MN: Baresi to be more involved in club activities after corporate restructuring

By Oliver Fisher -

It has been a chaotic summer for AC Milan but one man who stands to be more involved is club icon Franco Baresi, according to a report.

It was a remarkable and strange start to the summer Milan fans and no doubt the players to try and digest, given that Zlatan Ibrahimovic retired from football and less than 24 hours later news broke that Maldini and Ricky Massara had been sacked.

According to MilanNews, Baresi – who gave his thoughts on Maldini’s exit and RedBird’s ownership – will certainly be more involved in the club’s activities after the corporate restructuring that has recently taken place.

The former captain and current honorary vice president will be able to share his experience of over 40 years with the Rossoneri to help benefit the management, contributing to the process of strengthening Milan.

Baresi is highly esteemed by the ownership and management, and he will be a further guarantee for all the fans after Maldini’s departure, given what he represents.

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  1. In other words, management f*cked up with the way they handled Maldini’s sacking and they need someone to be there for the team. PR disaster. Like I said many times, Maldini and Massara were there for these young lads both on training ground and matches acting like a second family for them. They need guidance from respectable figures from the club. Ibra should be offered a role of team management as well. If he’ll even accept it after the sacking fiasco.

    1. Yeah dude PR disaster thats why season tickets are already sold out, even faster than last year

      The actual match going fans support AC Milan not AC Maldini

        1. Ah it was just reported today, so the number is 41500. I hope Scaloni do not get his way of reducing the new stadium capacity to just 60000.

    2. What a idiot, you and that Martin guy are the same, you think this is FIFA on the PlayStation, everybody knows Paolo has always had a rough history with the Milan fans, which is why he was booed off in his last game, i don’t think you have a job do you? Because if you screw up like Maldini and Massara did you’d get the sack too.

      1. Yeh it’s so boring listening to Ted Karen Juro Batholemo etc – everything’s automatically negative no matter what the news because they’re holy one Maldini isn’t around.

        1. Sorry to express a different opinion from yours my very open minded friend. If we disrupt your sleep, you can start counting sheep you are already a few in this comment section, if Jerry’s fairytales are not enough to find slumber.

          1. That’s right – us “RedBird lovers” as you call us are the closed minded ones, screaming at everyone else on here because we’re not swept up in a moral panic over Maldini getting fired. As I said, you guys’ negativity is boring as hell. Or do you guys have some kind of precognitive skills we’re not aware of?

          2. Bro you mentioned me here in the first place and now you victimise yourself I didn’t call you redsht lover or what, and your optimism is equally boring as hell.

            In one month, this ownership fired the sporting director who brought the club back at the top in Italy and Europe despite little resources and a salary cap, decided that no investment will be made on the market and that “moneyball” is the new philosophy, sold the last midfielder standing and a fan favorite, got humiliated by Roma, Aston Villa and chiefly Inter with NDcka, Tielemans and Thuram, overpaid for some leftovers. Where are the good news? The new collection of hats? Jerry saying for the hundredth time that he’s building a stadium? This ownership lacks sporting ambitions, that’s sad for a football club, and you don’t need precognitive skills to see it.

      2. Maybe research why they booed him off before commenting. The below article is a good one to streamline it for you.


  2. Everyone knows Paolo’s had a rough history? I’m what world are you living on? Man you’re deluded. Paolo is the absolute messiah of Milan you rectum sniffing wankstain. You must know absolutely sh!t about Milan. Fuckin m@ng! Can’t believv bc e we support the same team. T!t jizzer

  3. Maldini definitely had charisma and personality to gravitate targets towards the club. No denying. Nothing against Baresi, but he doesn’t have those same qualities and he’s from a generation where many current players hadn’t followed calcio. So I’m not sure he has the same “pull” as Paolo.

    But Paolo also had a huge ego (deserved, given his remarkable career) which was out of parameter with the new owners. Hard to say what should have been but Paolo stayed true to his principles and had to leave.

    Milan definitely don’t have the same pull anymore, but appointing Baresi doesn’t make any sense. What WOULD make sense is bringing Zlatan back in. He would make for one hell of an ambassador/figurehead for Milan, since he’s from Raiola’s school.


    1. “You can’t say Maldini had an ego – you don’t know him!”

      Of course he has an ego and that’s why he’s no longer at the club – even after being offered another role. If he was actually acting in the club’s/players’ best interest he would’ve done.

  4. AC Maldini gave us scudetto & CL trophy as player non player, maybe he did mistakes but not to us fans but to the board, jerry can bring many mericans players & baby merican fans as keyboard rambo as many as he can,
    the fact AC Mericans did nothing till now but chaos, so n respect for them

  5. ….and this is why the comments section is so trash/toxic. Can’t express an opinion without getting bashed from the fringes. It’s like the extremes dominate and you end up getting classified into on pot or the other. So I guess I’m a Maldini lover who had an issue with the size of the squad he eventually had, some of the signings he made, the inability to sell somewhat and sluggishness in the transfer market. But you’ll never know because I’ve never reached those points in any discussion as I’m to busy trying to swing the convo back from the Kessie, Dollaruma and Snake drama and the CDK drama as well as highlighting all the positives he’s brought which imo and again it’s IMO…far exceeds the negatives

    To say he didn’t have an impact as to where we sit right now is very disingenuous. Both him and Ibra. If this news article is true, the impression it gives off is one of worry/concern from management that a leadership figure is missing in the team. One that knows what a player goes through. I believe they were hoping Ibra would have had a role but hes probably taking his time seeing what’s unfolding rn. They’ve seemingly shot themselves in the foot.

    1. 100% Milan need a talismanic figure to help the mercato and player integration.

      As far as getting bashed for comments, just do you, man. Let the haters hate. objectivity is rare these days.

    2. I’m a Redbird Lover because I prefer Redbird over Investcorp.

      I’m a Maldini Hater because I disagree with him for pursuing targets I don’t like.

      I’m a Redbird Hater and Maldini Lover beause I disagree with Redbird’s treatment toward Maldini.

      Still AC Milan fan despite what happened.


    3. Amen fratello.

      I have the same feeling about the management, they reportedly asked Zlatan for this mascot job, and now they’re asking Franco. As @ACM1899 said it well, he won’t have the same impact on current football players as Paolo or Zlatan. Time to bring back Taywe Taiwo haha

      1. To second this point, Baresi’s English isn’t as fluent as Paolo’s. Or Zlatan’s (obviously). That may be important when reaching for an international audience.

        As to the forum extremes, yeah it’s a shame we can’t debate a topic on its merits but that’s the Internet, not just sempremilan.

        Forza Milan

  6. One shouldn’t engage in fight with certain bashers who can’t take an opinion and are easily triggered. And shouldn’t really give a damn about them and their cringy insults. It only shows their inability to open a constructive dialog when they start a comment with an insult. In the end it says more about them than me.

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