more new players and he’ll just get buried in the pile.

      Modern football clubs seem to have more in common with scrap yards these days than centres of excellence.

      Who needs to even worry about preseason!

    3. nice to see ex FI regulars having their takes with each other. Vero is here as well. As for the Sempre oldtimers, Also, I commend Martin Bernhard for being level-headed and also classy in responding to those who disagree with him.

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