MN: Atangana’s words suggest Milan may have to agree €100m package to keep Kessie

By Oliver Fisher -

The extent of the stalemate between the Milan management and Franck Kessie’s agent has been highlighted in the latest MilanNews column.

In his piece, Franco Ordine begins by recalled what George Atangana – Kessie’s agent – told Telelombardia while present at the Gewiss Stadium for Milan’s 3-2 win over Atalanta: “Where is the negotiation at? You have to ask the Milan management.”

What does it mean? The most likely hypothesis is that Kessiè’s agent has delivered his final request to the Rossoneri and is awaiting an answer. There was a bit of confusion on what the figure might be as Milan were apparently willing to offer double his current €2.2m per season net to €4.4m, then raised it to €5.5m with a progressive increase up to almost €7m during the final year.

If the negotiation hits a dead end then it is because Kessie asked for €8m net per season for five years, which means €80m gross plus agent commission taking it to almost €100m, the same amount Donnarumma refused.

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  1. His agent can eat a bago’dicks, he is employed by Kessie and he can take care of his agent’s commision from his paycheck.

    Kessie on the other hand should get a final offer now, 2 weeks to respond and then he should be benched, wait no, he should be put on stands till the rest of the season. He should not train with the team, he should not interact in any official capacity with the team, he doesn’t exist any more, and when June comes, if someone wants to sign a useless, out of shape and match practice sack of sh… potatoes. They are free to do so.

  2. Kessie is just a bit better than pobega at the momment. His value is around 3m per year only. offering 4m is good faith, 5m is generous.

    And this guy want 8m cause other club wants him? I get it people want more money as they get better, but holy shit give other party respect they deserve too.

    At this rate Kessie is surely gonna get sold in January, Maldini surely not dumb enough to give future bench warmer 8m per year, with tonali and bennacer performance improving each game, even krunic we laugh at last season played well before injured. and we got pobega and adli too which is performing superbly, and bakayoko. Thats make it 6 capable player at the middle next season, with 2 world class level, 2 prodigy and 2 rotation player.

    His agent, is surely high or something. Right now agent sir, instead of negotiating, please go to other clubs PSG MU LIV etc and get us the best bid possible. ur wasting ur time here

  3. Milan have to accept nothing. Ignore him. Quite simple. Give a deadline for your last offer. If it elapses, proceed with reinforcements. Come January, ask him to find himself another club. If h decides not to, put him on the bench, remove him from UCL team list, ask him to train alone, do not waste resources hiring private trainers for him.

  4. If that is true, time to go Kessie. Guy had 1 good season in Milan, he was useless before Ibra came and lifted the whole team up, now wants more money than him. 😀

  5. I can see it now, next year Pochettino complaining that Kessie and $rumma failed to guide PSG to the CL cup because they were too upset that Milan fans were mean to them.

  6. not a problem for ac milan to lose ke$$ie.. if milan can let dollarumma went to psg , so why hard to lose ke$$ie??.. give ke$$ie date line to answer and if he still reject the offer so freeze him from club activities..

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